The old world almost always comes kicking and screaming when being enticed and admonished to move into the new world, even when it’s for their own good.

Just ask the master of inventions, Thomas Edison. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

The educational site relates, “In his 84 years, Thomas Edison acquired a record number of 1,093 patents (singly or jointly) and was the driving force behind such innovations as the phonograph, the incandescent light bulb and one of the earliest motion picture cameras. He also created the world’s first industrial research laboratory. Known as the “Wizard of Menlo Park,” for the New Jersey town where he did some of his best-known work, Edison had become one of the most famous men in the world by the time he was in his 30s.

In 1878, Edison focused on inventing a safe, inexpensive electric light to replace the gaslight–a challenge that scientists had been grappling with for the last 50 years.”

Visionary people face the same problems everyone else faces; but rather than get paralyzed by their problems, visionaries immediately commit themselves to finding a solution.….Bill Hybels

Mr. Edison also invented one of the first talking dolls which for that time period was right out of a horror film and scared kids silly. He also invented the all concrete house that didn’t catch on because in a day when houses were costing about three thousand dollars, his costs about $100,000.

Visionaries are often seen with a skeptical eye in their time period.

Pole Fitness Instructor Maggie Ann is a visionary that hopes to bring the old world into the new one, hopefully twirling and bending instead of kicking and screaming.

While pole dance has long been considered sport and art in the old world, India and China, in the United States it’s often associated with strip clubs, a perception that’s been hard to change.

A visionary, Maggie Ann won’t give up trying to persuade. article, photo article, photo

The informative site reports on Maggie’s background that led to her new age career, “Maggie Ann, from Central Massachusetts, has been involved in athletics throughout her entire youth. In 2011, Maggie sought to expand from a foundation of Cross training and advanced Callisthenic conditioning to an expressive art form of precision, strength, grace, and beauty, and began enrollment in the art pole dancing. In 2012, Maggie went from star pupil to lead instructor, and in that same year, avid competitor. article, photo article, photo

Her determination, forward thinking, and thorough teachings have earned her a loyal student and fan base resulting in the 2013 opening and co-ownership of Escape Aerial Arts studio, where she continues to expand on all practices of the aerial arts, today. She won the title of Atlantic Pole Championship L4 Champion and National Aerial Pole Art Neo Champion/2nd Overall/Most Athletic.”

A long time soccer star, Maggie was always athletic so gravitating to Pole Fitness is not such a stretch.

Convincing others that it is a respectable way to stay in shape is more of one.

According to her Facebook page she is the 2015 National Champion, 2015 Pole Classic Champion and a 2016 Pole Championship Series Competitor.

Her accomplishments are being appreciated around the world. The global news sources expands upon Annie’s resume. “She may only have been practicing the art of pole fitness for three years but Maggie Ann has already won a host of awards, including Most Athletic in the USA’s National Aerial Pole Art 2014 championships and Level 4 Champion in the 2014 Atlantic Pole Championships. Her instagram feed is a visual smorgasbord of pole fitness tricks and videos – but not always in the conventional setting of her pole fitness studio, Escape Aerial Arts in Massachusetts.”

Yes, Maggie has gone from student to instructor and now business owner. Good for her.

Here is a link to a very nice video featuring her talent.

Leaders of the future will have to be visionary and be able to bring people in – real communicators. These are things that women bring to leadership and executive positions, and it’s going to be incredibly valuable and incredibly in demand.….Anita Borg

In terms of Pole Dancing Fitness becoming an Olympic Sport, Maggie shares her vision in an interview with “I can see both sides of the fence. I think it if we want pole dancing in the Olympics, we first need to create a solid judging baseline before it can be presented on a world stage like that.”

The view that Pole Fitness is to be taken seriously is catching on.

There are several governing bodies and one of them is Pole Expo which holds competitions. They explain some of their rules and standards at their site

All PC judges must have worked as an instructor or pole athlete for a minimum of three years. Judges must declare any personal or business relationship with any athletes and remain impartial. Judges must be over the age of 21. Judges must dress formal and be presentable at all times and not be under the influence of any substance including alcohol for at least eight hours before event.


The Athlete(s) with the score closet to the highest possible score is the overall winner. The female with the highest possible score is the female winner. The male with the highest possible score is the male winner. Single points and half points can be given. Points can be deducted for a fall or a costume malfunction.

  • Technical Presentation – Maximum of 50 Points
  • Artistic Presentation – Maximum of 25 Points
  • Stage Presentation – Maximum of 25 Points

Their comprehensive system is fairly detailed and nicely structured.

It’s time to travel to Maggie’s hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts where her studio is.

Worcester is a city and the historic county seat of Worcester County, Massachusetts. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

Named after Worcester, England, United Kingdom as of the 2010 Census the city’s population was 181,045, making it the second largest city in New England after Boston.

Located approximately 40 miles west of Boston, Worcester is known as the Heart of the Commonwealth.

Their expressive site expands on the city’s greatness. “Great cities share common traits – undeniable energy and a vibrant culture that drives growth and epitomizes livability. A center of commerce, industry, and education, Worcester has redefined its identity and refashioned its urban form to accommodate the needs of a dynamic economy. Today, those changes are bearing fruit as Worcester is the focus of an incredible amount of public and private investment – conservatively more than $2.2 billion. Worcester’s success is attributable to its low cost housing, high quality of life, an increasing knowledge-based economy and geographic accessibility. As a dynamic community, Worcester is not only a smart city, but a smart choice.”

Maggie made a smart choice to open up her studio there.

At her site, along with her fellow instructors they invite you into the new world of fitness. “Welcome to Escape Aerial Arts! We specialize in Aerial Yoga, Pole Fitness and Circus Arts. Our workouts combine yoga, gymnastics moves, dance styles and strength holds for an intense full body workout. No matter what your fitness level we can offer you a new and exciting way to work out!”

The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper, and re-imagines the world.….Malcolm Gladwell

As we know, many of Thomas Edison’s inventions helped markedly improve our day to day living. In Maggie’s beloved city, when the The Declaration of Independence was first publicly read in Massachusetts by Isaiah Thomas in Worcester in July 1776, no doubt in that time period it was met with a wary eye, yet look how that vision affected not only the United States but the entire free world.

An innovator and visionary, Maggie is on to something and at some point on a much wider scale, the world will be listening and benefiting. article, photo article, photo

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Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.

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