Every young girl has a dream and if they don’t, then they should think of one, before it’s too late in their teenage window.

A good place to start is a favorite hobby as long as it’s not the final resting place while you’re busy doing other things.

“Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a matter of the will, quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life.”….. Samuel Ullman

Jasmine Perry is a Company Dancer with the prestigious world renowned Los Angeles Ballet.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, losangelesballet.org photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, losangelesballet.org photo

It’s a big name company in a big name town constantly vying for well-funded attention.

It’s always better if the attention comes to you and Jasmine appears to be doing that with L.A. style and class performing with the elite of the elite.

At their site losangelesballet.org, they proudly introduce themselves to us and place in perspective how talented a dancer like Jasmine would have to be to be a part of their team. “In 2015/2016, Los Angeles Ballet proudly celebrates 10 years of world-class dance.

Founded in 2004 by Artistic Directors Thordal Christensen and Colleen Neary, and Executive Director Julie Whittaker, Los Angeles Ballet is known for its superb stagings of the Balanchine repertory, stylistically meticulous classical ballets, and its commitment to new works. LAB has become recognized as a world-class ballet company. At the end of nine seasons it presented 28 productions encompassing 50 works, including 15 commissioned world premieres.”

Even by Tinsel Town’s other worldly standards, that’s very impressive.

As you may have remembered, Jasmine Perry was featured in the Teen Vogue web series Strictly Ballet, which chronicled her experience as an advanced student at the prestigious School of American Ballet.

“My teenage years were exactly what they were supposed to be. Everybody has their own path. It’s laid out for you. It’s just up to you to walk it.”….. Justin Timberlake

Jasmine is a native of North Carolina and began her training with Charlotte Ballet (formerly North Carolina Dance Theater) where she danced the lead in The Nutcracker. At 15, she moved to New York City after being invited to train with the School of American Ballet full time.

The prominent entertainment site atlantablackstar.com adds, “In her final year, Perry shined in the school’s annual workshop, dancing the lead in George Balanchines Discord and War. Upon graduation, she joined the Los Angeles Ballet.”

In reviewing her work at the charlotteobserver.com, an important point stands out. “She realized she wanted dance to be her life, not her hobby. Last year, Jasmine went to New York for a summer program at the School of American Ballet, the teaching arm of the New York City Ballet. The school invited her to stay.”

The blossoming of a teen’s dream from the bud of a hobby is often captured on film. One film that has become a cult classic that seems to parallel Jasmines determination is the 2003 production of Bend It Like Becham.

Jess Bhamra (Parminder Nagra), the daughter of a strict Indian couple (Anupam Kher, Shaheen Khan) in London, is not permitted to play organized soccer, even though she is 18. When Jess is playing for fun one day, her impressive skills are seen by Jules Paxton (Keira Knightley), who then convinces Jess to play for her semi-pro team.

It chronicled teenage dreams pursued against all odds brilliantly.

The critics seem to agree. At theguardian.com the writer expresses, “As long as you accept it as a wish-fulfilling fairytale that scores more heavily after half time, the show is perfectly enjoyable.”

At rogerebert.com he writes with similar thinking. “I saw more important films at Sundance 2003, but none more purely enjoyable than “Bend It Like Beckham,” which is just about perfect as a teenage coming-of-age comedy.”

Thus far, Jasmine’s magical world of dance is reading like a fairy tale as well.

Much of it has to do with her attitude and spirit.

In terms of receiving instruction, she was quoted in her hometown Charlotte paper as reflecting, “Every correction they give one student, you have to take for yourself. Everything they say to you is to help you, not to pick at you. And if they like something you’re doing, they share it with the class. … You know that they’re there just to help you and train you.”

She’s clearly wise beyond her young years and the Los Angeles Ballet is the perfect place to not only shape a golden talent but also mentor and propel a young star like Jasmine into the stratosphere.

Their Mission Statement speaks to those qualifications. “To perform outstanding classical and modern ballets that set the standard for dance in Los Angeles, nationally and internationally.

To passionately pursue innovation and creativity in performances. To preserve the best choreographic work of the past and become the impetus for the best choreography yet to come.

To be an exciting arts organization and the “place to be” for the most talented dancers, choreographers, musicians, composers, artists, designers, staff and volunteers.

To be an instrument of hope, healing and joy, sharing the gift of dance with the broadest possible audience and in particular, distressed communities.

To captivate Los Angeles’ large and diverse audience who will become devoted, supportive patrons.”

“But when I was a teenager, the idea of spending the rest of my life in a factory was real depressing. So the idea that I could become a musician opened up some possibilities I didn’t see otherwise.”….Wayne Kramer

As the world of indoor female sports moves closer to a united participation at events and collectively makes effective use of the Social Media to project this collaboration to the world, expect to hear more about Jasmine Perry.

She is proof that young teenage dreams can evolve from a hobby loved to a professional world of magical passion achieved and goals surpassed.

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