How do you get people that you find red hot attractive to like you?

Simple plan.

Go online and look up some great jokes and save them for the right moment.

That’s what the exceptionally beautiful curvy model Louise O’Reilly did in her school days to get boys to like her. As they say, comedy is no laughing matter. article, photo credit article, photo credit

Boy, do all of the boys love her now.

The industry leader would like to introduce this international star to you. “Louise O’Reilly is a beautiful top international plus size model who hails from Dublin, Ireland. Her influence in the modeling industry has been steadily increasing. Besides being a top model, she is an award winning blogger having won Best International Blog by Cosmopolitan UK 2013 & 2014 for her popular blog, Style Me Curvy. Additionally, her blog just recently won the “Most Influential Blogger” at the Irish Bloggers Association Awards. Louise is definitely a model on the rise in more ways than one.

In addition to her blogging, she has appeared in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Vouge Italia, Teen Vogue, Slink, Image Magazine, Big Is Beautiful, and Stellar Magazine, among other top publications.”

That was magnificent because Louise is truly wonderful. article, photo credit article, photo credit

She’s very good at expressing herself as well. She’d like to meet you and share her blog with you. “I work in the fashion industry as an international plus size/ curvy model with eight different model agencies around the globe. As a result have been lucky enough to travel to every part of the world which I am so grateful for. I have a B.A in International Relations from DCU and have been honored to work with international brands and magazines such as Littlewoods, Very, Elena Miro, Freya Lingerie and much more, which has brought me to places such as Milan, Barcelona, London, New York, Sweden and every part of Germany.

I love my job and everything that it entails so I wanted to create a platform to showcase fashion diversity, my love for curves and body image. As a result Style Me Curvy was born, which aims to promote fashion, beauty and style for every kind of curve and body type whether a girl is a size 6 or a size 26!”

The fashion world is very impressed and filled with compliments and opportunities for Louise.

The entertaining site smiles, “”The Curve Fashion Festival is for curvy and plus size women,” Louise explained. “They flew in the top curvy influencers from around the world and I was so honored to be approached by the organizers along with Tess Holliday, David Hasslehoff’s daughter Hayley and plus size fashion blogger Nicolette Mason.”

As part of the event, fashion blogger Louise (who writes at did a meet and greet with her readers and featured in panel talks to an audience of over 1,000 people. She also starred on the cover of popular fashion magazine ‘Slink’ in conjunction with the festival.”

Part of the attraction to Louise is that she is a person of character. She doesn’t just do things for money. article, photo credit article, photo credit

At age 17 she was diagnosed with ME (chronic fatigue syndrome) which was eventually cured with a strict diet and vitamin and iron injections introduced by a specialist. The traumatic experience motivated her to slim down to a more comfortable weight.

Despite a rush of offers from diet pill companies to influence Louise to advertise on her extremely popular fashion site Style Me Curvy, the Dublin girl said she will never consider endorsing diet products.

She will endorse Dublin, Ireland and for good reason. It’s a progressive and wonderful place to live.

Dublin is the capital and largest city of Ireland. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

The city has an urban area population of 1,345,402. The population of the Greater Dublin Area, as of 2011, was 1,801,040 people.

Founded as a Viking settlement, the Kingdom of Dublin became Ireland’s principal city following the Norman invasion. The city expanded rapidly from the 17th century and was briefly the second largest city in the British Empire before the Acts of Union in 1800. Following the partition of Ireland in 1922, Dublin became the capital of the Irish Free State, later renamed Ireland.

That’s her past which was the foundation for a wonderful present.

The people at Lonely Planet, world travelers who know a mesmerizing city when they see one, expresses, “A small capital with a huge reputation, Dublin’s mix of heritage and hedonism will not disappoint. All you have to do is show up.

To experience Dubliners at their most comfortable and convivial, you’ll have to spend some time in a pub. Dublin’s relationship with alcohol is complex and conflicted, but at its very best, a night out in the pub remains the city’s favorite social lubricant and one of the most memorable experiences of a visit to Ireland. Everyone has their favorite pub: for some it’s a never-changing traditional haunt; for others, it’s wherever the beautiful people are currently at. Either way, you’ll have over 1000 to choose from. article, photo credit article, photo credit

Dublin may be a small capital, but its cosmopolitan bone fides have been firmly established. Beyond its impressive collection of museums and galleries, and its choice of food from all four corners of the globe – in both restaurant and market form – this is a city that conspicuously embraces diversity and has been transformed by two decades of multiculturalism.”

That vibrant village helped transform Louise into a global ambassador that we can embrace, admire and desire.

She will certainly continue to have an impact on the world.

Since her blog’s inception, she has impressed people in all of the right places, being awarded the Best International Fashion Blog by Cosmopolitan UK and the IFB in both 2013 and 2014.

Why has she done so well and achieved so much at a very young 27 years old? article, photo credit article, photo credit

In her interview with the creative site, she explains, “I just had this vision, what I really wanted, because no one else was doing it. I’m so pro-body image and at the time, there was nothing really there for girls to go to in a natural way without really pushing body image in the wrong direction down people’s throats. I wanted something natural that someone could go to and look at fashion and feel really good about themselves. My boyfriend was like, “Louise, you should really, really work on this – I think this could be really successful”.’

Very good advice from a cherished boyfriend.

Do you see where a sense of humor, integrity and sharing funny jokes from online can get you?

~ ~ ~


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