An admirable blend of simplicity, honesty, determination and hard work is the foundation for any successful pathway that you choose to follow in this swiftly moving life.

Examining the missions of the myriads of Fitness Models featured on the pages of Fem Competitor Magazine, we are amazed and intrigued at the creativity and abundance of philosophies that are as varied as the gorgeous energetic stars that we write about.

One such star is the sensuous Fitness Star Kelly Gonzalez., article, photo credit

We love her philosophy which is unique and inspiring.

At her dynamic site she provides an interesting gateway into her own vision. “Based on her direct experience and ongoing search for wisdom Kelly inspires you to embrace growth on all levels, discover what works best for you, and to cultivate intrinsic motivation for a healthy lifestyle.

She believes movement is a gateway to self-discovery and mastery. Through a mindful and systematic method involving education, self-awareness, mindful movement, and intuitive eating she aims to help you cut through the complexity of health and wellness information to discover what best suits your needs and to become your own fitness expert.”

Sounds enticing. We want to hear more, especially in regards to her roots.

They continue, “At a young age, Kelly discovered the life changing effects of working diligently and persistently towards meaningful goals.

Kelly grew up on a farm in Maryland caring for horses; mucking stalls, tossing hay bales, and reading her favorite books in the hayloft. She learned the importance of hard work, patience, and performing actions from the heart. With this experience she built a strong foundation in mental and physical strength.

Her first job was working front desk at the local gym when she was 16 years old where she soaked up health and fitness information and experimented with a variety of exercises and techniques. She became a certified personal trainer at the age of 18 before going off to attend Johns Hopkins University and play Division 1 lacrosse.

Throughout her college years, she wrote a health and fitness column for the school newspaper, taught fitness classes, and led fitness and wellness programs to help her community stay fit and focused. During the summer months she stayed fit training outdoors as an ocean lifeguard in Fenwick Island, Delaware.

After college and some time wanderlusting in Australia and Bali she continued to teach, write, and embark on new challenges in the field of fitness. She became a professional bodybuilder in the bikini division of the IFBB in 2010. She moved to Los Angeles and worked as an on camera fitness expert.”, article, photo credit Isaac Hinds –

The International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness (IFBB), headquartered in Madrid, is an international professional sports governing body for bodybuilding and fitness that oversees many of the sport’s major international events, notably the World and Continental Championships.

Her story continues.

“After competing in back to back bodybuilding shows on the pro circuit Kelly found herself on stage at the highest level of the sport, the Olympia, but realized she was immensely unfulfilled and this wasn’t what being “fit” was about for her.

She immersed herself in learning mobility techniques, yoga, calisthenics, and building true strength from ground zero to restore her body from years of intense training and sports related injuries.

She traveled to India to learn meditation and about the energetic/subtle body, and attended a 10-day silent meditation retreat to learn Vipassana meditation.

As a wellness writer and for the seeker within she regularly embarks on “quests” to commune with nature and explore a variety of mindfulness techniques.”

Seeing that Kelly is a world traveler with an open mind ready to learn and share encourages us to want to know more about her.

So what is Vipassana meditation?, article, photo credit

At the enlightening site they share, “Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation. It was taught in India more than 2500 years ago as a universal remedy for universal ills, i.e., an Art of Living.”

We found this fascinating. Please listen in.

They continue, “The technique of Vipassana Meditation is taught at ten-day residential courses during which participants learn the basics of the method, and practice sufficiently to experience its beneficial results. There are no charges for the courses – not even to cover the cost of food and accommodation. All expenses are met by donations from people who, having completed a course and experienced the benefits of Vipassana, wish to give others the opportunity to also benefit.”

We rarely see that.

It appears the past students really benefited from and applied what they learned.

Their website is:

Now that we have absorbed Kelly’s philosophy, let’s briefly view her credentials. Her site reports, “Kelly holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Writing Seminars from Johns Hopkins University and a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from California University of Pennsylvania. She is a certified personal trainer, certified yoga teacher, Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist, and lifestyle & nutrition consultant.

Kelly specializes in creating customized fitness and lifestyle programs, corporate wellness programs, and speaking and seminars for businesses and communities.

She currently provides corporate wellness programs for companies such ZEFR and JR286, the equipment division of Nike

She has worked with major fitness production companies such as MegaMace and as both talent and behind the scenes fitness expert and has produced fitness content for a number of websites and magazines.”

Kelly started writing a health and fitness column in college and has continued writing for newspapers, websites, and magazines ever since.

At her Facebook they expand, “Kelly approaches life with a lighthearted nature and a smile. She believes in living a life full of passion, happiness, self-discovery, and in line with our inner nature.”

We must admit, the closer we look at Kelly Gonzalez, the more we like what we see., article, photo credit

She certainly has a talent for motivating others to achieve better emotional and physical health.

What motivates her?

In an interview with the widely respected industry site, she explains, “My motivation is extremely deep rooted. Being fit, healthy, full of energy, and consistently challenging myself to overcome new obstacles and achieve success has always been a part of me since I was young. I always try to look for the best in every situation. I expect a lot from myself. If I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it to the fullest and leave no regrets behind. The feedback I receive from others motivates me to keep working hard. My goal has always been “to education, motivate, and inspire others to improve the quality of their lives.”

Kelly please keep it up. Your ability to motivate and inspire is working to perfection.

Not only are you helping us to see life as it is, you’re helping us to shape our life as we would love it to be.

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