January 6, 2020,

More, more, more.

How do you like it, how do you like it?

The legendary disco singer Andrea True sure made a connection when she sang with passion her 1976 classic, More, More, More.

How do we like it? We love it.

She was talking about love.

We’re talking about energy. We need more, more, more. Never can get enough of it.

Now some Vitamin B sure helps from time to time.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) supports mental wellbeing and mood, Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) helps reduce oxidative stress (and therefore tiredness), Vitamin B3 (Niacin) has been shown to be effective in supporting brain functions and Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) helps support important neurotransmitters (brain chemicals).

What do many of us desire that energy for?

To achieve and accomplish more in a 24 hour day. To live life to the fullest every day.

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More, more, more.

Now if only we could have more than 24 hours in a day. If we harness our energy efficiently, 24 hours should be plenty. How can we do that?

There is a book on Amazon that has captured many people’s attention.

See what you think.

Body Intelligence: Harness Your Body’s Energies for Your Best Life Kindle Edition

“Have you ever told yourself to power through and put mind over matter—but found yourself hitting a wall, day after day after day?

We’re all familiar with this positive thinking approach for managing our lives and getting through rough times. Ironically, these methods often fail us because we end up wearing ourselves down by the effort it takes to constantly maintain such an upbeat outlook. So what if instead of working to fix our mindset for better energy, we synced our body’s energy to create a better mind?

In Body Intelligence, Joseph Cardillo, PhD, combines Western science, technology, psychology, and holistic medicine to show that we must first balance the body’s energies before we can enhance the mind. Based on cutting-edge ideas, Body Intelligence teaches us to tap into our energetic “sweet spot” and identify specific steps we must take to remove energy blocks.

“Written with an empowering and empathetic tone” (Publishers Weekly, starred review) and packed with exercises, self-tests, and step-by-step instructions, Body Intelligence provides all the interactive tools for beginners and experienced energy-balancing practitioners alike to improve and understand the specific energy needed to live a happy, healthy, fulfilling life.”

Sounds good to us.

Harnessing energy is to use it more effectively.

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You can take all of the B vitamins that you want but if you are wasting energy on things that are not important or even less important, this book will help you realize there has to be a better way.

“It is wonderful how much time good people spend fighting the devil. If they would only expend the same amount of energy loving their fellow men, the devil would die in his own tracks of ennui.”… Helen Keller

We look to another source that we have quoted from in the past and we still really enjoy his work and that captivating messenger is Mr. Bruce Chen. He publishes the insightful blog embracepossibility.com

Here are two excerpts on what he has to say about managing your energy:

“A helpful visual to use is a personal energy tank. As you complete activities, energy is depleted and when you rest, your energy tank is refilled.

Three key strategies for managing your energy is to (1) prevent your energy tank from becoming empty, (2) increase the size of your tank, and (3) decrease the amount of energy you deplete per activity.”

Makes perfect sense.

Rest and most important, sleep is very important in refilling your energy tank.

We’ve heard people say from time to time that they don’t need a lot of sleep. Big mistake. Yes they have enough energy to function but imagine how much more they could accomplish if their energy tank is full.

Sleep. Deep sleep is the gasoline.

Mr. Chen makes these exceptional suggestions to help us build, harness, sustain and effectively make the best use of our energy.

“Most if not all of us want a meaningful life. What is difficult about reaching this goal is figuring out what will make a difference and give us a sense of purpose. During a recent talk, I heard the following three elements of meaningful work that I found useful:

  1. Do something that helps people – most people think of this element when they think of meaningful work. If what you’re doing can directly improve someone’s life without making another person worse off, you’ll probably find it meaningful.
  2. Do something that uncovers the truth – when your activities unlock a truth about you or how the world really works, you may find yourself infused with purpose. This search for truth may be the reason so many researchers devote their lives to their narrow field of study for little to no social rewards.
  3. Do something that makes the world more beautiful – whether it’s a painting, song, computer program, mathematical proof, etc., spending time to add more beauty to the world can fuel you when there is seemingly little else to gain from your efforts.

When you do work that you find meaningful, you’ll find that you’ll increase your energy capacity significantly. This will allow you to accomplish more than others who may not be supercharged by the type of work that they do.”

We all desire to perform work that is meaningful and even better if it helps others in the process. That truly adds more meaning to our lives.

What can you do to make the world a more beautiful place?

Think right towards people.

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Then you are most likely to act right towards them as well.

It will make your world more beautiful and theirs as well.

So often when we hear the phrasing about making the world a more beautiful place, we may think of something grandiose and overwhelming and wind up doing nothing.

Keep it simple.

If you can use your energy to bring light into people’s lives, that beneficial act alone is making the world a more beautiful place, even if you are not becoming famous for it.

Look at Alexandra Kollaros.

Alexandra Kollaros is an Arts Professional, Author and urban explorer. She blogs under the moniker “The Real Queen of Stuff”. She is the author of “Greek Art from A to Z”. Born in Athens, Greece, she studied in London and Florence and tries to live between countries and continents.

Others love how she is making the world a better place.

As shared at thenationalherald.com, she expresses, “I always had an interest in giving back to society, and my career path allowed me to put this into action. I have founded 2 Art-Charity Campaigns: Girl Power (Greece), in association with the Hellenic Cancer Society, to aid the battle against breast cancer, and SURPRISE (Greece, Ecuador), to raise awareness and funds about major social issues worldwide. The SURPRISE campaign is the longest-running art benefit campaign in Greece.”

Now that our friends is giving back in a big way. That is using your energy effectively and efficiently for a great cause.

So you want to harness your energy? Bring what you love to the world? Make this planet a better place?

Please start by getting a good night’s rest.

~ ~ ~

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