Reaching our full potential in life is one of the greatest challenges on our adversity filled journey. article, photo credit

Powerful expressions listened to and applied can help make that quest more successful.

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”… Confucius

Its human nature that we recognize star power and greatness in a luminary’s early career and when we watch the Czech Maiden Jane compete at Fight Pulse, she seems to be a star in the making. article, photo

The challenge with our industry is that there isn’t enough money to keep these wonderful girls around for the long wrestling careers that they deserve.

We all have to keep working on that. Agree?

This is why we admonish all of you to support a consistent producer of exceptional female grappling videos like Fight Pulse.

Let’s move you up Jane’s timeline at Fight Pulse.

First they introduce this gorgeous Euro Princess to us.

“Jane is a very fit and athletic girl from Prague that joined Fight Pulse in November, 2015. Although she does not have a martial arts background, a deceptively strong pair of legs, thanks to years of pole dancing, and a very competitive nature make her a force to reckon within the lightweight division. With some experience we believe this feisty wrestler will be able to hold her own against the best.”

Then it was time for her match. article, photo

“In her first competitive match Jane is determined to prove that she is not just all looks, but a capable wrestler, and that she deserves to challenge higher ranked wrestlers, and get a shot at the title against the champion herself. But Revana has different plans. She is tired of getting defeated, and is determined to end her losing streak by grabbing her first victory against the newcomer, who only just started mastering her holds.” article, photo

And our dear friends, look how far she has come.

All the way to the 2016 Fight Pulse Light Weight Championship. We purchased and though it was short, believe us, it was one heck of a title fight. article, photo

Here is their proclamation, “There is no question that Akela and Jane are two of the most dynamic and aggressive wrestlers at Fight Pulse. FW-57, just like their first match earlier this year, FW-27, is truly a fight. It’s a fight without strikes between two young and strong women, neither of whom is accustomed to losing.” article, photo

Potential seen early is visionary.

Potential attained is powerful.

“Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do.”… Pope John XXIII

Female athletes at some point take the armor off.

When you do, in your personal life, are you transitioning forward towards your potential?

At the informative site, they enlighten, “Once you have a grip on your strengths and weaknesses, your next challenge is to figure out what you truly enjoy doing. What’s your dream job? How well does it match what you currently do? Many people either don’t know what their passions are or are so focused on the views of their peers that they drift into the wrong career.”

Jane with her superb beauty and talents can inspire many to at least think about reaching their potential.

We are introducing a guest writer to you that will take us to a higher potential.

What Is Your Potential? article, photo credit

By Wade Sadlier 

What is potential? The dictionary defines it as “existing in possibility; capable of development into actuality.” It is the latent, untapped, unexplored, at this time unknown, and before now unrealized energy that exists within anyone or anything. Your potential is everything you can become, everything you will achieve, and everything that lies within your future influence that will live on after you are gone. It is everything you are capable of but as of yet hasn’t been accomplished. Those people whom you will influence in life will carry on your potential to countless unborn generations long after you. Your potential is unfathomable, and you can’t imagine just how far-reaching your influence will be. But it is all inside of you at this very moment, waiting to be brought into view and ready to be released into your sphere of influence.

There is a certain sense in which our potential is never realized, because potential by definition is that which lies before us unknown. Everything we have accomplished up to this point in our lives, everything that is a result of our influence in the past is our history, our biography. It is realized and actualized potential yes, but it is also our history, and our true potential is in our future! Don’t make the mistake of confusing your biography with your potential. It’s too easy to live in the past. Many people do, and if you do, you are robbing yourself of all your future fulfillment and blessings. You are robbing yourself of the reason to live a meaningful life.

Because potential is that which lies ahead unknown, in that sense it is never realized until it is acted upon, and then it becomes past experience. Your unknown future is always your potential, not what you have done in the past, so when you do something new, something you have never done before, you realize potential you never knew you had. It was there all the time. It was there in your possibility, hidden within your essence from the moment you were conceived, even though you had no comprehension of its existence. Once you’ve experienced it, though, it moves of course into your biography, so you must keep discovering the new experiences that are your potential. In this way your life is moving forward in a positive way, providing your experiences are adding value to you, not detracting from it.

Who can know the vast potential in one little insignificant seed? Who can know the vast, obscure potential inside of you? You are an amazing person. You have been given so much. What will you do with all that potential? In what ways will you bless the world and add value to those around you who will in turn impact others, and so on, in ever-widening, concentric circles?

I remember hearing the story of a wheat farmer in Alberta, Canada who was showing his vast farm to a visitor. He took him out to the middle of his fields and showed him as far as the eye could see in all directions-wheat-thousands of acres of it. He told his visitor that his grandfather had immigrated to the country many years before with only a handful of this special wheat seed. He planted that handful of seed and harvested it, and then repeated that process for many years until the handful of wheat became seeds without number. This man’s son and eventually his grandson who inherited the farm had continued to plant this wheat, only selling enough of it to live on. That handful of wheat turned into thousands of acres of wheat and produced many years of harvests.

What great potential was contained within that handful of seed. His grandfather could have addressed that handful of wheat the following way: Oh, great harvest! Oh, thousands of acres of wheat! Oh, thousands of great harvests! And it would have been true, because the potential was there to become all that…and so much more. That handful has become trainload after trainload of wheat, going abroad to bless countless people. The potential was in that handful, unrealized, untapped, unknown, latent power, and energy just waiting to spring into visible reality. And that potential is still today going onward, both in the field and in the lives of the myriad of people it has fed.

We can choose to call upon our potential whenever we want to. At this moment it is dormant. We know neither its possibilities nor its capabilities. We never need to utilize our potential if we choose not to. But we will never know what was there in possibility if we make that decision. Usually the only times people call on hidden resources of potential is in a time of crises or an emergency. Ordinarily, only when my appetite stimulates it, or some particular need arises in my life, do I call on it. Otherwise I stay in my comfort zone of familiarity and never venture out.

Most of us don’t wake up in the morning saying, “What new thing can I do today? What is something I have never done before? What tremendous possibilities exist inside me that I can discover?” No, we are creatures of habit. We find a level of comfort within what’s familiar to us and we stay there the rest of our lives. We don’t see the need to challenge our comfortable existence. Our lives are going along as smoothly as we know to make them. Our life may not be perfect, and we may not even like the life we’re living, but at least it’s comfortable and familiar. Why should we change? Why explore new things, new ways of living? Our attitude often is that we’re very comfortable where we are, and our tendency is to become irritable when someone else rocks the boat and imposes change. Only when the pain of staying where we are becomes too great will we explore other possibilities. If only our appetite for the unknown, the unfamiliar, was as persistent as our physical appetite. article, photo

You see, I don’t know if this has occurred to you yet, but our potential lies outside of our comfort zone. Everything we have done and are currently doing is within our comfort zone of familiarity, which as I pointed out earlier is our biography, not our potential. Of course those things are realized potential, but they are now in our past history. Potential, I say again, is our unrealized future, and the things we have never done are outside of what’s familiar and comfortable to us. If our potential lies outside our comfort zone, and we want to discover it, we must be willing to go where we’ve never been before, do what we have never done before, and become more than we are. That is frightening territory, but that is where discoveries are made and greatness is achieved. That is potential territory.

I know most people aspire to greatness of some kind, and all want to be successful in some way, but of those people, few are willing to do what it takes to leave behind the ordinary and enlarge their comfort zones. Few are willing to face their fears head on and confront the unknown, and so these comfortable people never really achieve much and certainly never reach the full potential that they possess. If you have a burning desire to achieve, you will be willing to go into the unknown and discover just how much potential you really do possess. If that desire never goes away, and living outside your comfort zone becomes a way of life, you will achieve greatness; that is assured. You will discover who you really are, what you are capable of, and what potential has been hidden within you from birth. You will probably only regret that you didn’t start the journey sooner.

If it’s true that influence is potential realized, then by influencing more people, I realize more potential. In John Maxwell’s book, The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork, he writes, “The law of significance says that one is too small of a number to achieve greatness.” If I want to reach greatness and significance, I need to find more people to influence. I need other people in my life who can complement me in areas where I lack or have no potential. I will recognize that I am not in this life all by myself, but my life is inexplicably joined together with many others’ lives. I will search for other people whom I can help and who can help me so that we can achieve together where it would otherwise be impossible. I will find people who have a dream to achieve greatness as well and team up with them so that my potential and their potential combine to create an exponential force that is unstoppable. By exponential I mean that the whole of the team potential is far greater than the sum of its individuals’ potentials.

As illustrated in the biblical account of the tower of Babel, there is nothing impossible to a team of people who will combine their potential to create something (Genesis 11:6). That account also illustrates the fact that potential can become something good that blesses and unites people, or it can become something that ultimately conquers and divides them. Either way it’s incredible in its possibilities, and it’s up to us to channel it in positive ways that will bless others and help us to leave the world a better place for having been here.

I understand that my potential greatness is out there in the areas I’m not currently living and in the places I haven’t yet gone. I have been challenged to live my life on the border of fear, to continue to enlarge that border, and so increase my comfort zone and my sphere of influence. The larger my sphere of influence is the more of my potential I can discover and the greater will be my success in life, providing that I have chosen to influence in positive ways.

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