Relentless dedication to their craft, even with their imperfections, is the hallmark of professional women greatly admired, no matter the industry.

This played out masterfully in the British drama series, The Fall, starring former X-Files alum Gillian Anderson. article, Artists Studio photo credit article, Artists Studio photo credit

The story line says it all. “The psychological thriller examines the lives of two hunters — one is a serial killer who preys on victims in and around Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the other is a female detective drafted from the London Metropolitan Police to catch him.”

In the Lady Pro wrestling world, there is no one more dedicated to her craft over an extensive period of time than the shapely Canadian beauty LuFisto. article, lufisto_2014-1-by-tabercil-own-work-cc-by-sa-3-0-photo-credit article, lufisto_2014-1-by-tabercil-own-work-cc-by-sa-3-0-photo-credit

LuFisto began training when she was 17 years old in her hometown of Sorel-Tracy, Quebec. On June 23, 1997, she made her debut in St-Leonard-d’Aston, Quebec, under the ring name Lucifer. She then moved to Montreal where she joined RWR and Northern Championship Wrestling (NCW).

In late 1998, she joined the Eastern Wrestling Alliance under the name Luscious Lucy as “Centerfold” Steve Ramsey’s valet.

A measure of the admiration LuFisto receives is due to the fact she is willing to stand up for important principles.

In 2002, under the ring name Lewiston, she was booked to appear in the main event of Blood, Sweat N’ Ears in a match featuring hardcore wrestler Bloody Bill Skullion.

You’re not going to believe what you are about to hear next.

The powerful Ontario Athletics Commission, citing a regulation that prevented women and men from wrestling each other, threatened to withdraw the license for the show. This essentially banned Lewiston from wrestling in Ontario.

She lodged a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission. On February 26, 2006, the OHRC informed Lewiston that they had convinced the OAC to drop the regulation.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s okay to applaud.

Her fans sure love her. article, lufisto_2014-1-by-tabercil-own-work-cc-by-sa-3-0-photo-credit article, lufisto_2014-1-by-tabercil-own-work-cc-by-sa-3-0-photo-credit

At, two appreciative followers share their feelings about her dedication.

“A hopelessly adorable, insatiably badass French-Canadian women’s wrestler. She’s a tougher wrestler than most men and clearly loves her job. Her Deathmatch stuff was insanely impressive as is her normal stuff. I hope she continues to perfect her craft for many years to come.”

May we have another?

“She can literally do it all in the ring, from technical grappling to hardcore brawling. She’s overcome so much (including an early stroke) to continue doing what she loves. She’s never made it big, despite her boundless talent. Hopefully it’s not too late for her to finally get the credit and respect she’s earned. An inspirational woman, and one of my favorite wrestlers (male or female) of all time.”

Their world would eventually get used to mixed wrestling.

LuFisto also worked for Combat Zone Wrestling, where, on August 12, 2006 in Philadelphia, she became the first ever female CZW Iron Man Champion, pinning Kevin Steen to win the title.

When you watch LuFisto’s wrestling style, make no mistake about it, similar to the forceful style of Jordynne Grace and Kacee Carlise. This is one strong gorgeous girl and her opponents feel her controlled ring rage. Just ask the brunette beauty Sonya Strong is was cruising for a bruising and Lewiston was more than happy to oblige.

As always, catch the video while it lasts on YouTube.

The star of our story has certainly met her trail of challenges and has admitted that at times it’s gotten her a little down.

On January 8, 2007, she announced on her web site a possible retirement due to a back problem and that she would be forfeiting the CZW Iron Man Championship. Then on April 17, 2010, Lewiston suffered a stroke after a match for NCW. LuFisto, who has a family history of heart problems, decided to continue her career, after going through some tests.

We sure wish her the best since heart issues are a very serious matter.

In a very revealing quote found at the industry informative site she opens up her heart wide expressing, “Today, at 35 years old, I gave everything I had to wrestling. I sacrificed health, relationships, family and so much more. I did everything I could to be seen as a credible fighter and I wouldn’t say no to ANY spot. I wanted to prove people wrong and that I too, could do it. I was sick and tired to hear my step-father telling me that wrestling was not for a little fat girl like me and that I wouldn’t do anything good in life. Well today, after 18 years of hard work, sweat, lots of blood and tears, where all this got me? Nowhere.”

Very insightful. Somewhat sad.

For this writer it just emphasizes that our Lady Pros are human and really need our encouragement and support.

Our sweet girl hasn’t given up though. article, photo credit article, photo credit

At her bountiful website, “Lewiston is one of the few women in the PWI Female Top 50 who has been ranked every year since its beginning in 2008, No. 5 being her highest ranking in 2014. She has been ranked No. 1 Independent Female Wrestler in 2014 by the website kgbwrestling and has been the No. 1 Female Wrestler in the Province of Quebec according to Wrestling Historian and Author Pat Laprade’s Quebec Wrestling Annual Awards since 2002 besides for 2007 where she was out most of the year because of an injury (No.3).”

It’s time to visit the village that helped shape our Cute Curvy Canadian.

Montreal is the most populous city in Quebec and the second most populous municipality in Canada. article, wikimedia photo credit article, wikimedia photo credit

The city has a four-season continental climate with warm to hot summers and cold snowy winters.

French is the city’s official language and is the language spoken at home by 56.9% of the population of the city, followed by English at 18.6% and 19.8% other languages (in the 2006 census). Montreal is the second largest primarily French-speaking city in the world, after Paris.

The world globe trotters in search of adventure, the Lonely Planet group share, “Montréal is a slice of old Europe in a pie of contemporary design.

I’m always struck by the unbridled creativity of this city. You see it in the magnificent inventions being stirred up in restaurant kitchens, in the barroom and on stage, and you even see it walking down the street with incredible urban art lurking in unexpected places. The dual French-English mix adds dynamism to the city as does its unique mash-up of European and North American culture. Most captivating of all are the people themselves. Montréalers embody joie de vivre. They eat well, throw great parties and are happy to share their city.”

In a great interview with, when asked what have been the highlights of her career, without hesitation LuFisto shares, “I would say definitely the fact that I’ve been traveling the world. It gave me the opportunity to meet fabulous people from all over the world and to wrestle some of my idols, wonderful and passionate people who share the same love for the sport. I don’t have any brothers or sisters so fellow wrestlers pretty much have become my family. I’m blessed that I have family members all over the world!”

Now I understand why LuFisto is so dedicated to her craft and loves life.

It’s the Montreal way.

It’s the only way lovely LuFisto knows how.

~ ~ ~


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