Just as a person’s ego soars when two potential love interests begin to fight over them, it has to feel good to be a highly ranked female tennis player who has two countries sparring over who she represents.

Johanna Konta is currently a beauty caught in between the adoring eyes of two global communities.

She is so desirable.

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“There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.”… Mark Twain

Johanna is a British professional tennis player who represented Australia until 2012.

Born in Sydney, Australia, Ms. Konta moved to the United Kingdom when she was 14. She switched her sporting allegiance from Australia to Great Britain after she became a British citizen in May 2012.

Our English star has won three singles titles on the WTA tour, as well as 11 singles and four doubles titles on the ITF circuit in her career.

She reached her best singles ranking of World number four on July 17, 2017. She is the current British number one.

She certainly has surged in making her move in the rankings.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, photo By Carine06 from UK wikimedia

Johanna achieved a steep rise in her rankings from the spring of 2015 to late 2016, climbing from 150 to inside the World’s top ten, thereby becoming the first Briton to be ranked amongst the WTA’s top ten since Jo Durie over 30 years previously.

Naturally she has her admirers, especially in England.

On July 13, 2017, the informative source telegraph.co.uk reports, “The 26-year-old’s star has steadily been on the rise for the past couple of years. In April this year, she won the biggest title to be held by a British female tennis player since Wade won Wimbledon in 1977 – taking home £937,000 prize money after she beat Caroline Wozniacki in the final of the Miami Open.”

Understandably another British news group joins the Johanna band wagon.

On July 12, 2017, theguardian.com shares, “A packed Centre Court witnessed a piece of history after Johanna Konta dispatched No 2 seed Simona Halep to reach the semi-finals.”

Regarding the citizenship controversy they add, “Former Wimbledon champion Virginia Wade – the last British woman to get through to the semi-finals of the championships before Konta – said where she was born was irrelevant because she had chosen to become British.”

It’s hard to argue with that reasoning. One of the benefits of living in a free society is freedom of choice.

American tennis legend John McEnroe was born in Wiesbaden, Germany but does anyone question his decision to represent America?

Johanna prefers that everyone just focuses on her tennis which of late has been outstanding.

Currently lodged at a number four ranking in the world says outstanding in capital letters.

Can she make a run at the 2017 US Open? We think so.

Some of our positive analysis is due to her playing style.

Our rising star emphasis an offensive baseline play, but is equipped with an all-court game.

It seems the tops stars are all baseliners. We miss the days of Jana Novotna and Martina Navratilova who were two risk takers that relentlessly charged the net and forced the issue.

Johanna’s serve is her biggest weapon, and is one of the best in the game.

According to WTA match statistics in 2016, she was fourth in ace counts, won 62% of her service points, 74.8% of service games and won most of the second serve points at 52.7%.

That is truly impressive.

The women’s game is different from the men’s where you expect the male players with their powerful serves to hold serve.

So often when you watch the women’s game, holding serve is not remotely guaranteed.

Her forehand is hit with a semi-western grip while her backhand is very flat and aggressive.

As her opponents know, both her forehand and backhand penetrate the court deeply.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, photo By By Carine06 from UK wikimedia

While her volleys are solid, they are probably the weakest part of her game.

Attracting desirable sponsors is one of the strengths of her game.

As announced on May 2, 2016 at the retail industry site theretailbulletin.com, “Alistair Cameron, executive officer of ASICS Corporation, said: “It’s been an incredible start to the year for Johanna and we’re very proud to continue to support her on this journey by providing the latest technical footwear and apparel. As the number one tennis brand in Europe it’s important that we continue to work with players of Johanna’s considerable talents in order to further build the ASICS tennis brand.”

ASICS is a Japanese multinational corporation athletic Equipment Company which produces footwear and sports equipment designed for a wide range of sports, generally in the upper price range.

The name is an acronym for the Latin phrase anima sana in corpore sano which translates as “a healthy soul in a healthy body”.

In recent years their running shoes have often been ranked among the top performance footwear in the market.

Johanna appears to a perfect ambassador to represent them given her top performances as well.

With a surging popularity on the courts it’s no surprise Johanna has another suitor in the brand sponsorship community.

The big difference is they are not fighting over her.

She is also the brand ambassador of Remeo Gelato. It looks good. It tastes good. It sounds good.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Remeo Gelato photo credit

Gleaming and smiling at their tasteful home of remeogelato.com they passionately welcome, “Remeo Gelato is the first Gelato in the UK to receive the prestigious Superior Taste Award by the International Taste & Quality Institute in Belgium, with 3 Golden Stars for our Dark Chocolate 72% and 2 Golden Stars for our Pistacchio Siciliano Gelato. The Superior Taste Award is the only stamp of quality in taste granted by food and drink opinion leaders, such as Michelin starred Chefs and Sommeliers.”

Okay, we’re convinced.

Can we have some?

We’re also convinced that Johanna Konta is deserving of all of her awards that speaks to her accomplishments on the court and her admirable qualities off the courts and in the community.

In terms of what she hopes to do in the near future with some of her winnings, interviewed at telegraph.co.uk she proudly announces, “I would love to get my parents a house somewhere or a place in the country,” she said when she spoke to press after the Miami Open win. “That’s next on the saving-for list. I’m sure a portion of my prize money will go nicely into that.”

We could certainly fall in love with that thinking.

Parents everywhere, wouldn’t you agree?

Now that is a promise that both of her suitors in Great Britain and Australia can completely agree upon.

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