Female Entrepreneurs are here to stay and given the power of the internet, female networking and the high demand for female oriented products, it’s only inevitable that their ranks will grow.

By how much is open to speculation.

According to the Global Entrepreneurship 2017/2018 Global Report, women make up 40% of new entrepreneurs in the United States. Those are powerful numbers. So excitement abounds.

When we see one woman after another starting new innovative product lines it’s very encouraging.

One of those new wave of young female entrepreneurs who appears to be laying everything on the line is the founder of Nice Pipes active wear.

Her name is Lisa Binderow.

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Lisa first came to our attention when we were viewing an episode on the new business investment television show Shark Tank and she presented this innovative form of active wear that looked like a cross between the tight sleeves that college and pro football quarterbacks wear on their arms for muscle support and fitness leg warmers which are primarily loose fitting and made of wool.

One of the concerns about her product was that there was nothing proprietary about it and if they do become popular, she could get knocked off by a larger competitor.

So, to see what is unique about her intriguing product we visited her website to understand and hopefully be inspired by her story.

At nicepipesapparel.com she greets us, “I have incredible attention to detail when I want things to be a certain way, and I can be passionate to a fault when I believe something to be true. I strive to be physically & mentally fit.

I am a fitness instructor, a decade-long yoga student, and for seven years I worked on the corporate side at YogaWorks.”

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Who are the YogaWorks team? They do have a very impressive website.

They educate us at yogaworks.com, “With world class yoga studios in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Orange County, San Francisco Bay area, and Washington D.C., we are thrilled to announce studio openings in other cities soon.

Our founders Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller and Alan Finger were all serious and highly accomplished yoga practitioners who wanted to share the gifts they learned from their own wise teachers. In 1987, when they opened our first studio on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, they gathered many styles of yoga under one roof, which attracted the best teachers in Southern California.

As yoga gained popularity in the U.S., the demand for well-trained yoga teachers began to grow. With the help and inspiration of senior teachers Chuck Miller and Lisa Walford, Maty created the world-renowned YogaWorks Teacher Training Program in 1990. Based on direct teachings from Indian yoga masters, this program has formed and guided today’s yoga leaders, including Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Annie Carpenter, Natasha Rizopolus, Vinnie Marino, Kathryn Budig and many more.”

Their signature YogaWorks classes deliver precise instruction to align a client’s breath with fluid movement. They place an emphasis on thoughtful sequencing and offer modifications so that customers can customize their practice along the way.

They add, “We take pride in our specialty programs, available for beginning yoga students, children, athletes, seniors and people in need of rehabilitation. These classes feature our trademark YogaWorks approach of safe, compassionate and skillful teaching.”

That is very impressive. So Lisa brings some strong credentials to the table after learning much from them.

Now that we have Lisa’s core instruction background, we want to hear more about her own journey afterwards.

At her site Lisa continues, “I was inspired to create the first pair of pipes on a chilly morning walking to the studio. Teaching yoga & running around the city in the cold weather required some seriously warm layers and my cropped yoga pants were not cutting it. I didn’t want to buy a new workout wardrobe but I also didn’t love the feel of wool or acrylic legwarmers after a sweaty workout.

I thought that if I had this problem, others must too & I wanted to find a solution. So, I designed nicepipes – leg & arm warmers made from the same, awesome, sweat-wicking fabric as yoga pants so that I could have the option of wearing them before, during, and after class.”

Great ideas often start with passion and personal experiences so it seems fitting that Lisa’s decision to take the business plunge does as well.

Nice going Lisa. What are others saying about you?

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At gazettereview.com they shared, “After her stint in the Shark Tank, Lisa did an interview with Entreprenuer.com. She explained that she learned something about herself in the Shark Tank – she was braver than she thought, and the millionaire life might not be for her. She was happy with the way she was able to run her business and still teach her yoga class. If her well-done social media posts are anything to go by, the NicePipes Apparel business is still going extremely well.”

That’s good to hear. We want to hear more.

The exceptional reviewer Krysta Shannon at yogiapproved.com relates, “The nicepipes Knee High Leg Warmers are an essential item for wintry weather and those that live in cold climates. If you are like me, you have a ton of capri-length pants that you can only wear indoors or during warmer months. The nicepipes Leg Warmers solve this problem by covering the parts of your leg that are exposed while wearing cropped leggings. You can wear the leg warmers during your workout, or you can fold them into their pouch and store them with your belongings during your practice.”

Well said. Very nice endorsement.

As you might guess Nice Pipes attire can be worn away from the fitness club and workout studio as well.

Most successful products solve a problem. Lisa’s seems to be most effective in the winter months, something that most other leg warming manufacturers cannot tout.

If you are in need of a more comprehensive inventory of fitness and workout attire, you should check Lisa’s product out. It is currently being sold on Amazon. Just click on the link below.


Nice and tight. Nice and warm.

Nice Pipes is a nice fit.

fciwomenswrestling.com femcompetitor.com article, Nice Pipes Apparel photo credit

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