Admiring beautiful women adorned in their often vibrant and creative active wear while shopping, ordering fancy coffee, walking down the street talking on their cell phone, posing for selfies, or doing just about anything, is a nice fantasy come true. article, photo article, photo

It makes your day.

The world is a better place when it is filled with companies that design, manufacture and sell their own athletic apparel product lines. article, photo article, photo

You probably have heard of them but if not, there is another feel good company that fits this description.

Please meet Lucy Activewear.

Lucy Activewear, sometimes presented and styled as “lucy” rather than “Lucy”, is formerly known as

It designs, manufactures and sells its own product lines, including items such as jackets, bras, tops, and bottoms. article, photo article, photo

Initially an online-only retailer, Lucy opened brick and mortar stores in 2002 after the bursting of the dot-com bubble; for several years, the company completely shut down its web store. It was at that time the company changed its name from “” to “Lucy Activewear”.

Though based in Portland, it did not open a store there in 2002 and did not have a retail presence in Oregon until it opened stores in Portland’s Pearl District and Bridgeport Village two years later.

The widely admired company is an American clothing retailer based in Alameda, California. Founded in November 1999 by former Nike executives, it specializes in active wear for women, including clothing intended for use during yoga activities.

The informative site in a February 2010 article speaks to Lucy’s formation and transition. “The women’s activewear company will move from its downtown Portland headquarters to join its parent company VF Corp.’s existing outdoors division in California this summer.

Lucy offers a variety of form-fitting workout pants ranging from $68 to $98, while 12-year-old Lululemon, a Vancouver, B.C.-based public company operating more than 100 stores, prices its yoga pants from $74 to $108.”

That was then, this is now.

When Femcompetitor Magazine reviewed the company’s website, not only did we love the look of their apparel but were moved by their intelligent and positive philosophy.

Let’s have a closer look. article, photo article, photo

There are seven women behind lucy’s designs. Three are working mothers. Two are runners, including one training for the Tokyo Marathon. One is a Pilates devotee. All are yogis. They come from a range of backgrounds, ages, and expertise. Inside their Bay Area office, they design and wear-test their goods, drawing inspiration from the runways, the street, the gym, pop culture, and beyond. Their collective chemistry inspires a new garment, from sketch to reality, that is always rooted in performance, and they couldn’t be more excited for their new fall line launching soon.

Dressed smartly in their pleasing activewear they warmly welcome us. “We are women who love to move. Just like you. We design high performance workout wear that focuses on a woman’s strengths and lets her shine. Whether you’re a practiced yogi, happy bootcamper or your life is a constant sprint, we’re right there with you.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

One of the first things you’ll notice about lucy is the quality of our materials. We spend a lot of time developing performance fabrics that feel luxurious and look amazing.

All of our gear features the high-performance qualities you’d expect, such as moisture-wicking, breathable fabric with four-way stretch, and chafe-free flat locked seams. article, photo article, photo

And because details make a difference, we load them up:

·         mesh in high heat zones

·         reflectivity front and back for night owls and early risers

·         thumbholes to keep the chill at bay

·         cinchable waist drawcords to keep pants in place

·         pockets galore – at your waist, on your back, at the hip, down the sides of your legs, and tucked into your hems

We make gear you’ll love to be in, and find yourself reaching for every day.”

That was a fantastic start.

Now let’s appreciate their life philosophy and creativity.

Do you remember The Mod Squad? article, thomas-spelling-productions photo article, thomas-spelling-productions photo

The Mod Squad is an American crime drama series that ran on ABC from 1968 to 1973.

It starred Michael Cole as Peter “Pete” Cochran, Peggy Lipton as Julie Barnes, Clarence Williams III as Lincoln “Linc” Hayes, and Tige Andrews as Captain Adam Greer.

Police Capt. Adam Greer recruits a trio of “hippie cops” with checkered pasts to infiltrate the counterculture and nail the adult criminals preying on clueless young Southern Californians.

During its time period it was innovative and cutting edge.

During our time period Lucy is innovative as well.

Please meet the Girl Squad. article, photo article, photo

They enlighten, “Having a girl squad is essential to the soul, just like food is essential for nourishment. We often hear that some women avoid friendships with other women due to drama, cattiness, unhealthy competition, and simply the fear of our individual values not being understood. The truth is, drama happens in every direction—you’ll find it in motherhood with your children, relationships with your spouse, and even in the work place. It’s not something any one should associate with a specific gender because its more about the people you associate with or even yourself.

Amongst many other good reasons like shopping, workout buddies, and mimosa brunch dates with your girlfriends, here are 5 values you’ll find in a girl squad:


Everywhere around me women are breaking through glass ceilings, crashing down barriers, and changing society as we speak today. It’s so incredible to see women coming together, supporting each other in efforts in life, fitness, health, and career development. Women are naturally built for nourishment and it’s incredible when your girl squad truly wants to see you win at life. You should want the same for them too!


Women share unique bonding experiences that only our hearts will understand. Some of the greatest values and lessons in life that I hold now are ones passed onto me by friends that have come and gone in my life and they are ones I’m excited to share with my daughters.

Compassion and encouragement is something we need more than ever in the world. There are many times as women we tend to feel weak and overwhelmed with the daily demands of life, and it’s an incredible feeling to be able to call a friend in a time when you need to hear the encouragement the most. I call on my girlfriends when I need to be reminded of how awesome I am and I do the same for them.


Honesty is such an important value to me. Often times I can get stuck in my own world of ambition and get caught up in my own messy life. Your girlfriends will call you out on these mistakes out of love so that you can take the responsibility for your actions and get back on track on being the bad ass and good woman you are. Surrounding yourself with women who can tell you how it is with good intentions is so important in this world today.


Your girl squad is there to support you at your best and to love you at your worst. They are the ones who you can lean on in times when your marriage or relationships are getting hard and when control in life is slipping through your hands. Vulnerability is the magic sauce that brings us together. It’s the thread that allows us to share so many incredible life stories, struggles, hopes, fears, and dreams.”

We love it.

Very intelligent.

Very wise.

Very inspiring. Very female friendly.

Lucy is just perfect for you. article, photo article, photo

~ ~ ~

Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.

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