Kiana Tom is an award winning, trusted health and fitness authority and a key source of exercise information for over 20 years on ESPN.

Her shows air around the globe and she is recognized as a role model to millions.

Why in part is Kiana so well trusted? It’s her intuition.

She was once quoted as expressing, “I always trust my gut reaction; it’s always right.”

We can feel your trust level rising as well.

“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.”… Stephen Covey

If you looking for a Fitness Coach at the highest level or simply want to improve your fitness program with advice from an expert, Kiana seems ideal for your plan. article, photo credit article, photo credit

When you enjoy researching her life pathway you’ll understand why. It appears she truly has fulfilled the expression of doing anything and everything at least once in life.

Like her fitness plan, her website is innovative and informative. It’s also a nice place to meet Kiana up close.

Her partnership with ESPN has been like a blissful marriage. article, photo credit article, photo credit

ESPN, Inc., The Worldwide Leader in Sports, is the leading multinational, multimedia sports entertainment company featuring the broadest portfolio of multimedia sports assets with over 50 business entities. Based in Bristol, Conn., with 4,000 employees (7,000 worldwide) ESPN Plaza includes 950,000 square feet in 16 buildings on 123 acres (116 contiguous), with additional office space (400,000 sq. ft.) rented nearby.

At they share, “Kiana is Television Host, Award Winning Fitness Expert, Host & Founder of Kiana’s Flex Appeal & Fit Mom TV, Author, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Actress, Wife & Mom.

Kiana is the recipient of the prestigious United States Sports Academy Award and was asked to speak regarding the President’s Council on Physical Fitness for Kids on Fox News.  Kiana is a trusted fitness authority who has motivated millions of viewers worldwide toward a lifestyle of health and fitness.

Kiana has been named, a “Global Fitness Authority on Health & Fitness” (Sony Pictures) and is a highly trusted source of health and fitness information who has inspired millions of television viewers around the world for over a decade.

She has written and personally led thousands of workouts on her television series, “Kiana’s Flex Appeal,” the “#1 rated fitness show” seen in 83 million homes in 100 countries.  Her television show is enjoyed by men & women, of all ages and all fitness levels.

Kiana created the popular segments: Home Gym, Pro Gym, Aqua Flex, Target Training, Kids to Seniors.

Due to the success of Kiana and her show, ESPN and Kiana developed additional television shows: “Kiana’s Too Fit 2 Quit,” “Summer Sizzle with Kiana,” “Extreme Energy” and “Hot Summer Nights with Kiana.”  Kiana was one of the first Hosts for the “X Games” and Hosted the  Super Bowl Nightlife for ABC.

Kiana has written tens of thousands of health and fitness shows for ESPN and personally created the trend setting workout segments: “Home Gym,” “Pro Gym,” “Target Training” and “Water Workouts” for her television series.” article, photo credit article, photo credit

Wow. Following Kiana’s career is like running alongside a swift moving fitness and entertainment chariot. It’s hard to keep up but it’s greatly beneficial to do so.

And as much as she’s participated in, as much as she has accomplished, there’s more. Did you know that she has starred in blockbuster films?

Her bio shares, “Kiana starred in Sony Picture’s Movie: Universal Soldier with Jean Claude Van Damme, enjoyed guest appearances on the Drew Carrey Show, Family Law, CBS News, Fox News, Monday Night Live, Access Hollywood, EXTRA, Entertainment Tonight, Hosted the ABC Superbowl Nightlife Special, to name a few.  Kiana has hosted tens of thousands of televised workouts, graced the covers and pages of hundreds of magazines.”

We have another potential surprise for you.

We’re you aware that she used to be a Raiderette? article, photo credit article, photo credit

Here’s a little history. article, wikimedia photo credit article, wikimedia photo credit

The Oakland Raiderettes are the cheerleading squad for the Oakland Raiders professional American football team. They were established in 1961 as the Oakland Raiderettes. When the Raiders moved to Los Angeles in 1982, the cheerleading squad became known as the Los Angeles Raiderettes. However, when the franchise moved back to Oakland in 1995, the Raiderettes changed their name back to the Oakland Raiderettes. In both Los Angeles and Oakland they have been billed as “Football’s Fabulous Females.”

Kiana was obviously a perfect fit. We don’t know any female more fabulous than her.

Are you hungry for more? Food that is. Kiana can help your fitness regime there as well. article, photo credit article, photo credit

“Kiana’s Fit Cooking is a magazine style web show focused on healthy cooking. This season’s shows focus on simple healthy dishes, some with am exotic Hawaiian flare.  Each season, Kiana teams up with a Celeb Chef to demonstrate how to cook a variety of healthy dishes including appetizers and desserts.  Click here to watch Fit Cooking episodes.”

After you’ve eaten a sensational meal suggested by Kiana, guess what? article, photo credit article, photo credit

She also has some stellar fitness equipment to help you work it off.

Kiana Home Fitness Equipment: As you can imagine, after 20 years in the fitness industry, I have used every piece of fitness equipment on the market.  I am very selective of the equipment I use at home and in the gym.  I have curated a line Kiana Fitness Equipment: high quality, professional grade fitness gear to help you create your own gym in the convenience and privacy of your own home.  Everyone should have some form of a Home Gym to make working out anytime easier. My products are commercial grade for the Home or perfect for Mobile trainers too.  You will be able to purchase health club quality flooring: Kiana Fitness Mats that protect your knees & joints and your flooring that conveniently roll up for easy storage.  Professional grade weights, jump ropes, slam balls and more.  Everything that I personally use to stay fit and workout everyday.”

Are you fired up?

We sure are. At Femcompetitor Magazine we have covered many fantastic Fitness Experts and Coaches who specialize in certain niches but few who have such a comprehensive program and rich fitness history that spans decades.

And you know what?

Given everything that Kiana has accomplished and every unique pathway that she has traveled, why do we get the sense that she is just getting started?

~ ~ ~

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