Curvy models go on a lot interviews.

Just ask Lorna Litz Baez. article, photo article, photo

So much of the interviewing process seems to be about common sense.

According to the informative job interview site, “A cardinal rule of interviewing: Be polite and offer warm greetings to everyone you meet — from parking attendant or receptionist to the hiring manager. Employers often are curious how job applicants treat staff members.”

For Lorna, this part seems to be committed to memory.

Watching her perform as part of the cast of Curvy Girls, a Reality TV series about beautiful shapely models in New York, Lorna displays a personality at interviews like she wrote the book herself.

She displays a persona on the runway like she should write a brochure and How To bestseller.

Lorna is easy to fall in love with and after watching a few episodes of Curvy Girls, many men have and continue to do so. article, photo article, photo

This writer included.

She speaks about the show at the long time industry site, “Curvy Girls provides an all-access pass inside the glamorous world of professional modeling by shining the spotlight on four working plus-size Latina models whose passion and pride fuel their drive to achieve fame, fortune and fabulousness. But secret battles with insecurity, eating disorders, family fiascos and rocky romantic relationships threaten to singe their competitive spirit as they navigate through L.A.’s fast lane of auditions, photo shoots and fierce competition.” article, Curvy-Girls-Nuvo-June photo article, Curvy-Girls-Nuvo-June photo

Looking at her substantial resume it’s easy to understand why she’s so popular.

At her Instagram she shares that among other pursuits, she’s a Model, Host, Actress and Fitness star.

Lorna is also very athletic, participating in Volley Ball, Bike riding, Rollerblading, Handball, Horseback riding and Jet Skiing.

There is so much more.

Our beauty graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors from the University of Turabo with her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Management.

The informative and enjoyable industry site educates, “Lornalitz Baez, also known as Lola, is a Latin American curve fashion model represented by TRUE Model Management. She is also an actress, television personality, businesswoman and entrepreneur.

She became interested in pursuing a career in modeling at age 12, competing in several beauty pageants throughout her adolescence, one of them being Miss Puerto Rico national day beauty pageant, finishing first runner up. Lornalitz began her modeling career at age 17 when she was named the top-three finalist as the face of Jennifer Lopez clothing line. This was an incredible feat considering there were over 1300 models auditioning.”

Not surprisingly, her brilliant career took off. article, lorna litz tumblr.comphoto article, lorna litz tumblr.comphoto

She graced the pages of Vibe magazine, Complex Magazine, Urban Latino Magazine, EGO magazine (Puerto Rico) and Salon Sense. She was also the spokes model – featured in store billboard model for Enyce, Pelle (Europe), G-Unit, Avlon hair (Brazil) and Seagram’s Gin.

Our shapely luminary was just getting started.

She strolled the runway in Mercedes Benz fashion week (NYC) for fashion designers Roca wear, Baby Phat, Azzure, DaDa and Lady Enyce. In Puerto Rico she graced the runway for designer Juan Colon during PR High Fashion week.

Some shapely models want to avoid having platforms about shapely model acceptance.

Fortunately Lorna is very expressive about her views and is having an impact and getting results. article, tumblr photo article, tumblr photo

The fun and well-written industry site speaks to this. “Lorna Litz is not your typical model. Of course she’s beautiful and has an impressive resume, but she has a higher goal than to get placement in the hottest magazines and walk the trendy runways. She is a model with a message with intentions to reshape the industry from the inside out.

Today you can see Lornalitz dominating the editorial world with placement on Torrid, Nordstrom Rack, Kmart, Ashley Stewart, and more.”

She has worked closely with many publications in the Latin world and is very expressive in sharing her thoughts. Here are a few of them.

  1. Like almost all of the shapely models, she doesn’t like using the words Plus Size to describe her industry because she feels there is a certain connotation that they are promoting obesity.

They aren’t.

  1. Love yourself for who you are and give yourself lots of pep talks and encouragement.
  2. Surround yourself with positive and encouraging people.

She’s a star who is very comfortable in front of the camera and watching her working with is revealing.

As of this writing, here is the video:

Here are five expressions that Lorna hears that she hopes one day will change.

  1. You have a beautiful face – well, the rest of her body is beautiful as well. Yes? Of course it is.
  2. I’m sorry we don’t have it in your size – okay, what size is she? You can magically guess a woman’s size just by looking at her?
  3. You’re just big boned – Do you really know how big her bones are?
  4. Just wear black – Yes we know that black makes everyone look thinner. Not so sure it’s a good idea to say that to a shapely woman though.
  5. Her parents wonder why she hasn’t lost weight – That’s between Lorna and her parents. We are going to stay out of that one.

Which brings us back to the big boned theory.

Question for you as a reader? Do you believe that being big boned is an urban myth or is it based upon reality?

The answer might surprise you.

As explained at the University of North Carolina site, there actually is truth to the thinking that heavier people are big boned. Let’s listen in. “One of the blind spots in forensic science, particularly in identifying unknown remains, is the inability of experts to determine how much an individual weighed based on his or her skeleton. New research from North Carolina State University moves us closer to solving this problem by giving forensic experts valuable insight into what the shape of the femur can tell us about the weight of an individual.

This research allows us to determine whether an individual was overweight based solely on the characteristics of a skeleton’s femur, or thigh bone,” says Dr. Ann Ross, an associate professor of anthropology at NC State and co-author of a paper describing the research. However, Ross notes, this research does not give us the ability to provide an individual’s exact weight based on skeletal remains.

Researchers found that the heavier an individual was, the wider the shaft of that person’s femur. The researchers hypothesize that the femur of an overweight person is more robust because it bears more weight, but also because overweight individuals move and walk differently to compensate for their greater mass.

That article was written March 22, 2011.

There are legions who feel that there is no truth to this.

That’s another story for another time.

Lorna certainly spurred our societal thinking. We need to continue to follow her career. article, photo article, photo

As for the future, Lorna will continue to be busy. Given how many lucrative contracts that she has landed, we’re going to see a lot more of her.

We can’t get enough of that.

As important, just as we found out here, we’re going to learn a lot more from her as well.

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