The 2015 film Love and Mercy allows us a bird’s eye view, gliding above the sand, while it presents an innovative portrait of The Beach Boy’s legend Brian Wilson’s life. The film analyzes and entertains while dissecting the personal journey or as the Beatles would say; The Long and Winding Road of Mr. Wilson’s pathway from despair to salvation that came at a severe personal cost.

While researching the wrestling life of the beautiful stealth blonde JC Simpson, the Beach Boys came to mind since JC loves surfing, family and friends.

Most of us have our favorite Beach Boy’s song. What is yours?

The great choices from I Get Around, Good Vibrations, Surfin’ USA, Wouldn’t It Be Nice, Help Me Rhonda, California Girls, Fun Fun Fun, Don’t Worry Baby to In My Room are endless.

Here are the lyrics to mine.

This is the way
I always dreamed it would be
The way that it is, oh oh
When you are holding me
I never had a love of my own
Maybe that’s why when we’re all alone

I can hear music
I can hear music
The sound of the city baby seems to disappear
I can hear music
Sweet sweet music

Surfing soothes me, it’s always been a kind of Zen experience for me. The ocean is so magnificent, peaceful, and awesome. The rest of the world disappears for me when I’m on a wave...Paul Walker

Yes, when I watch JC wrestle, I can hear music. She is that good.

I say that with a wide smile because initially surfing this story, based upon what I had previously scanned, I had the impression she was strictly a fantasy wrestler. When I reviewed her wrestling matches against the industry giant Cheyenne Jewel and the feared journey level pro Wenona, my respect level for her wrestling skills swelled.

JC seems to love the ground wars, looking for an opening to trap her opponent in a lethal body scissor and smile out loud, “That feels good!” while she tightens her python grip.

A Fem Competitor’s approach to wrestling is as varied as the beauties involved so it’s good to see that JC appears to have a lot of fun at her grappling craft often engaging her opponent in cheerful banter and even giving Wenona a sweet kiss at the end.

I kind of quit surfing when I got out of high school, but then a few years ago I started to take it up again. I’m not an expert by any means, but it’s so wonderful to get out in the ocean and get a different perspective on things.……Jeff Bridges

JC is now going to blow a few kisses our way.

She expresses, “I am JC — 6 feet of long, feminine muscle with legs that will make you scream in head scissors, arms that will squeeze your neck like pythons and a gorgeous face to make your heart melt.   From years of surfing and playing sports — and a lifetime of kicking ass — I am naturally strong and skilled, with six-pack abs people never stop talking about.  But its wrestling I love. I love watching guys panic while they turn purple in my head scissors, and when they scream, begging me not to break their arm in a hammerlock or arm bar. Once I put you in my sleeper, its tap out or else! I have some training in Jiu-Jitsu and offer scissor sessions, squeeze sessions and light/semi-competitive matches.”

She comes from a large family of brothers who are fun loving jocks so we can see where she got her toughness, prowess and athletic background.

It’s easy to become enamored with her. The great mixed wrestling site sure did. They shake the sand out of their hair and exclaim, “Wow…they just don’t come any more gorgeous then 5’11” tall JC Simpson! But good lord…DO NOT let this girl’s super model looks fool you! At barely 20 years old at the time we first shot her this insanely hot beauty will have you tapping out almost instantly once she wraps those long legs around you, locks her ankles and begins to slowly increase the pressure! And what we find all the more intriguing is how baby-smooth her thighs feel when you first touch them but once she starts squeezing, just how powerful they feel right before you begin tapping out or passing out!”

I think we can guess their recommendation. “For you guys who have ever contemplated having your first session or for you guys who have already experienced sessions…JC Simpson comes with’s highest recommendation!”

JC has a great reputation among her male fans that she sessions with. In wading through one session review after another, here is what two satisfied customers had to say. “I recently had an exciting adventure meeting and wrestling a semi-competitive match with JC Simpson. Her pictures had me expecting a young, attractive, tall, toned female, and the pictures told the true story, she is a beauty. Combined with her open-minded, friendly, and bright personality (understandably cautious at first) she is a pleasure to meet for any occasion. I’ve had many wrestling sessions over the past 20 years and JC Simpsons was definitely one of the best.”

After a long swim in the warm water, another fan comes up for air, “Saw JC on a recent trip to Orlando and all I can say is I cannot wait to see her again. She is beautiful with a wonderful smile. She is crazy strong with deadly scissors and fast on the mats. She can cater to your level and is definitely having a great time while making you submit, over and over again. She looked incredible in a string bikini and amazed me with her ability to control me within minutes. Will repeat.”

JC Simpson has spent an enjoyable time in the great city of Orlando, Florida. Why don’t we pack a picnic lunch and travel there.

God created the heavens and the earth, the oceans and the waves for our enjoyment. Surfing is just my way of worshipping Him.….Bethany Hamilton

Orlando is located in Central Florida.

It is the center of the Orlando metropolitan area, which had a population of 2,134,411 at the 2010 census, making it the 26th largest metropolitan area in the United States, the sixth largest metropolitan area in the Southern United States, and the third largest metropolitan area in the state of Florida. In 2010, Orlando had a city-proper population of 238,300, making it the 77th largest city in the United States, the fifth largest city in Florida, and the state’s largest inland city.

The City of Orlando is nicknamed “The City Beautiful” and its symbol is the fountain at Lake Eola. Orlando is also known as “The Theme Park Capital of the World” and in 2014 its tourist attractions and events drew more than 62 million visitors.

As the most visited American city in 2009, Orlando’s famous attractions form the backbone of its tourism industry: Walt Disney World Resort, located approximately 21 miles (34 km) southwest of Downtown Orlando in Lake Buena Vista, opened by the Walt Disney Company in 1971; the Universal Orlando Resort, opened in 1999 as a major expansion of Universal Studios Florida; SeaWorld; Gatorland; and Wet ‘n Wild. With the exception of Walt Disney World, most major attractions are located along International Drive. The city is also one of the busiest American cities for conferences and conventions.

As a lover of water sports, I’m certain this great Orlando recreational company makes JC proud.   The fun site explains, “Aktion Parks formally, The Orlando Watersports Complex is a unique watersports park designed for wakeboarding, wake skating, wake surfing, knee boarding and waterskiing. Since 1999, OWC has established itself as the best place to learn how to wakeboard.”

Hmm, if you can’t go to the ocean, why not bring it inland? Great idea.

Buena Vista Water Sports makes you feel like you’re right on the beach, because you are, only it’s inland. Buena Vista Watersports is a tropical, Lakefront, Key West style facility centrally located between International Drive and Kissimmee. Lake Bryan is a natural spring fed lake surrounded by cypress trees with white sandy beaches.

I want to go!

Here is how a happy customer describes their time there. “After the hustle and bustle of theme parks the Buena Vista Watersports complex is an absolute oasis. It offers a more mature brand of fun and tranquility. Have a zip around a picturesque lake on a jet ski or just laze in a deck chair on a stunning beach. We have returned time and time again.”

I know by now that you are deliriously wet but we’re going to dry you off, only to get you wet again. Here is another Orlando liquid paradise. The sun and fun resort smiles, “Located at Disney’s Contemporary Resort marina in Orlando, Florida Sammy’s water sports facility is state-of-the-art offering access to the newest water ski and wakeboard equipment, boats by MasterCraft and world class instructors. Whether you are a beginner or want to perfect your on-water skills, we offer the ideal experience in a resort atmosphere.”

Wouldn’t you agree that JC has chosen a great place to live?

Imagine all of the fun that you could have if you visited Orlando and had a session with JC. You should look into that.

We’ll my jet ski is landing and I can say for certain that visiting JC Simpson’s world has opened up my eyes to how much fun you can have on the water. She’s rekindled my enjoyment of listening to the music of the Beach Boys again.

It’s time to go back to the beach.

Blessed with talent, a gorgeous blonde persona and scissors to die for, JC Simpson is a wrestler to be respected, admired and loved. She makes summer fun!

~ ~ ~

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