Growing up in Upstate New York, the gorgeous shapely model Marquita Pring was always the largest girl in her grade.

Despite her beautiful size, people often focused on her face, complimenting her on how attractive her face is. But what about that gorgeous body? Isn’t her body lovely too?

As a high school basketball player she was always in great shape so as she matured, naturally modeling would soon become a wise career pathway.

Marquita has had tremendous success in the modeling industry yet when you read her story, for shapely models, there is a constant challenge to get work.

Fortunately she gets interviewed a lot. She’s bright with reflective thoughts and ideas. Here are a few.

On September 28, 2015, fashion giant shared, “When it comes to campaigns or photo shoots that star models who are plus-size, the focus seems to always be on the body. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing photographer Jeff An and creative director Paul Warren wanted to take a different approach in their New York photo exhibit Real Love.”  The project, according to the duo, was based on a simple idea: take five plus-size models and create 26 images that illustrate their beauty first and shape second.”

What did Marquita love about the shoot? “It was refreshing to work on a project that focused mainly on our faces rather than our bodies. Those opportunities are rare and it was really exciting to play around and be creative.”

Given the experiences of her youth, a little ironic wouldn’t you say?

At the enjoyable and trendy site, when asked about her career highlights, our Upstate New York star responded, “V Magazine Size Issue with Solve Sundsbo •Jean Paul Gaultier S/S ’11 Show •Levi’s campaigns back to back to back •Levi’s commercial airing this month •And soon to be my biggest accomplishment yet, an editorial in a major magazine with a photographer I’ve been dreaming about working with for years! I’m beyond ECSTATIC!!”

In every female sport that we have covered, when it comes to world class ascension, family support is critical.

Modeling is no different.

For Marquita her mother was instrumental in helping her enter into the modeling world.

In an interview with the global entertainment and news source,, she shares, “Around the age of 15 I really wanted to give modeling a try. I figured I could do beauty work but I never even considered I could model clothing. My mother and I went to a casting agency call in Canada where I met with dozens of agencies.”

If she we’re to sum up her life and modeling philosophy, in an interview with she smiles, “It doesn’t matter what shape you have or the size you wear, whether you’re skinny or curvy, tall or short. The important thing is to be happy, to feel comfortable in your own skin. I always say it because I would have never gotten here if I hadn’t had confidence in myself. I’ve always taken lots of care of myself, what a woman wears is the distinct image of how she feels inside and what she wants to communicate to the outside world. If you have confidence in yourself and if you’re happy, it doesn’t matter what others think.”

We so agree.


We’ve been so fortunate to research and electronically meet so many fantastic shapely models like Marquita and one of the numerous consistencies in their stories is that most modeling agencies do not have a curvy girl division.

Which modeling agencies are leading the way in providing opportunities for our talented and sensuous shapely models?

Though continuing to change and evolve, a guest writer in the industry will enlighten us.

Top 5 Best Plus Size Modeling Agencies

By JC Cavanaugh

With the growing size of the world’s population comes a larger woman who wear larger size clothing. Retailers are quite aware of this trend and many brands are cashing in on this ever growing demographic.

More than 50% of women are over a size 14. This is an emerging market for both retailers and the modeling agencies that provide them with talent to showcase their clothing lines.

The days of models being a scant size zero eating their grilled chicken salad in hair and makeup may be on the decline as the new era of plus size models emerges.

Aspiring models have often struggled with the specific requirements set by the modeling industry. They often make the mistake of thinking being over a size 8 or 10 would be the death of their modeling career yet plus size models between size 10-20 are in demand.

There is now a growing trend of plus size modeling agencies staking claim to their piece of the plus size model pie.

Here is a list of the top 5 best plus size modeling agencies:

1) MSA Models – I like the energy and professionalism I feel this agency offers. They are also located in the epicenter of modeling which is none other than New York, NY.

2) Dorothy Combs Models – Located in my favorite winter time getaway Miami Florida, you will find Dorothy’s agency which specializes in plus size models. They represent women size 10-16 and are always looking for new talent. They are credited with winning the 2012 Plus Model Agency of the Year award.

3) 12+ UK Model Agency – This high profile modeling agency in Europe specializes in models with curves. Their website clearly reveals the support they have for those looking to break into the plus size modeling industry.

4) BGM Models – Founded in 1995 in Australia, BGM Models is looking for women size 12 and over to represent. With models such as Samantha Morris, Laura wells and Natasha Fowler you are sure to see one of their models gracing the covers and advertisements of many of Australia’s finest magazines and businesses.

5) JAG Models – This new agency has been getting quite a bit of press lately and is one to keep an eye on. Located in New York City this agency was founded by two former Ford Model employees who are sure to keep their momentum going.

It is refreshing to see an industry notorious for catering to those size double zero to 2 finally recognizing the demand for plus size models who better represent the average woman.

Women who have aspired to become a model but have feared rejection based on their weight now have hope.

In the next 1-2 years the list of agencies who represent plus size models will continue to grow and the industry will continue to embrace and accept the curvy women plus size agencies represent.

About the author.

JC Cavanaugh is the CEO and Founder of Kick Start Modeling. His online coaching system turns women into models all online.

We believe women of all heights, weights and ages should be represented.

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