In 1912, as current U.S. President William Howard Taft plans his re-election campaign, former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt tosses his hat back into the ring as a third-party candidate, while Woodrow Wilson receives the Democratic nomination. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

During his 1912 presidential campaign, Wilson becomes the first candidate in history to employ motion picture advertising to popularize his platform of peace and progression although in some respects is considered retrograde in policy.

During Wilson’s first presidential administration, World War I erupts in Europe, but Wilson maintains a non-compromising position of avoiding American involvement even when German submarines sink the British liner Lusitania, which includes the loss of American lives, as well.

This is why some coin President Wilson, The Reluctant Warrior.

The British submission wrestler Laken is someone who is striking in her beauty, athletic in form, honed from her years as a professionally trained dancer and skilled in her craft as a wrestler. In studying her grappling career it seems she could have made a strong ascension say similar to another former dancer in Sable but seems hesitant to do so. article, wb270 photo article, wb270 photo

The world of professional dance is filled with intense competition, injuries, uncertainty and early retirement.

The respected information source explains, “Dance as a career entails an extraordinary high level of commitment and passion, extensive periods of training, and a professional life that is brief. Martha Graham, the legendary dancer, once said that “a dancer dies twice—once when they stop dancing, and this first death is the more painful. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

Dancers usually receive oblique indications that their time is up, like not being cast for roles they once danced or seeing younger dancers chosen in auditions. Most know that’s a sign to let go and move on to something else.”

What are the transition jobs after dance retirement?

The publication continues, “Another handout listed various career options the dancers in the room could explore: Personal fitness trainer. Pilate’s instructor. Casting agent. Dance journalist. A costume designer. Make-up artist. Dance studio owner. Personal assistant. Dancewear shop manager. Event planner. Interior decorator. Gardener. Personal finance handler for others. Jewelry maker. Backstage helper. Stage manager. Dog walker.”

They should have asked us. We would have added Session and Submission Wrestler. Those powerful leg scissors are to die for.

In terms of having a session with Laken, that would seem like heaven. She’s feminine, charming, soft spoken, customer service oriented and absolutely gorgeous. We’re certain you’ll have no regrets. We seem to be in good company.

© 2013 Richard Pascoe Photography ~ All Rights Reserved For all bookings & Info: E: T: +44 7956 368 680

© 2013 Richard Pascoe Photography ~ All Rights Reserved
For all bookings & Info:
T: +44 7956 368 680

“We are delighted to be the Production Company that handles and manages Laken Fire’s custom clips. We hope she doesn’t make our cameras melt!” smiles the great UK group

Our talented beauty Laken expresses, “I’ve been wrestling for about 2 years now. I’m a trained dancer and ex gymnast, so I have strength and flexibility. I love wrestling men, especially head scissors. They’re a favorite of mine.”

She’s very good at wrestling women as well.

It was the female submission video world where I first saw her over two years ago and yet until now, I never took her seriously nor ever had any intention of writing about her. As of this late July 2015 writing when I saw her promo with The Submission Room on Femcompetitor Magazine’s News Page promoting her match with Kaminari; that made us consider featuring her.

The question I offered was…….is there much to feature?

Up until now in my writer’s mind, she was the gorgeous girlie girl that my memory insinuated was always on the losing end of a wrestling match and the only reason I watched was because Femcompetitor was writing and researching her usually victorious opponent and she just happened to be there.

That happens from time to time.

The other intriguing aspect to this is that clearly we have written about other Fem Competitors less skilled on the mats than Laken but they boast strong charisma in the fantasy and mixed wrestling world and blare like a college marching band in terms of letting all of us know who they are and what they do.

Laken can be as quiet as a church mouse.

Laken? Sexy girl, you are the star of the story. It’s time to revisit your matches and what are we going to find? You are as gorgeous as they come so you are worth the road trip.

Let’s pack a session lunch and here we go.


I have now re-watched four of Laken’s matches and a strong composite is emerging. Here is the composite from Alpha Femmes. “A successful career trained dancer, Laken took up wrestling just over 2 years ago. Since then she has trained and improved her skills and strength to match her beauty.”

If this were about the session world only, I understand and agree with why a company promoting her would say that.

Here we’re providing her with an objective scouting report which is an extreme compliment. We rarely go to the trouble to do this and as most of us find out in life, the saddest observation of our life is when few people want to think of, analyze, remember or talk about us.

The greatest compliment is when they want to do all of the above even if it’s not completely flattering. At least what we are doing matters. As many fading music and movie stars are aware, any publicity is better than none.

As of this writing Mr. Donald Trump, the American real estate mega star mogul is running for president. When he visits the Mexican border to speak about immigration, a media firestorm occurs. When other Republican candidates make a visit, even the media admits, no one cares or covers it.

Along with fading music and movie stars we can add less popular Presidential Candidates.

It’s time to talk about Laken. article, wb270 photo article, wb270 photo

The following matches are from 2013.

Laken verses Minxy Li. As you can see, we previously published an article about her opponent.


My first impression in watching this match is how it emphasizes why people make terrible witnesses at crime scenes. I had seen Laken wrestle before yet it never dawned on me that she was a former dancer even though now watching her again, she is wearing the patented dancer sock stockings. I also previously had the impression she was just another gorgeous girlie girl who is breakfast, lunch and dinner for the Mystiques of our world.

Against the formidable Minxy Li, Laken surprised me at how skilled she was and is truly a professional submission wrestler. She knows the holds, has good technique but does miss opportunities to close a submission as she did with Minxy where she temporarily trapped her in a body scissors but instead of tightly clasping the neck and extending her legs, she allowed Minxy to escape.

Having said all of that, her battle against Minxy was a ground war where Laken got off to a great start and initially was clearly in control of the match. She did obtain some submissions and one in particular where Minxy submitted before she might get sick. It was a day Laken earned much respect and combat stripes.

We’re off to a good start.

Laken verses Blaze

The beauty of Laken’s feminine nicely defined dancer’s body is evident in her engagement with the slender sexy brunette Blaze. Since Blaze is not a novice and could be considered a solid performer I was curious how Laken would fair against her. The match started out slow and tightly contested but it soon became clear that it was Laken’s to win. Laken’s technique is sound enough to defeat the girls she is supposed to defeat, an important sports axiom for those on the climb.

The battle quietly raged back and forth with both beauties rendering a nice performance but this one was Laken’s.

Laken verses Justice

Justice LWS Wrestler, If Loving Her Is Wrong……

When Laken faced the rising star Justice who seems to continually improve with each match and gets sexier and sexier; I expected Justice to win easily. The two British beauties engaged in a prolonged ground war and Justice seemed to get the upper hand early but to my mild surprise Laken remained tough and turned this one into a very close match.

As you watch, the match is in doubt right up until the end.

Laken verses Isabella

Isabella is a sensational fitness buff and a tough wrestler as well. What could have worked in Laken’s favor is that she is slightly larger than the cute blonde Isabella. The match was close and a back and forth struggle but Laken had many opportunities to close and submit her smaller opponent but Isabella always seem to find the grit and determination to escape.

Ultimately Laken had no answers for the perfectly shaped determined grappler Isabella.

Laken verses Luna

Luna, Wrestler, Submission Room, Alpha Femmes, Rising …

I realize that Luna has extensive MMA training, is in fantastic shape and is a slightly larger woman. Having said all of that, I felt given her performance against Justice that Laken had a chance to give Luna a run for her money. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Luna completely controlled and dominated her and the longer the match went on, the less fire Laken seemed to have.


Laken has the skills and physique to be a formidable submission wrestler. She knows the holds and she’s gaining experience. Her days as a professional dancer have added stamina and strength to her arsenal.

In terms of improvement the most telling match was against Luna. When Justice faced Luna, she controlled the match and as it progressed Justice seemed to become more energetic and creative. It was as though once Justice got inside of Luna’s head, she began to dominate her.

What is Laken’s deficiency?

One real life example might be helpful.

When I was younger, I was a serious amateur tennis player and there was a group of us in our region of a major city and surrounding suburbs who all played and knew each other. Once in a while when no strong match was available, desperate to compete, I would play one of these older gentlemen who had years of experience but were limited in movement.

When they played a young hot head like me, they would play steady and allow me to make the unforced errors. Normally I could just hit them off the courts but this particular day I was spraying balls everywhere. Before I knew it I was down 0-5 in the first set. Angry but determined I quietly told myself I am not going to lose to this wicked old man.

I call him wicked because he was constantly calling my balls out that hit the line and then when I was obviously frustrated, he would say false soothing words like, “You almost had that one. Don’t worry, you’ll steady out.”

Fine. Steady as she goes Mate.

I changed my game.

I began to keep the ball in play and hit high lobs and loopers that would drive him back to the baseline which also contained a slight kick that would push him even further back. Then I would do something very wicked myself. When he hit it back?

I would drop shot him.

There he goes with his cap on and his big buster belly and skinny legs trying to get all of that in motion to get the ball. He soon began to think “forget it” and just gave those to me.

I wasn’t finished.

I would then hit soft loopers waaaaaaaay left and then waaaaaaaaaay right and then waaaaaaaaaay left. Another young hot shot with top spin would make me pay for those soft puffers by blasting winners. Not the old guys. He began to tire from the drop shots and the side to side torture.

I think you get the picture. Soon it was 5-5.

Finally he yelled me, “THIS IS NOT TENNIS!!”

As I quietly walked back to serve and eventually would win 7-5, I thought to myself…….. “Oh yes it is.”

Laken? Darling? Are you listening?

Justice and Laken battled each other in a tough ground war but when Laken faced Luna it was evident that once Laken found herself in a match that calls for creativity, passion and gamesmanship, it is this sports writer’s assessment that previously Laken performs only to the level of the submission manual that she has read. Whether she is ahead, behind or in-between, she wrestles the same. Her game is very predictable.

If an opponent proposes problems and generates tactics Laken is not familiar with, she doesn’t seem to know how to adapt as someone like Justice clearly can. This seemed to be the case against Isabella as well.

Be that as it may, Laken from a real sports stand point is a star on the rise. Her strengths are many and her challenges at this point can be improved with determination and a plan.

Therein is the key.

She has to formulate a plan to match her desire to improve. There has to be an effective Plan B and hopefully a Plan C as well.

When pressed great people find solutions to problems and even alter their previous stance to adapt.

For his 1916 re-election campaign, against Charles Evans Hughes, President Wilson promotes his anti-war stance and narrowly defeats his opponent in what becomes the final U.S. presidential election before females gain the right to vote.

But when Germany attacks U.S. ships during the days after Wilson’s second inauguration, Wilson petitions Congress to declare war, a factor relatively well-received by the nation. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

After WWI, Wilson travels to Europe to endorse the notion that this war should end all wars, and he campaigns for a New World Order with his famous Fourteen Points address, which includes establishing a League of Nations to instill peaceful solutions to international disputes.

Stated another way, President Wilson shed his role as a Reluctant Warrior to address a crisis.

We love that we had a chance to see the exceptional beauty Laken up close. She has a chance to become one of the greats. We need to buy her matches and session with her to keep her interested.

With her quiet soft demeanor and gorgeous feminine appearance, at first glance she may come across as someone who is less inclined or hesitant to improve.

We see it differently.

Laken is improving and proving the even a female Reluctant Warrior will adapt, improve and change when she is challenged to.

~ ~ ~

As of this July 2015 writing, Laken’s matches can be purchased at the following links.

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Sources:, Wikipedia,,, FCI Elite Competitor,,, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.,_contemporary_ballet.jpg#/media/File:Grace_in_winter,_contemporary_ballet.jpg