It’s her.       

Krissy sat behind the desk at Jackpin’s 2008 Women’s Wrestling Convention Masterpiece in San Diego with a quiet air of confidence fitting of one of the most popular female wrestlers in the world. There were Ringmaster Girlz products and sessions to be sold as well.

Krissy wasn’t just the Princess at the ball, she was the Prom Queen of the entire affair.

Sybil left – Krissy right article, Jackpin photo article, Jackpin press photo

That wasn’t the first time that I had seen her that weekend.

Of all the memories that call out to you from the past, some clearly stand out more than others.

Friday night of the three day 2008 convention weekend was the starting point of what would be at least up until now, the last of the great Women’s Wrestling Conventions. When I entered the crowded room, I looked for the table where Krissy would be sitting. Ironically her future opponent, the super sexy Virago Princess Grace would be sitting at the same table as well.

Very good. There she was. My, My, My.

She was dressed like a Debutante ready for an elegant night of being in the spotlight. That’s understandable.

Krissy always gets the boy’s attention.

There was a young man at the table who just couldn’t stop flirting with her. He was clearly over the top and very persistent. Krissy remained expressionless with a tight smile on her face, starting into the distance.

She never replied but continued to soak it all in.

I engaged in polite conversation with another fan who had attended Renee’s events at the Haven. I watched Krissy out of the corner of my right eye but sat there pretending not to notice the constant fawning.

The management did notice and quietly walked over and asked Krissy if everything was okay? Krissy let them know she had it under control. Every pretty girl just can’t get enough attention.

The World According to the Pennsylvania Princess.

Sounds like the makings of a Reality TV Show.

On Saturday the wrestling began and in between sessions, Krissy would take on Sapphire of Atlanta and super star Grace of Virago.

When she entered the ring as the favorite to face Sapphire who was a newbie, my mind drifted back to her match with Gianna, one that Krissy describes as her only horrible loss. The FCI scouting report on Krissy is that she is a great front runner but once the match tightens up she tends to become very feminine, almost submissive as she did against Gianna and at times when she wrestled the formidable smaller, mature lady named Wrestling Tweety.

She’s met Grace, Gianna, Sybil and Lia Labowe so she’s definitely combated some of our industry greats.

Having said all of that, it’s always nice to know when you’ve predicted correctly and her match with Sapphire was a titanic struggle. Unfortunately this great competition never made it to video. In a back and forth tussle where Krissy with her higher skill level would mostly control and even dominate the match at times, she could never put Sapphire away.

The match ended in a draw.

I would later see Sapphire outside at lunch time in beautiful sunny San Diego and in our brief conversation I congratulated her on going toe to toe with a very experienced and tough opponent. She was humble in her moral victory and quietly shared that she was determined to never give up.

Krissy wasn’t done and would later take on Virago’s Prize Fighter in Grace.

This was one of Grace’s best outings. I had seen her wrestle often in the Virago sisterhood and while Grace landed a sizable number of victories, when it came to River, she seemed to struggle. An example of that can be found at Video Sports Limited. When she traveled to Eastern Europe to face the Danube Warriors including Daniela and Luzia she seemed overwhelmed and surprisingly at times, even intimidated.

At Jackpin’s Convention, it was as though all of her lessons from the past had finally been downloaded.

She handled a rising star in Frankie Zappitelli with relative ease and on a special Saturday night private event where we could attend for the bargain price of $20, Grace defeated super star Julie Ginther as well. article, femwin photo article, femwin photo

During the day, I remember Krissy standing in the corner of the ring before the match began looking confident and sexy, knowing all eyes were watching her and Grace. It was a great struggle but the decision by Krissy not to take MMA training worked against her. She wanted chokes taken out of the match and when Grace accidentally choked her, Krissy made it clear not to do that again.

Not finished she would also take on Michigan legend Sybil Star in a match that would last over twenty minutes.

Engaging in a boxing match with Sapphire as well, Krissy was clearly one of the convention beautiful highlights and high points.

Her wrestling career has been a highlight reel.

The female wrestling industry leader Femwin had this to say about her. “Krissy’s a very experienced and tough wrestler who’s long been a fan favorite, probably because she’s a very attractive All-American kind of girl who loves the sport of wrestling, one who doesn’t stray into the shadier sides of the female wrestling genre. She’s definitely best known for her power and athleticism and by the fact that she actually wrestles and doesn’t rely on ju jitsu. Krissy’s hold of choice is any kind of scissors and most of her opponent’s would tell you that she has very dangerous legs!”

At they praise our star of the story as well.

“MWU Videos gets Krissy from Ringmaster Girls for a video and she proves to Willie that she is the Master of the Mat! She’s 5’8” and 145 LBS of solid muscle. Yes, she’s beautiful but her powerful body (Especially her legs) is as strong as any wrestler out there! Her scissors almost make Willie pass out. Krissy is painful to wrestle but beautiful to watch wrestle! Willie found out and got Ruined By Ringmaster.”

A great promoter, Krissy can certainly speak for herself as she does at a talk forum. “For those of you I haven’t had the privilege of meeting yet, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Krissy and I am 5-6 and weigh 140 pounds. I’m a young woman whose personality coincides with the constellation and fifth sign of the zodiac – Leo the Lioness! I also have soft, long sandy blonde hair and ever-changing blue-green eyes. I am very athletic and have a strong, curvy physique of 36C-24-36. Depending on the ferocity of my matches, my eyes are known to turn ice-blue or monster green.”

It appears Krissy doesn’t compete much anymore but you can still purchase her matches at and her match against Grace at

Jack, owner of Jackpin Productions privately expressed to me how he really appreciated that Krissy and Ringmaster Girlz have always supported the Women Wrestling Conventions.

FCI appreciates that as well.

Krissy’s contributions to our great sport are varied and rich. If our industry can secure corporate advertisers we sense while Krissy’s wrestling story is on snooze, the activation alarm could go off any minute.

Then the fawning can begin………again.

~ ~ ~

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