Events life altering large, often emanate from the most seemingly obscure insignificant moments.

The operative word of course is seemingly.

The phenomenal low key actor Sam Shepherd’s character in the 1992 Indie intellectual classic Voyager finds that out the hard way.

Having recently survived a plane crash, American engineer Walter Faber (Sam Shepard) decides to forgo flying and cross the Atlantic Ocean via ship. Once aboard, Faber falls under the charm of fellow passenger Sabeth (Julie Delpy), a gorgeous young woman who reminds him of his former love (Barbara Sukowa).

For good reason.

Faber and Sabeth pursue an intimate affair, and he joins her on a journey across Europe to her home in Greece.

However, an ancient then seemingly innocent linguistic misstep from Faber’s past threatens to tear them apart and ruin his life.

The gorgeous shapely model Lizzie Miller has a dream life. She’s absolutely beautiful, girl next door desirable, highly sought after as a model and appears to handle success very well.

When you hear the story that led to this brilliant present, it may amaze you that it emanated from something that at the time seemed inconsequential and even undesirable.

Her bio at explains it well.

At the time I was arrested I had no idea it would turn into this. It was just a day like any other day. The only thing that made it significant was that the masses of the people joined in.….Rosa Parks

“Lizzie Miller was already a 6-year veteran of the modeling industry when a picture of her from a forgotten photo shoot appeared on the September 2009 issue of Glamour Magazine and shot her to plus sized super model stardom.

From then on she became known as “The Woman on Page 194”.

The over 9 Billion Worldwide Impressions she received as a result of that un-doctored photo were a far cry from Lizzie’s modest beginnings as a “California Girl”, born in San Jose.

In NYC her career exploded, clients such as Italian Vogue and Macy’s had her flying around the world.  It was no wonder in the whirlwind of runway shows, shoots and test shoots that the casual picture shot in a humble studio in downtown Manhattan at Industria Studios was briefly forgotten in Lizzie’s memory until the release of that fateful Glamour issue.

The unassuming photo of a happy, semi-nude, curvy Lizzie Miller comfortable in her own perfectly imperfect body, sent a shockwave around the globe.  Women were tired of seeing airbrushed, photo-shopped, stick thin women as their representatives in the media; they were starving to see someone who was beautiful, just like them. Letters flooded Glamour Magazine “I am gasping with delight, a woman who looks just like me! I love the woman on page 194!” The outpouring was incredible!  Glamour Magazine had to respond, and created a plus-sized issue in October again featuring Lizzie and several other prominent plus sized models.

Glamour Magazine wasn’t the only one calling; The Today Show, CNN, Access Hollywood and Ellen were just a handful of the many media outlets clamoring to get a few minutes with Lizzie Miller.

She was asked to do a Public Service Announcement for Girl Scouts of America, and is asked to speak regularly on the topic of Positive Body Image.

Since this outpouring, Lizzie has started” Lunch with Lizzie” where she meets with small groups to discuss their concerns and struggles.”

The capacity for hope is the most significant fact of life. It provides human beings with a sense of destination and the energy to get started.……Norman Cousins

That would be enough fill out any accomplishment filled resume and yet you get the sense that Lizzie is just getting warmed up. She even says so at her Twitter expressing that she is dedicated to changing the face of fashion and that she and her movement are just getting started.

Okay Lizzie. Luv every bit of that but since you have those lunch groups, can we have lunch first?

Having done many video shoots in the innovative city of San Jose, Lizzie’s home town, what is a great place to have lunch at in this high tech metropolis?

There are hundreds of great places to choose from but one really felt super appetizing.

It’s also fitting since Lizzie’s most significant number is Page 194 and their name is 71 Saint Peter.

The informative site shares why they are so tasty. “Owner/chef Mark Tabak prides himself on creating innovative Mediterranean dishes at this European-style bistro. The atmosphere is warm and inviting with superb service, cozy décor, a glass-front kitchen, and a patio dining area. Entrées include a popular roasted duck, mahi, and various seafood pasta dishes. 71 Saint Peter is a lunch destination popular with the business crowd.”

I love the look of that plate.

Wow that one too.

Here in some ways is the point of well…..Lizzie’s point.

Lizzie of course could join us for lunch and we could sit down, have a nice conversation and enjoy an unforgettable meal.

Sadly do you realize that many of her traditionally thin modeling contemporaries could never sit down with us and enjoy a delicious lunch like that because of the extreme regiment of food deprivation that they have to adhere to in an effort to maintain their often waif like image.

The things in life that we take for granted.

In terms of what is far closer to average, the global news source reports, “An estimated 41 percent of U.S. women are larger than a size 14, making up a critical mass of buying power eager to covet clothes and, maybe, despite the recession, splurge on style. In this economy, what sense would it make to ignore millions of consumers?”

We completely believe you.

It’s such a pleasure to see super sexy, elegant shapely models like Lizzie gain more prominence. What once was ignited by a photo seemingly insignificant, thanks to passionate leaders like Lizzie is inspiring a very significant global movement.

~ ~ ~

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