Milan Italy has long been the beacon of light for the elite fashion industry. article, photo article, photo

Francisco Costa is a Brazilian designer and the Women’s Creative Director of Calvin Klein Collection. Mr. Costa won the Council of Fashion Designers America award for Womenswear Designer of the Year in June 2006 as well as in June 2008.

Regarding the magical city of Milan, he was quoted as saying, “Milan, for me, is a city of discovery. You can find some amazing gardens behind some great houses; I also love finding beautiful galleries and incredible shops, but you have to explore. And the food is amazing.” article, photo article, photo

What we find amazing at Femcompetitor Magazine are the number of beautiful and amazing women that we write about in the grappling, dance and fitness industry that emanate from the powerful and influential nation of Brazil.

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Lais DeLeon has quickly established herself as one of the top fitness and glamour models in the industry. With her exotic looks and incredible body, it’s not hard to see why. article, facebook photo article, facebook photo

Lais has lived in Milan, Italy, for 4 years before coming back to the United States to focus on her modeling career here.

The energetic athletic site adds, “Part of the Vitrex Model Team Lais has taken part in numerous photo shoots and recently was the 2012 Spy On Vegas Hot 100 Winner! With over 370,000 Instagram followers, she keeps fans entertained daily with pictures and videos of her workouts, as well as pics from her latest photo shoots.” article, youtube photo article, youtube photo

That is a ton of followers.

The respected fitness industry site speaks to Ms. DeLeon’s massive popularity. “Every woman should have their fitness inspiration (fitspo). What better person than a woman that has built a brand around working out, being active, eating right and achieving a strong yet feminine physique. Lais DeLeon encompasses all of these things.

She is a successful fitness and bikini model from San Paulo Brazil. It is obvious by her appearance that she works hard in the gym, which is something I really respect, and has managed to build a body that is ultra-fit without compromising curves.” article, facebook photo article, facebook photo

It has been reported that this gorgeous Brazilian babe is a true warrior who works out four times a week, twice a day.

Her admirers are legion and continue to praise her. At they smile, “With her long brown hair and perfect olive skin, Lais De Leon has been a huge success on the web. Not only does she have over 600.000 followers on her social media profiles, Lais also have a website specialized in fitness and nutrition content. She also gives advice on that areas to her followers on her social media accounts, posting workouts, recipes and fitness motivation. She is extremely motivated and focused on her workout lifestyle and it’s easy to see that when you get a glimpse of her Instagram account.”

We’ve gotten more than a glimpse of her and like everyone else, we’re ecstatic about what we see.

Now for an update. As of this November 2015 writing, our Sao Paulo star is up to 972,000 followers.

Her popularity knows no end.

She loves life, good health and communicating her ideas on getting and staying healthy. article, facebook photo article, facebook photo

She expressed at, “Sleep is when your body recovers from all the hard work you put in at the gym that day, so a good night’s sleep will ensure the next workout you have planned is a success.”

When you research her she provides many exceptional tips on nutrition, balanced eating and guidance for a healthy lifestyle.

She encourages as well.

At she shares, “I believe in leading a balanced life. I enjoy being fit and looking and feeling great about my body. But I would never compromise my mental and physical health for a body I can’t healthily obtain or maintain long term. I get asked all the time for my “meal plan” and I have to continuously explain that I do not believe in a “meal plan” or diet plan. I don’t believe in strict rules of what to eat each meal.”

Thanks for that. Whew. No strict diets. Love it.

Lais is from the massive Brazilian metropolis of Sao Paulo. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

São Paulo is a municipality, metropolis and global city located in southeastern Brazil.

It is the most populous city in Brazil, South America, and the Southern Hemisphere. It is also the world’s twelfth largest city by population.

São Paulo is also the capital of the state of São Paulo, Brazil’s most populous and wealthiest state.

Let’s go to the beach. Lais would want us to have fun and do that. It contributes to good health. article, photo article, photo

There is also another good reason for that.

The informative site educates, “Sao Paulo is a city filled with beautiful people, especially beautiful women. With more women than men among the metropolitan area’s 20 million residents, there are plenty of women to choose from (with their permission, of course). In this Brazilian city, singlehood is an enviable way of life.

Sao Paulo is not the capital of Brazil, but it’s the center of most of its wealth. Money can’t buy you love, but it certainly helps.”

If some online sources are true São Paulo has 7.9 million women for 7.5 million men.

Another source even says the ratio of women to men is 20 to one.

So the beaches near Sao Paulo must be special, especially if the girls look anything like Lais.

One beach that stood out is Maresias. article, photo article, photo

Always a popular destination site, enlightens, “The popular but mistaken belief is that Brazil’s São Paulo state has no beaches. Though the city of São Paulo itself may not sprawl languidly along the ocean like certain other Brazilian cities or towns, São Paulo state boasts almost 400 miles of tropical Atlantic coastline, which beckons beachcombers from inside and outside Brazil for swimming, surfing and sunbathing.

Featuring one of the few beaches along the entire Brazilian coast that actually faces west — the better to snap mountain-framed sunset photos — Maresias holds court as the Litoral Norte’s oceanfront party capital.” article, photo article, photo

They add, “The sea at the beach is shaken with big waves and the current is also strong, being one of the most popular surf points in Brazil, serving as a point for some tournaments. The sand is yellowish and soft with 5 kilometers in length. The neighborhood beside the beach attracts many tourists for its variety of restaurants and shops, but especially young people, because of its night clubs.” article, photo article, photo

If you decide to go to look for Lais DeLeon’s relatives and models similar in looks, Maresias Beach Hotel is a fantastic place to stay. They express, “Our Hotel is the best accommodation option in Maresias beach. Just a few steps separate the guest rooms from the beach and the ocean can be seen from any of the hotel areas. Nothing would be more pleasant.”

Well maybe having a light workout that includes being taught by Lais while resting and dining might be an upgrade.

In our female wrestling industry, the Fem Competitors go to extra-ordinary efforts to stay in shape and provide exceptional customer service in regards to mixed wrestling sessions.

It’s great to meet Lais DeLeon from Brazil. She’s full of life, fantastic healthful tips, and unbridled energy and is an inspirational beauty. article, photo article, photo

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Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.