April 12, 2019,

In action thrillers and contested romance movies you need at least one protagonist and antagonist.

Heroes and villains.

In reality television, you just a lot of crazy folks.

Preferably young and female.

Casting call?

Beautiful young women with daddy and materialism issues are hotly desired. Extreme vanity is a plus. Back stabbing skillsets is a minimum requirement.

The Kardashians should know since that is the scorecard they seem to play by on their own show.

fciwomenswrestling.com femcompetitor.com, Bunim Murray Productions photo credit

And there, they are virtually all related.

So you can guess what is going to happen when they bring a group of young women together who are mostly not blood related, to work retail, and are ordered to wear more makeup than Boy George and Rue Paul combined.

Meet the Dash Dolls who star in another Kardashian inspired E Entertainment series.

We knew this was going to be a lot of fun and as we say in Texas, there’s gonna be a whole lot of hollerin’, yellin’, arguing and fightin’.

In high end California they call it drama.

Whatever. Same thing.

Now in a deep boxing ring announcer’s voice, let’s get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumble!

Meow. There’s going to be kitty litter everywhere.

fciwomenswrestling.com femcompetitor.com, Bunim Murray Productions photo credit

Dash Dolls is an American reality television series that premiered on the E! Cable Network, on September 20, 2015. The show is a spin-off of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The series features a group of young female employees, referred to as Dash Dolls, working in the Dash boutique in Hollywood which is owned by the Kardashian sisters.

The show is the sixth series installment in the Keeping Up with the Kardashians franchise, following Kourtney and Khloé Take The Hamptons, and the first one not featuring any members of the Kardashian family as the main cast.

They will visit a lot though, and sometimes, based upon what they’ve heard, they are not in a very good mood.

Even though eonline.com gushes, “The Kardashian sisters may have built an impressive style empire with multiple DASH locations across the country, but who helps them run it? The DASH Dolls!

E!’s latest reality series DASH Dolls takes us inside the lives of the lucky ladies who work with Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian at their West Hollywood store and represent their fabulous fashion company.”

Lucky Ladies?

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay, we guess that’s one way to describe it.

The series is produced by Bunim/Murray Productions and Ryan Seacrest Productions, the same companies which produce Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Dash is a chain of retail stores which was founded in 2006 by the Kardashian sisters. There are several stores operating in the United States; the reality series is set in a boutique located in West Hollywood, which was opened in 2012 when the store was relocated from its original location in Calabasas, California.

Ms. Malika Haqq, one of the main cast members of the show, discussed the development of the show. We loved the buzz. She expressed, “It is exciting every day for us. It is so many levels. Working in the store, we know what that’s like, but as soon as the cameras came on, we were like, “There’s magic here. This would make for a really great show.”

We loved the magic too. On so many levels. Especially when the fightin’ started.

Oops. We’re sorry.

We meant drama.

Haqq and her twin sister Khadijah had served as co-managers of the retail store before the television series occurred.

Even they get into the drama fray. With each other. Something about doing a photo shoot in the nude. They’ve been doing things together for years but sometimes, even for loving twins, some things are off limits. No clothes barred.

But hey, with this nudie thing, don’t let us stop you.

The cast includes, but is not limited to (because controlling boyfriends are a must), the Store Merchandising Manager Durrani Aisha Popal, Sales Associates Stephanie De Souza, Caroline Burt, Taylor Cuqua, and Melody “Mel” Rae Kandil, Assistant Manager Nazy Farnoosh, Store Manager Jennifer Robi, Sales Coordinator Alexisamor “Lexi” Ramierz, and Media Marketing expert Melissa “Missy” Flores.

You can take a peek at them here:


Gotta love the nicknames. Like female MMA fighters. In makeup.

Wuz waiting for the “Cookie Monster” to show up.

The Kardashian sisters, who own the store, are also expected to make guest appearances throughout the show as well.

Which the staff seems to dread.


Most times.

Practically all of the time.

But when all is well, which isn’t often, the Kardashian press release theme lives large, “Now viewers will have the opportunity to follow the lives of the Kardashian sisters’ young, fun and hot employees as they navigate the hectic life of a twentysomething in Hollywood while representing the Kardashian brand.”

Every stratosphere star needs to have a brand and there is none more dynamic and popular than the Kardashians global status.


No pressure.

No stress.

Just have fun. Right? While you represent the Kardashian brand. In front of millions of people. And from time to time, the Kardashians too. Who tend to show up at the shop quit a bit and might fire you if you don’t cut the crap.

In front of millions of people.

But you know what? The gorgeous girls with perfect makeup tend to hold up very well.

Except Store’s Merchandising Manager Durrani.

She cries a lot.

Crashes pink Bentleys too.

And then cries some more.

She lies to her rich and powerful boyfriend. He makes it clear that is not a responsible way to behave in an important relationship.

That also makes her cry. Eventually tears of joy. She gets to keep the Bentley.

Then she gets into spats with Lexi. Who back stabs her lot.

Time for more crying.

From Durrani.

Later Lexi too.

As you will see, virtually all of the other Dolls cry too, just not as much as Durrani.

So do any of you reading this have any extra handkerchiefs? Purchased from a high end boutique? That won’t smear makeup?

We would give the first hanky to Durrani.

She is feminine and absolutely gorgeous in a needy chick sort of way. Durrani is our favorite. We won’t tell her that because we could never afford to buy her a Bentley.

Instead we listen to her dispense relationship advice to her fellow Dolls, which usually ends with, you can do better.

At least she didn’t call him a loser. Probably thought it though.

The show would not be the same without Durrani. Truly. So we hope she doesn’t go into the work restroom, close the door and pretend to do, as she once expressed, number two, but instead talk on the cell phone on company time. Again.

Because Lexi will tattle on her.

To Human Resources. Who writes her up and makes her sign the warning paper.

Thanks Lexi. What a pal. Luv to work with you.

I think from now on we’ll just call you Ms. Alexisamor Ramierz, in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

But not in front of Khloe.

If you tell Khloe, we’ll just lie and deny it.

We learned that from Durrani. We’re on her side, because we think she is a super sexy, feminine needy chick.

We did see another Lexy that we did admire and was really surprised to see her appear on the show. The Twerking Princess is coming up in the world. A Fitness Instructor to the stars and Dolls. We wrote about her 3 years ago.

Lexy Panterra, Twerking Star, Makes The Common Magical

From the moment we saw Lexy, we knew that she was special. While there are lots of feminine booty shakers out there, Lexy is very charismatic. It feels so good to be right.

We’ve watched a lot of Reality Television and truthfully, in most cases, we can’t make it past the first episode. Two at most. Wags, hags. Mostly really boring predictable drags.

As much as we loved the show, it will not be renewed and the Dash Dolls stores are closing.

Here we really enjoyed the Dash Dolls. We think you will too. For many reasons. Including watching Durrani.

Before and after she cries.

Give her credit though. In the end she displays some very honorable courage, rarely seen.

This doll of a show is very entertaining.

~ ~ ~

Opening photo, Bunim Murray Productions photo credit