Blue is the color of my true love’s pants.

That is how the song goes, right?

Sure it does, especially if you are in love with the Indie Lady Pro Leva Bates, formerly known as Blue Pants. article, Leva Bates facebook photo credit

Leva made her debut in WWE‘s developmental territory on the October 16, 2014, episode of NXT, as an enhancement talent, losing to the debuting Carmella. She was introduced as “Blue Pants” by Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady because of her blue ring attire, and retained the name for her subsequent appearances.

Let’s leap off a tall building in a single bound (don’t worry, there is a blue net below) and surge into Leva’s resume past.

She is also known for her tenure on the independent circuit, most notably for Shimmer Women Athletes, under her real name.

Leva was trained at the Team 3D Academy under Devon Hughes and Mark LoMonaco, and made her professional wrestling debut in 2006.

She spent the next three years wrestling primarily in the Southeastern United States, for promotions such as Southeastern Championship Wrestling (SCW) and Coastal Championship Wrestling.

Leva aka Blue Pants made her final appearance on the December 2 episode of NXT, facing Nia Jax in a losing effort.

Our super heroine has earned a degree in theater and radio/television production with a minor in dance from Murray State University.

You see, as we always thought, Fem Competitors are emanating from a wide variety of backgrounds.

She works during the week as one of the entertainers at the Universal Orlando theme park.

Leva is also known for her use of cosplay in her ring outfits; she regularly dresses as characters from movies, video games, and comic books.

Sounds like so much fun for her and us. We love super heroine dress up.

Here are some of her championships and accomplishments.

We are so impressed, aren’t you? Would you like to meet her? We have an invitation to her secret super heroine digs at A description is in order. article, Leva Bates facebook photo credit

“Leva Bates does it all! Pro wrestler, actress, stunt woman, dancer, model. A well-rounded performer!

In the world of wresting, here’s a good way to describe Leva: A cartoon come to life is probably the best way to describe Leva. With her costumes and her child-like looks, many opponents underestimate her. That’s their biggest mistake; within her tiny frame a warrior resides. Wrestling is her life’s blood; Fighting comes to her as naturally as quoting comic books. The art of combat: it can be a lot of fun!”

Good to know and yes, so far, very fun.

At her Facebook pages Leva adds, “Professional Wrestler by day; professional wrestler by night. Committed to my passion for wrestling, pop culture, and embracing my inner geek. Teehee!”

The closer we get to Leva, the more we love. article, Leva Bates facebook photo credit

Leva, please spend more time with us. Please?

She obliges at, “My goal is to entertain. In achieving this goal I have modeled myself into a jack of all trades: professional wrestler, cosplayer, host of my own geek show, actor, stunt woman and model.

In the world of wresting, Leva is known as a geek. She’s like cartoon come to life. A cosplayer with nerves of steel and packs a punch. The ultimate mimic. With her costumes and her child-like looks, many opponents underestimate her. That’s their biggest mistake; within her tiny frame a warrior resides. Wrestling is her life’s blood; Fighting comes to her as naturally as quoting comic books. The art of combat: it can be a lot of fun! Teehee!

A graduate of Murray State University, I have a degree in theatre with an acting emphasis, as well as a degree in radio/TV production. From there, I went to the Team 3D Academy and trained under wrestling stars, Bubba & Devon Dudley. I have studied Tae Kwon Do and kickboxing under Master Tung Dinh, and trained TLM’s Fighting Chance under the late, great Jeff Moldovan.”

Hmm, Tae Kwon Do. Do we see a future as a competitive submission wrestler as well?


Well, at this point, as the sweet beauty Britney Spears would say, gimme more, gimme more!

Leva is happy to. “I have done workshops under W. Earl Brown, Joel McDonald and Scott Cooper. I am always striving to learn and grow as an artist whether it’s from a trapeze class to a sewing session with Lince Dorado. Never stop.

I am a full-time performer working in various theme park shows, independent film, TV extra work, freelance stage combat and performance art, cosplay modeling and appearances. Headshots and resumes upon requests. For bookings and further information, please contact me through email on here:”

Okay, you can have a conversation with her too if you want to book her.

Her fans love her and here are two reviews at the great Indie wrestling analysis site

Here’s one. “What does one do when they have so many hobbies at once that require varying amounts of time and effort? Do them all at once of course! By fusing her loves of Wrestling and Cosplay (and by extension the “nerd culture” associated with it), Leva Bates has managed to become a crowd favorite. As a wrestler from a technical point of view, she leaves a lot to be desired. What she lacks in technical skill, she more than makes up for in personality and enthusiasm, and definitely makes for a good live performer to help get a crowd going. You won’t see her winning all of the big matches, but you’ll definitely see her having the most fun. And for what it’s worth, I don’t think Bates would have it any other way.”

And another.

“Leva Bates is a performer I love to watch. I first saw her as “Blue Pants” and was impressed with her natural charisma, but it is multiplied tenfold when she is left to her own devices. Her cosplaying gimmick is a lot of fun, she usually works in some very fun shtick, and when it comes to throw down she’s great at that as well, can have a good match with just about anyone, anywhere if given the chance. Leva is definitely high on my list.”

Well we are flying high after spending some time with Leva.

As she stated, her goal is to entertain. article, Leva Bates facebook photo credit

Ladies and gentlemen. Are you not entertained?

Sure you are, and the good news is that this young beautiful heroine in blue is just getting started.

Here feeling blue is okay.

~ ~ ~

OPENING PHOTO CREDIT By Mike Kalasnik from Fort Mill, USA – Leva Bates