Jhené Aiko is an American singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, California who has had a stellar R&B music and video career. She was quoted as stating something that reminds me of the DWW Fem Competitor Mariella.

She expressed, “I think if a woman is feeling aggressive, she should be aggressive and not hold back.

When it came to her grappling warfare, as new and inexperienced that she was, Mariella, the dark haired princess, never held back in her competition.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, DWW photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, DWW photo

The reviews start early. “This is Emanuella’s first wrestling match (pins only) versus a very determined and aggressive Mariella who would clearly hate to lose against the novice. Mariella gets upset because Emanuella is so strong and she’s making that match a quite aggressive wrestling match.”

The match previously described was young 22 year old Mariella near the end of her career. This is a review of one of her first matches at only the tender age of 19 against Kendra who by DWW standards was a mature twenty six. “This is a pins only wrestling match introducing young, talented and extremely ambitious newcomer Mariella in her first match. Although prior to the match she has had no training at all she demonstrates that this was certainly not her first match she’d done in her life.

She’s gorgeous and you can see that she doesn’t enjoy losing. Kendra isn’t an experienced wrestler either but she had quite a lot of matches last year and she is by far much more experienced than Mariella.

This match is not the one sided match you’d expect and we sincerely hope that Mariella will have a future with DWW depending what our fans will have to say about her. As you already know very well, the future of a new DWW wrestler will always depend on the reactions of our fans and customers.

Both Kendra and Mariella give you all they can give and probably more, particularly Mariella, whose ambitious voice when trying to escape a pin will make you probably excited. Check out Mariella if not for the wrestling!”

As you can see, watching Mariella compete generated much excitement.

Certainly, if you look at human behavior around the world, you have to admit that we can be very aggressive.………Jane Goodall

Every beautiful DWW wrestler has a signature match. It is a match that potentially defines their career where hopefully they rise to greater heights than their usual performance. It’s also places emphasis on the philosophy that any woman who wants to wrestle should.

In the right environment it’s a great competitive exercise and she doesn’t have to be a champion. That typically rings true but as Mariella found out; DWW is slightly different in their outlook as she finds out here in her match with Nina.

Nina is 28 and nearing the end of her career and Mariella is 21. “For both women this wrestling match was scheduled for being their last chance. Both of them hadn’t been too successful in wrestling so far and they knew that the chances for the loser for getting another wrestling match in the future once again would be close to zero.

Therefore this match is extremely ambitious and emotional. It’s also an exciting “old” vs “young” encounter. In this sponsored match there are no scissors allowed although it’s a submissions only match. They should fight until the loser is finished off completely and until she confirms that she’s got no chance and that the other woman is the stronger one.

Human nature is potentially aggressive and destructive and potentially orderly and constructive…….Margaret Mead

As said before, both women are neither skilled nor experienced wrestlers. For many of you, however, this is exactly what you enjoy to see. There’s a decisive winner and there’s a completely finished off loser who’s crying because she knew that she had just wasted her last chance for another wrestling match in the future. If you like emotional but unskilled wrestling to the finish then this is exactly for you.”

Well Mariella provided us with the aggression.

As we often travel the Austrian paradise where DWW entertained and thrilled us; we thought we would do something a little different while staying in the region.

The best therapy is actually the more aggressive kind when they break you open; they unleash you…….Cara Delevingne

Let’s try the Yen and the Yang.

Let’s balance the aggression with a relaxing Danube River cruise.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, AW_Cruises_ photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, AW_Cruises_ photo

The Danube Cruise river experts, Avalon Waterways welcomes us with open arms. “The Danube River rises in Germany’s Black Forest and flows through or along the borders of 10 countries. A Danube river cruise may include spectacular cities like Vienna, Budapest, Munich and Prague. Danube cruise ships wander through scenic old-country villages, stop at fairy-tale-esque castles, medieval fortresses, churches, museums, concert halls and more – to say nothing of the amazing food, wine and beer. River cruises on the Danube are sure to leave you with lifelong memories.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, AW_Cruises_ photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, AW_Cruises_ photo

Fall in love with the Danube—with its charming small towns, scenic beauty, and exciting cities—on this river cruise vacation. Begin your vacation with a 2-night city stay in the vibrant Hungarian city of Budapest, where included city sightseeing acquaints you with all the highlights. There is plenty of time to explore on your own—shop for paprika at the Central Market Hall, explore the massive castle complex, visit its many museums, and savor Hungarian cuisine.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, AW_Cruises_ photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, AW_Cruises_ photo

Then, board your ship and discover Slovakia’s vibrant capital of Bratislava, explore the quaint town of Dürnstein with its baroque Stiftskirche, visit Melk’s awe-inspiring Benedictine Abbey, and bask in the natural beauty of Austria’s Wachau Valley. Your vacation ends in Vienna, the “City of Music,” where you’ll disembark and spend an additional two nights. In Vienna, why not visit one of the many lavish museums, explore St. Stephen’s Cathedral, or relax in a local café while enjoying a slice of delectable Sachertorte. All of this and more awaits you on this marvelous cruise vacation.”

Are you ready to go? I certainly wish that I could.

A revisit to the historical DWW events and the sensational girls like Mariella, complete with her aggression, reminds us how it’s important to stop and enjoy life along the way and take inventory of our memorable and unusual surroundings.

There is only one time period that we walk in and as the decades go by, sometimes the physical landscape remains the same but the people, the culture and the mindset of the times is mostly gone.

The Danube River traverses a scenic and historically powerful region and it was nice of Mariella to allow us to revisit the scene where she admirably performed.

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