Promoting and publicizing an important cause is much like trying to propel a singing career. Important as it may be to you, it’s mostly feast or famine. Either few know about you or you are part of a national and even global movement.

The beautiful curvaceous model Kristen Madison is promoting an important cause. article, photo article, photo

It’s discussed in the town village nationally and globally.

Even a super star A-List actor like Richard Gere got down and dirty and made a movie about it.

What is the cause?

If you are a Richard Gere fan, and legions are, you probably already know.

Still, before that, ladies first.

Let’s talk about the super star, sensationally sexy model Kristen. article, photo article, photo

A tasty mixture of Nicaraguan, German, African American and Cherokee Indian, the cameras certainly worship Kristen from Miami Florida.

In an interview with the respected informational woman’s site,, Kristen was forthcoming about many subjects across the spectrum. One that caught our attention was her suggestion to women who may not fit the supposed ideal of beauty, even though many of us know that is very subjective.

Here is Kristen’s advice. “I have many aspiring models who write to me via my blog. I always tell them to never give up and keep going. So many aspiring models go from agency to agency without getting signed and I understand that it is not easy. Many aspiring models feel that they need to be signed in order to book work. Yes, it’s a huge help and honor to be signed to a reputable agency but with social media you can create your own platform. Creating your own platform will open up unimaginable doors and create amazing opportunities!” article, photo article, photo

Very good advice. Uncomplicated and inspirational.

In another interview with the enjoyable site regarding her life experience of how she got started in the business. “I did a photo shoot. At that time I didn’t know there were opportunities for curvy models. My mother just wanted nice pictures of me. Her friend’s daughter, who is a model, suggested a photographer. The photographer was amazed and said “Wow you’re so photogenic and the camera loves you! Who is your agent?” I told her I didn’t have an agent and she then mentioned a local agent. After the shoot I sent in pictures to the agency and that day I got a reply! The rest is history!”

Good for her and us.

Having success has placed Kristen in a position to help others and she seems to making the most of that opportunity as well.

What is the cause that she has in common with Richard Gere?

She supports programs that help the homeless. article, North Center Miami photo article, North Center Miami photo

Interestingly there is good news on that front. Due to the efforts of many like Kristen. The caring and involved group in 2015 shares, “On a single night in January 2014, 578,424 people were experiencing homelessness — meaning they were sleeping outside or in an emergency shelter or transitional housing program. From 2013 to 2014, a period of ongoing recovery from the Great Recession, overall homelessness decreased by 2.3 percent and homelessness decreased among every major subpopulation: unsheltered persons (10 percent), families (2.7 percent), chronically homeless individuals (2.5 percent), and veterans (10.5 percent).

  • 34 states had decrease in overall homelessness, while 17 states saw increases. 40 states had decreases in the number of people living in unsheltered locations, including the street, cars, and abandoned buildings.
  • The national rate of homelessness fell to 18.3 homeless people per 10,000 people in the general population, but the rate in individual states ranged from 120 in Washington, D.C. to 7 in Mississippi.
  • The rate of veteran homelessness continued its descent of the past several years to 25.5 homeless veterans per 10,000 veterans in the general population, but the rate in individual states ranged from 146 in Washington, D.C. to 9 in Virginia.
  • The majority of states had decreases in every major subpopulation: family homelessness (32 states), chronically homeless individuals (27 states), and veteran homelessness (28 states).

It’s fantastic to read about the substantial decreases but understandably as a global society, our work is not done.

Kristen certainly knows that. She volunteers at a charity called Chapmen Center which feeds and shelters the homeless. She often volunteers as a cook or server in the kitchen.

At their site, the statistics are encouraging. In their own words they explain some encouraging numbers.

We have served more than 800,000 meals per year

Our two medical clinics have seen more than 166,500 patient visits

Our Mobile Dental unit has performed more than 76,500 procedures

64% Success Rate placing our residents into permanent or transitional housing

We have admitted nearly 20,000 homeless children

With the help of our 20,000 volunteers, we serve 3 hot meals a day, 365 days a year

That’s truly encouraging.

What about Mr. Gere? How is he contributing? As he often does, through film he creatively has brought attention to a common problem in an unusual way.

His film Time Out of Mind is about a homeless man who bonds with a new friend (Ben Vereen) at New York’s Bellevue Hospital while trying to repair his relationship with his estranged daughter (Jena Malone).

The entertaining site through its review of the film highlights an interesting point. “Richard Gere has convinced the world many times over that he can play any role. Be it a lawyer who may or may not have tap dancing skills, an officer who really knows how to be a gentleman, or a businessman with a heart of gold, he’s played a wide variety of parts that have kept the world entertained and convinced of his prowess. Which is why it’s all the more interesting that during his time filming Oren Moverman’s recent film, Time Out Of Mind, Gere was convincing enough to be overlooked but not convincing enough to make a lot of money.

There’s an interesting asymmetrical quality to the fact that Gere, a man who’s been paid as much as $15 million for starring in a film, couldn’t make anything past $2.50 on the streets of New York.”

We certainly give Richard an A for effort. Having seen the film, it’s worth a watch.

Okay Kristen, you did it. article, photo article, photo

You have a wonderful modeling career and you’re not just thinking about self but are acting on your desire to help others.

I enjoyed this video featuring Kristen

In the new world where women are successfully competing for modeling contracts, winning dignified submission wrestling matches, showing the world the road to better fitness or dancing and creating magic, we’re ecstatic that gorgeous sexy girls like Kristen are doing it with beauty, grace, style and a conscience. article, photo article, photo

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Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.

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