It can project into your future, affect how people respond to you in the present and are a great predictor of your past.

It’s the reason why so many actors change the original version into a new more vibrant and attracting one.

Your name is very powerful.

As shared at the informative site, “When parents search for baby names for boys, they look for this criterion: it should be intense, powerful and must be able to stand the test of time. A strong and powerful baby name gives an extra measure of strength to the child.”

Okay, that works for boys, so how do you explain the name Lethal Veronica? article, photo credit

We hope she doesn’t live up to or maybe down to her namesake. I mean Lethal?

That name means, at the end of the day, someone is going home in a body bag.

The movies confirm that. article, Warner Brothers photo credit

Lethal Weapon is a 1987 American buddy cop action comedy film directed by Richard Donner, produced by Joel Silver, and written by Shane Black. It stars Mel Gibson and Danny Glover alongside Darlene Love, Ebonie Smith, Gary Busey, and Mitchell Ryan.

In Lethal Weapon, a pair of mismatched LAPD detectives – Martin Riggs, a former US Army soldier who has turned suicidal following his wife’s death, and Roger Murtaugh, a 50-year-old veteran of the force – become partners.

The film was released on March 6, 1987. Upon its release, Lethal Weapon grossed over $120 million against a production budget of $15 million, and it was nominated for Academy Award in the category of Best Sound. It spawned a franchise that includes three sequels and a television series.

Riggs was the epitome of crazy and lethal.

So about this Lethal Veronica name. Sure we know it’s symbolic but let’s see what she has to say. article, photo credit

At her WB270 she smiles, “I am a Very competitive wrestling Goddess from the Netherland,  I love to be in total control of my competitors; through the years I have been defeating men and women on the wrestling mats and events, and I’m still going strong   I am Very Dominant by nature. Apparently my fees are reasonable. I’m “dark and exotic,” about 5’6 and have a naturally athletic physique. article, photo credit

I am a very experienced Wrestler and have always been physically fit & active, at all times.  I frequently run marathons, and am into various sports, etc. Wrestling and being dominant is just natural to me. So, I love kicking some serious butt, overpowering & dominating.  I am the Real deal. What you see is what you get.”

Love it so far. Please keep going. For real.

“Yes I am for real, not a fake, strong and proud doing various sports. I am a marathon runner too so watch your step, I am always one step ahead!! Very fast strong and can get very furious when challenged; I love to be challenged it seems few people have the guts to challenge me.  I am a woman with few words so let’s cut to the chase: If you dare to meet the world class wrestling Goddess, feel my wrestling skills and feel my power while I am putting my deadly wrestling holds on you, one after another.” article, photo credit

Whew. Breathe a sigh of relief.

You get to go home in one piece, still standing and smiling after having incredible fun with Veronica.

Sounds like a wonderful sexy session.

Look. She has some great reviews and you know what?

They’re still alive.

Here is one.

“She was friendly, professional, and as I would soon find out she was also very experienced and strong.  Veronica is only about 5 ft. 4 in and about 125 lbs. and I am 5 ft. 11in and weigh about 160 lbs., but she had no problem dominating the match with her quickness, experience, and strength.  We wrestled semi-competitively and had a lot of fun but she put me into a lot of different holds and I could not escape most of them.  Throughout our one hour session, I could not get one submission out of her but she made me submit many times, mostly by using her legs which are very strong.”

Strong yes. Powerful too. At her website she emphasizes, “The blood inside me just boils all the time and before you know it you will caught in one of my deadly holds. You have no way of escaping or even thinking about it. You will be begging for your life, asking for mercy many times.”

You’re not scared are you?

Would you like to have a session with her?

Her website is

Her contact email is:

Veronica is connected to another powerful name.

Amsterdam. It’s where she sessions.

This is historically one of the most fascinating cities on earth.

Shall we visit Veronica’s home turf? We’re certain that you will love it. We have a visiting writer who has the power to help.

What You Should Know Before Traveling to Amsterdam article, photo via wikipedia

By Ritesh Bhuwania  

Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands, is one of the most friendliest cities in the world. The Dutch city, known for its canals is the home to the world’s oldest stock exchange. You should know a few things before visiting Amsterdam.

Centre of bicycle culture article, photo via cycle chic wikipedia

The Dutch capital is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world and is the center of bicycle culture. Bicycles make up nearly 50% of the city’s traffic and are the easiest way to get around. There are several places here where you can rent a bicycle. Because of its convenience, many people use bicycles to commute. The city has good facilities for cyclists with dedicated cycle paths and racks.

Numerous canals

Amsterdam has more than 150 canals that have become a part of life of its residents. During your trip, take a stroll along the canals and discover the beautiful architecture and houseboats all around them. A boat tour through the canals is truly a fascinating experience.

English is the main language

Almost everyone speaks English here. Dutch people can speak many languages and English is one of them. Most people will answer you in English. This makes communication very easy. Language is an issue when visitors travel abroad. However, it’s not an issue when you visit Amsterdam.

Great shopping destination article, By franzconde –

If you love shopping, then Amsterdam is the place for you. Leidestraat and Kaizerstraat are two main shopping streets of the city. Magna Plaza on Spuistraat is a premier shopping center here. Albert Cuyp Market is the city’s number one street market. Albert Cuyp Market fascinates everyone and you will find everything from right from trendy garments to food in this street market.

Endless amount of restaurants

Just like most capital cities of the world, Amsterdam is filled with top-class restaurants. These restaurants serve all kinds of cuisines. The city is also known for its chain of automatic walk-up fast food restaurants, Febo. You can buy French fries, hamburgers and beverages from these automated restaurants.

Full of brown cafés

Brown cafés are traditional Dutch bars, which have become a quintessential part of the city’s culture. They get their name from the dark wooden interiors and nicotine stained ceilings and walls. Apart from serving local drinks, these cafés also offer light meals and snacks.

Numerous world-class museums

Amsterdam is full of world-class museums. Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House, etc. are some of the top museums of the city.

There are many luxurious hotels in Amsterdam, which offer top-notch accommodation facilities. Book your room and enjoy the eternal beauty of this wonderful city.

Ritesh Bhuwania is an Online Travel Expert in the Industry for the Last 15 years. He founded to transfer his concepts of Experience Management to Travelers the world over.


Really appreciated that article. Thanks Ritesh.

Something caught our eye and powerfully infused us with intrigue.

Let’s examine Brown Cafes. Have you heard of them? Let’s explore. article, photo via

At the fun site they are willing to share. “The brown cafés are to Amsterdam what pubs are to England: a relaxed place to drink with friends.

Their name comes from the wooden paneling that adorns the interior (and all the cigarette smoke, although it’s no longer legal to smoke indoors), and they’re known as simple places where you can drink a local beer and eat some bitterballen (a classic Dutch snack of deep-fried meat balls served with mustard). The walls of brown cafés are often covered in incredible trinkets and ephemera – it’s a uniquely Dutch aesthetic that you have to experience to really understand.”

Brown Cafes sound so soothing and relaxing. article, brown cafe photo via

It’s a nice balance. Have a powerful (but not lethal) session with Veronica and then go and relax at a Brown Café.

We have three names for that experience.




Not lethal. Whew. Thank heavens.

~ ~ ~


Thank you Wikipedia  

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