Blind date? If it was the first date, her style might catch you a little off guard.

She’s slender, sensuous, extremely bright and engaging. Very good.

Her look you ask? article, photo article, photo

Our first date princess is adorned in black lipstick, crowned in long jet black colored hair that would make any Hollywood broom stick rider proud and black eyeliner enhanced by smooth porcelain skin.

No Southern Cal sun tan here friend.

So when you see the girl next door with the Goth look, you have a high probability of analyzing certain lifestyle characteristics about her.

Goth Model? article, photo article, photo

Politically she’s to the left.

She doesn’t attend church a lot.

She likes Punk Rock and Goth music.

Feminism and women’s rights have a strong appeal.

Her previous boyfriend did not work on Wall Street or high up in the Kremlin.

Are we close?

Now here is what you probably can never tell about her from her looks.

Is she a good submission wrestler?

We’re going to go out on a limb here.

Probably not.

Some time ago when we first saw Karina Gotika, we didn’t know what to expect. I mean, in terms of competitive wrestling, is she for real? article, photo article, photo

Then we saw that she was a pro wrestler in Russia and while we love the lady pros, as many of them have found out the hard way, it’s very hard for them to transition and have success in the fully competitive female submission wrestling world.

Karina – left article, photo article, photo

Simply put, when they try and crossover, most of them get flattened.

So previously we have nibbled at the thought of writing about Karina since she is beautiful, industry well-traveled and well-spoken of by our contemporaries, but didn’t.

Certain recommendations from people in high places changed our minds.

Here is what the great female vs female industry video producer Fight Pulse had to say about her. “Karina Gotika, session wrestler from Moscow, took the world of female wrestling by storm in the last couple of years. And two days ago we had the pleasure to work with her. We’ve heard the rumors about her toughness, but finally had an opportunity to see the Russian force up close. Karina visited Fight Pulse on 18th of October and left a remarkable impression on everyone involved. She is fierce on the mats and her wrestling talent is indisputable. Just as impressive, if not more, are her professionalism, enthusiasm and devotion to her job. We highly recommend our fellow producers to invite Karina to their shoots / events.” article, photo article, photo

Wow, high praise indeed. There’s more.

The United Kingdom’s Submission Room says she’s a great date as well. “Karina Gotika from Russia is a highly competitive Russian Wrestler who is absolutely awesome to watch on the mats.”

After those recommendations we agreed, let’s do this. But first, to prepare us for this unusual assignment?

We need some Goth inspiration. article, photo article, photo

We need to listen to Marilyn Manson.

Marilyn Manson is an American rock band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Formed in 1989 by front man Marilyn Manson and Daisy Berkowitz, the group was originally named Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids.

Song of choice? I don’t like the drugs, but the drugs like me. For some, the video is so unsettling that we won’t put the link up. But hey? After listening to it ten times?

Our dancing shoes were on.

It’s our first date with Karina. Some would take a couple of shots to get their courage up. For us Marilyn will do.

Okay, we’re sitting across from her, the room is dimly lit, the music pulsating and I have to admit, this Goth chick thing is starting to get me……….well……..excited.

What shall we talk about? Women’s wrestling and sessions of course.

Karina begins to speak, “I have a red belt in Aikido, some experience in Jiu Jitsu and street fighting. I am a member of The Professional Wrestling Federation based in Moscow (  I have a good place for private wrestling sessions with a real wrestling ring.” article, photo article, photo

Her email for sessions is

Hmm, sounds good. Crazee about her looks and luv her voice and all, but I’m American and she’s Russian, so as former President Ronald Reagan would say……trust but verify.

For verification, at her website, we listen in on a voice in the third party. “Karina Gotika enjoys wrestling girls as it is always very intensive and passionate.  It’s the way to show her skills and wrestling experience.  Karina Gotika happily takes part in wrestling tournaments as it’s a possibility to meet strong female wrestlers and, as she believes, only wrestling strong opponents can help become even a better wrestler.

Karina is a female wrestler specialized in fully competitive mixed wrestling, professional wrestling, L &C. She has more than 5 years of experience in Aikido, Thai boxing, free style wrestling, professional wrestling, BJJ, grappling.”

That is one powerful resume but on paper there are many champions. It’s time to watch her on the battlefield.

Where you ask?

At arguably the most elite event in the female submission world in Troisdorf, Germany. Thank you in advance Femwrestle.

It’s time to purchase some of Karina’s matches.


We are very familiar with the formidable sensuous British, New Zealand wrestler named Thunder.  LWS Wrestler Thunder Strikes With Power and Lightning!

She is a larger fighter and can be a little intimidating, if not over powering. We have enjoyed a number of her videos and her strength is in her power and her technique is to be respected.

We had never seen Karina wrestle before, so when the two sexy to die for girls are introduced on the Femwrestle blue mats, dressed in what else, black, you can feel both the intensity and eroticism flowing.

Karina is very energetic and full of life and walks to the middle of the square circle to stretch.

Thunder says in an audible voice, words to the effect, “You can stretch all you want, that’s not going to help.” Some of her British sorority in the background laugh hysterically.


Red Flag.

We are from the elite high school sports world, in the most populated state in America, and what is the one thing you learn very early.

Never, ever insult your opponent.

And you want to know what this writer immediately thought when Thunder did that?

Thunder is going to lose.

Bulletin board material. Why motivate your opponent when you don’t have to?

Then it began.

Karina began to take it to her baby! article, photo article, photo


We’ll take passion over size any day.

The two met in the middle with the usual tug of war, like a chess match to fight for center position, and before you know it, to our surprise, Karina pushed Thunder over and was on top of her with a brutal chin lock.


Then the fun began. As Karina was on top of Thunder, riding her like a bucking bronco, she shouted a loud Woo Hoo!!!

Excuse me?

What does Woo Hoo in Russian mean, you ask?

My, my. Where are my manners? I’ll translate.

That’s Russian for, Yippee ki-yay mother pucky, you dare talk trash to me, I’m gonna kick yo butt!

While on top of Thunder, completely dominating her, Karina enthusiastically shook hands with an audience member.

Translation in audience speak?

This is gonna be child’s play! article, photo article, photo

Through out the match, the smaller Karina made it very clear she would not be intimidated by Thunder’s size or reputation. When Thunder playfully slapped her butt, Karina slapped Thunder’s butt back harder.

Every time Karina had Thunder in a weak position, which was often, she would dance, prance and mug with the audience.

We know that sometimes at Femcompetitor Magazine we can act like cheerleaders to help sell video producer’s products, and deservedly so since we want them to stay in business, but this is an incredible match that you should have in your collection. Truly.

Did Thunder make a comeback? Purchase and find out.


We purchased Karina vs Luna and interestingly it was a tough match right down to the end. No toying and joking around here. Different style, different engagement. Very competitive. article, photo article, photo

If you love a ground war with great technique, painful holds and primal screams, this is an ideal match for you.

Luna’s technique and muscular body have greatly improved since we wrote about her some time ago. Luna, Wrestler, Submission Room, Alpha Femmes, Rising Luminary


After watching Karina fight mightily against two British journey fighters, we wanted to well…..verify that she was truly a great fighter. Would she let down her guard against a new bikini clad Germanic Princess in Riona?

After all, here Karina is the heavy favorite. article, photo article, photo

We loved this match. Anytime we can watch a German Maiden wrestle, it’s more than worth it.

Well, as far as first dates go, meeting Karina was spectacular. She is for real. She’s got great showmanship, a terrific personality and superior MMA technique.

At Femwrestle she also took on other formidable opponents in Tonned Tommi, the British warrior Kassidy and the Czech powerhouse Diana.

If you want to wrestle her, she’s got such a great sense of humor and we sense that you will have great international fun.

Keep an eye on Karina’s wrestling career. You’ll become addicted and while her look might at first surprise your mother, with Karina…….. article, photo article, photo

You’ll always want a second date.

~ ~ ~

Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.