There is a school of thought that if you love your body image, when you are making love, you like doing it with the lights on (no photo this time).

Is that the school that you are attending or the underfunded generic one down the street with the lights off?

If you are attending the lights on, get it on, high and bright school then you probably have Jessi Kneeland the sensational Fitness Instructor and blogger as a classmate. article, photo article, photo

See her there in the year book? She is so cute and fresh faced.

Wait, another pretty girl is coming over to give us the inside scoop on Jessi at They share, “She is the creator of Remodel Fitness and it is her deepest wish to help women everywhere harness the inherent power that they either don’t know is inside of them, or don’t feel they deserve to tap into. She uses fitness to encourage a strong sense of self-worth, and foster body-positivity and self-acceptance along the way. Jessica’s incredible work in fitness has landed her in magazines such Women’s Health, Instyle, Shape, and Teen Vogue. In addition, last year Shape Magazine named Jessica one of the 50 hottest trainers in America.”

We knew that she is gorgeous and very desirable but that exceeded even our high expectations.

Wow! Lights on please. article, photo article, photo

In high school she was at the top of her class in grades, a part of the marching band, and was a theater geek.

Didn’t get to that part of the hallway yet? Okay, time for a meet and greet with this gorgeous babe.

Please walk to the room on the right side of the hall marked, article, photo article, photo

“My name is Jessi. I’m a certified personal trainer, fitness expert, and blogger. I’m a NYC dweller, a lover of Scotch on the rocks, and I believe in the magic of birthdays and full moons. I rhyme often, I prefer savory to sweet, and I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon than reading good fiction in the sunshine.

I’m tough, and sarcastic, and I’m afraid of elevator doors. I love deadlifting because it makes me feel like one of those little anime characters who power-up and then BURST into space! I love sprinting because it makes me feel like a cheetah. I use a lot of imagery, I’m a feminist, and I cry so easily it’s embarrassing.

I’m the creator of Remodel Fitness because it is my deepest wish that I may be able to help women everywhere harness the inherent power that they either don’t know is inside of them, or don’t feel they deserve to tap into.

It is incredibly empowering to put in the work and then actually see and feel the results in your body. It’s rewarding and astonishing to realize that you are stronger and better this week than you were last week. I use fitness to encourage a strong sense of self-worth, and foster body-positivity and self-acceptance along the way.

I want to help you achieve the body you deserve, while loving the body you have.

I want to create an army of women who feel empowered through fitness to dream bigger and live triumphantly, because I believe our world needs you.”

All of that makes sense and we love every word flowing out of her beautiful lips which looks so good with the lights on.

So, what is Remodel Fitness?

Our fearless fitness form finalizer speaks again.

“It’s a site where women can find science-based information alongside body-positive inspiration.

It is a place where you love the way your clothes fit, you stop counting calories, and you’re not afraid to keep the lights on during sex.

It is a sisterhood, an attitude, and an honest attempt to start the conversations that need to be had about how we treat our bodies in this culture.

It will teach you how to get in shape, encourage you to fall in love with moving your body, and help you to embrace both your unique DNA and your untapped force of will.

It’s a place where women stop feeling guilty about food, we stop feeling shame about our bodies, and for God’s sake, we stop wasting time on the gym floor.

I want to help you feel vibrant and alive… with a killer body, a soaring libido, and enough confidence to make Kanye feel humble.

Let’s challenge how we look at fitness, upgrade how we interact with our own bodies, and adjust our mindset to work FOR us instead of against us.

Let’s create life-long, sustainable habits that help you feel AMAZING, and make maintaining the body you want EASY.

Let’s start building the body, the life, and the confidence you deserve.

Let’s remodel fitness.”

Well, we think that you can see that Jessi is one of the most popular girls in the class. Just look at that body? Isn’t she someone that you want to be with, lights on and all, so you can see everything? article, photo article, photo

Working out that is. Training you. You knew that’s what we meant, right?

Others love seeing Jessi with the lights high bright and they love her so much. Those in the know (the cool classmates) always like to speak with Jessi.

At the fun, entertaining and super cool site they are so impressed with our girl next door princess, they asked what keeps her so motivated? She replied, “Visualize myself doing one of my favorite active things. I picture myself snowboarding, rock climbing, doing acro yoga, or my interpretive dancing. These things give me an incredible rush of purpose and energy, because being fit enough to try them and succeed at them is one of the greatest pleasures of my life.”

We can buy into that.

Body image is so important in terms about how we dress and feel about ourselves.

Jessi is a master at getting the most out of her students. article, photo article, photo

When she has finished remodeling you, values go way up and of course, when it’s time to make whoopee workout, you’ll always want the lights on.

~ ~ ~

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