Glowing cooking gloves, a chicken winking at you logo, a bug eyed spokesperson, a monkey in a cowboy hat selling cars or sometimes even a talking lizard.

To sell and promote their product in a memorable way, most companies have a marketing strategy.

You could also say they have a Piece or Shtick.

We say all of this because when we came across the very young and extremely drop dead gorgeous Fitness Babe Katarina Konow, we were incredibly impressed not only with her marvelous looks but also her Shtick. article, Katarina Konow

To place this in perspective, at Femcompetitor Magazine we have researched countless Fitness Models, Coaches and Performers and they all have their marketing strategy but we’ve gotta tell ya’, we’ve never seen one like Katarina.

What’s her unique strategy?

She actually lifts men and women upon the back of her shoulders and does squats too. article, Katarina Konow

Now this wouldn’t be so special if she was a bulging muscle chick but just look at this beauty and how she’s built?

You Konow what we mean?

The informative group shares the sister shoulder raising event. “Some people might use a pair of 5lb dumbbells to make their squats more intense while sweating it out at the gym.

But that wouldn’t be nearly extreme enough for this bikini-clad fitness model, who decided to use her equally scantily-dressed sister as a weight while performing reps in a video clip. article, Katarina Konow

The footage shows Swedish Katarina Konow, 24, crouching down to let her sister clamber up onto her shoulders, before executing a series of squat thrusts with apparent ease.”

I can see you are panting, salivating and gyrating to meet this sexy Swede so were going to calm you down and give you a meet and greet.

In a very professional voice at the enjoyable site they smile, “Katarina Konow is a Swedish model and Equinox trainer living in Miami. She’s also a fitness guru on Instagram, with over 15,000 followers. This video of Konow working out with a friend has been viewed over a million times on Facebook, because Konow is literally working out with her friend, doing squats with her friend draped across her shoulders like a dang feather boa. Here’s the video, courtesy Jukin Media.”

Katarina is from Gnosjö in southern Sweden.

The landscape is dominated by forests. The rural areas offer good possibilities for wildlife, canoeing, fishing, hiking, etc.

Here are a couple of her videos and please remember, with YouTube, get there fast before it’s gone. On vacation, yummy.

Now, drum roll please. Why don’t we go to Katarina’s blog and allow her to provide us with some insight into her beautiful world at with some mild editing for language differences.

She speaks for herself very well. article, Katarina Konow

Here she goes. 

“This is my first blog post. I used to have a blog when I was 16 years old and I remember how much I enjoyed blogging back then. I have matured a lot since then, though, and hopefully my language has gotten better. Please be nice to me, though, because I will be blogging in English, which is my second language.

So I wanted to use the first blog post to tell you guys a little bit about myself. I grew up in Sweden, which is an amazing country to grow up in. It is very safe, has free schooling, a free healthcare system, and free college education (although we do pay a lot of taxes). However, Sweden has changed a lot over the past years since I moved away. Not going to get into a political discussion right now though.

Anyways, back to my story: I was into horseback riding my entire childhood so I have always been very active and if you have horses or have worked in a stable before, you know that as when you’re young you get very strong and independent. This is because you have to deal with huge, strong animals and show confidence or else they won’t respect you and the situation can get very dangerous.

I went to a horseback riding high school. It was technically a boarding school, but every time I tell people here in America that I went to a boarding school, I hear the same thing every time: “Oh you were a bad girl,” when really it wasn’t like that. I just wanted to go to that school because the school was a “sports” school that focused on horseback riding. A lot of people don’t realize how demanding horseback riding is and that it’s truly a difficult sport.

I competed in jumping courses with my horse, whom I loved. I learned a lot more about horseback riding while going to a school that, to me, was perfect.

I have always been active, but when I was 18 years old, I got signed with a modeling agency and started modeling in New York, which was a big turning point in my life. I started seeing “working out” as something I HAD to do- and all I did was cardio because my agency wanted me to be skinny. Because of this, I started starving myself and doing hours and hours of cardio and ended up getting “skinny fat” and was never happy with my body.

I tried everything and said “no” to having a social life, going to dinners, etc. I was never happy with my body, my energy levels were so low, and every time I had more than 1,200 calories, I gained weight.

It was horrible and I was miserable. I thought to myself, “If this is modeling, then this isn’t a lifestyle that I can live with.”

I moved back to Sweden and started working. I worked really hard for one year with disabled children and was planning on going back to school to become a horseback police officer.

In my mind, I realized that I wasn’t really happy. I always had it back in my head that I wanted to pursue my dream of becoming an actor and do all kinds of different, interesting things. So, I decided to apply for Miss Sweden. I didn’t think much about it, but figured I could give it a shot.

They picked me for the final in Sweden and I was competing in Stockholm with the most beautiful women in the country. I ended up getting the title of Miss International Sweden 2012.

I had the opportunity to represent Sweden in Okinawa, Japan in 2012. It was beyond amazing to be in Japan for a month with over 80 girls from all over the world. I still have contact with some of the diverse ladies and can say that they are some of the best women I have ever met. So to the people that say that beauty pageants are only superficial and shallow: you truly don’t know much about pageants. We were visiting schools and children were crying of happiness when they met us and we brought gifts for them and played with them. I had the honor of meeting some of the most polite people. The people from Okinawa were so kind and so courteous to have us there. To experience that culture was fantastic.

During the Miss International competition, I had a healthy body. I wasn’t strong, but I was healthy. I wasn’t super skinny either and neither was I fit and still had to be on a super strict diet and cardio plan to “look good on stage”.

After Miss International, I got an opportunity to model during Fashion Week in Miami, so I decided to move to Miami. I didn’t know that when I packed my bag in Gothenburg that winter that it would be my last winter in Sweden.

When I came to Miami, I started training for real. It was a different culture and I remember the first time I saw strong-looking women in the gym. I was amazed and couldn’t stop staring. The women weren’t only strong, but I saw how happy and energetic they were. I will never forget that moment and I knew from that day on that my life would change.

I started lifting and I fell in love with every single aspect of it. I decided to study instead to become a personal trainer and began working for Equinox. I learned so much and I know that I still have much to learn, which makes me excited to think about how much knowledge in my field is out there.

I gained my confidence for modeling back and my whole personality changed. I have always been an outgoing person, but after I started training, something changed inside me. It’s hard to describe the feeling, but I feel like nothing can stop me and no negativity can affect me. I stopped caring completely about what other people think about me because I know that I’m a good person who would never talk badly about someone or try to hurt anyone.

Lifting changed my life and now I want to change the lives of others, especially women who think that they need to starve themselves and do hours of cardio to “look good”.

I can’t wait share my life with you all and if anyone has question or topics that they would like me to talk about, please let me know. This being said, there are still subjects that I won’t post about because they had affected me negatively before.

Training can change your life, too. Believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities. Be humble and have confidence in your own power and you can become truly successful and happy.”

Thank you Katarina. article, Katarina Konow

There is a fantastic interview with Katarina at this link. If you love her look like we do and are a fan wanting to know her routine, please click on the link.


Here is one quote that stands out. When asked if she would recommend that others should try doing squats with people on their shoulders, she replied, “I would not recommend squatting another person if you’re not used to squatting heavy in the squat rack. Start in the squat rack and develop your legs and then you will know how much you can squat and maybe then you can try it out. Do not do this without knowing how to squat before. You can injure yourself for the rest of your life. Squatting is a skill and if you have never done it before your body won’t be able to handle it.”

Extremely great advice.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a bright star from the north on our horizon and you should really keep an eye out for this beautiful princess. In her early twenties she is just getting started and she seems to have some great ideas.

Ideas to squat for.

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