If it is really true that the only person you need to be better than is the person that you we’re yesterday, then the Fitness Super Star Lauren Drain has endless wonderful tomorrows.

She is extremely inspiring and every video that we watch and every story that she tells shows continual improvement.

She’s very engaging, let’s meet her.

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The vibrant site royalfashionist.com praises, “The face of a girl, the body of a woman and the workouts of an athlete. Meet Lauren Drain, a fitness model and author of the New York Times bestseller WBFF PRO, and in her free time, a nurse.”

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Lauren Drain is an American nurse, fitness model and author known for writing the 2013 book Banished, which chronicles her experiences and eventual banishment from the controversial Westboro Baptist Church.

Our Fitness Star graduated from Washburn University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.

She wrote a book titled Banished: Surviving My Years in the Westboro Baptist Church, co-authored with Lisa Pulitzer which describes her experiences in the Westboro Baptist Church and her ultimate expulsion from the church.

It has been on the New York Best Sellers list in the eBook category as of March 30, 2013.

Her fitness program is a best seller as well.

We’re sure that you would want to know more so we invite Lauren to share. “All my programs are designed by me thanks to years of hard work, education and experience. Made easy to follow and understand for anyone.

I love sharing my knowledge and expertise with others. Thanks to my personal transformation, struggles and successes I’ve made it easy for my clients to achieve results.

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I never set out to be a “fitness model” – in fact that was never my intention. About 2 years ago I found myself looking in the mirror and being unhappy with the way I looked and felt, having let the fall & the holiday season get the better of me.

I decided to make a change for the better and did my first Paleo challenge with great results. Thereafter I did some research, lots of YouTubing & asking around and decided to bite the bullet and sign up for my first bikini show.

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I got a coach and trained my butt off for 14 weeks straight to be able to step on stage after my initial transformation. It wasn’t easy since at the time I was working 13 hour night shifts at one hospital and per-diem at another to make up for the cost of the show and coaching. By the time I stepped on stage I was an anxious/excited/inexperienced mess – but I was able to placed 9th out of 30+ girls my first time around.

From that point forward I was hungry, I wanted my pro card. I did a show the following weekend 6 hours away in Canada, entering 2 divisions.

I got off of a night shift, picked up by my husband at the hospital while still in my scrubs & slept in the back seat as he delivered me to the athletes meeting with minutes to spare. I placed 3rd in Bikini and 5th I Fitness – but no pro card.

I ended up training for a total of 6 shows in 12 months while working nights, earning my pro card and winning on the 5th try.

In the process I’ve met many great people, hustled to work with anyone and everyone to get my name out there & generate fun content. I’ve tried and failed time and time again but I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’m not perfect; I’m not trying to be either… I just want to be the best version of myself that I can be.

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During my journey I converted my private IG acct to a public one and started posting photos that documented my struggles & successes, thinking a few extra fans may help me land a photoshoot or help my chances of winning a show. So with all that being said I just want to thank you all for your love & support – I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Lauren? We are happy to help in any way that we can.

Stunning and fit beautiful, Lauren was born in Tampa, Florida.

Tampa was ranked as the 5th best outdoor city by Forbes in 2008.

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Tampa also ranks as the fifth most popular American city, based on where people want to live, according to a 2009 Pew Research Center study. A 2004 survey by the NYU newspaper Washington Square News ranked Tampa as a top city for “twenty-somethings.

We’re getting a little hungry after working out so let’s go there and dine on some great seafood and we know just the right place.

We can smell the smoke from here. Heavenly.

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A nice group that knows the terrain, thrillist.com invites, “Back in the 1950s when mullet schools filled waterways, Ted Peters sold the smoked fish by the roadside. The restaurant he built retains that Old Florida charm, with frosty root beer mugs and picnic tables at which you can enjoy hot German potato salad, perfectly smoked salmon, and mahi. How old school is this place? It’s using the same plastic plates it used during the Kennedy administration but it doesn’t take plastic for payment.”

Okay, no problem. The food sounds great. We’re in. We’ll just bring cash.

Now that we brought cash, time to walk into tedpetersfish.com who smile with an introduction.

“It was 1945, WWII was over and America was on the move and it was no different for Ted Peters and his family.

He got into the fish business with his stepbrother, “Red Hot” who had come from upstate New York in 1931.

While working at the Fisherman’s Co-Op at Madeira Beach FL, Ted Observed the fish smoking process where most were smoking in the woods or in the back yard. Ted said, “Put it out there where people can see that thing.” So he salvaged an old smoker and put it out on Blind Pass road in front of the Blue Anchor.

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The first restaurant he owned in the late 1940’s. He would run out and open the smoker so that people driving by could see and smell the fish spread out on the smoking trays. He knew that just as the sun and sand drew tourists to Saint Petersburg Beach, the smell of his fish smoking would bring customers to his restaurant. In 1951 the “Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish” restaurant was up and running at it’s current location.”

Very nice story.

The customers have more to add. At the enjoyable food, travel and review site tripadvisor.com they recommend, “Great place to eat for all age groups.. service is good but busy.. German Potato Salad is awesome with ground beef burgers.. nice place for relaxing lunch.. or dinner but very casual… Peak times hard to get table.. but worth the wait..”

It has taken us some time to find the lovely Lauren Drain, but it was it well worth the wait.

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We absolutely feel better today than we did yesterday.

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Thank you Wikimedia for Tampa information.