Dreaming about all of the foods that you used to be able to eat when you didn’t know any better, that were incredibly delicious but absolutely terrible for your health speaks to a situation where ignorance was bliss.

The average Southerner could share experiences with you about back yard BBQs that include fried corn bread, mayonnaise salad consisting primarily of iceberg lettuce and tomatoes, seasoned white rice, fried chicken, spicy greens, Big Red soda and dessert that always brings a smile to their face.

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And pounds to their butt.

We can just taste it now.

Please don’t let us re-live the pies and cakes. Especially chocolate. But those hips?

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That’s one place that is not ignorant to what you have been eating on a regular basis and it shows.

Especially on the haunches.

Since that might be viewed as a Southern term, some might not know what a haunch is.

It could be described as the fleshy part of the body about the hip, usually associated with an animal, primarily a horse.

You may have heard of the expression hold your horses which originally may have emanated from hold your haunches.

If those pounds are starting to add up, we’d like to introduce you to a team of women from Georgia who have designed attire to make your haunches look better than they ever have.

At dailymail.co.uk Erica Tempesta shares, “Smoothing and shaping women’s derrieres is a billion dollar business, with dozens of different brands and products claiming to boast the best solutions to your shapewear needs.

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Hold Your Haunches is a Georgia-based shapewear brand which first hit the headlines when it was featured on ABC’s entrepreneurial reality series Shark Tank in April last year. During their appearance on the show, founders Jenny Greer, 43, and Erin Bickley, 46, managed to convince two of the show’s ‘Sharks’ to invest in their business.”

We saw them present their sales case on the investment television series Shark Tank and we were very impressed.

How have things gone after Shark Tank?

At gazettereview.com they report, “Since the deal with Barb and Lori on Shark Tank, Hold Your Haunches has exploded in popularity. Since then, Jenny and Erin have appeared on numerous news networks including Gawker, Jezebel, HLN, The Today Show, and many more. Hold Your Haunches has grown into a full-fledged fashion line with an outstanding website design, and their products have grown beyond just leggings and shapers; they know also offer vests, long sleeve and short sleeve tops and camisoles and tank tops, and many more items including leggings, ponchos, slacks and more. Hold Your Haunches has grown into a real brand thanks due to the investment of Barb and Lori.”

Good to know. We sensed they were going to do very well.

That was a snippet though so we will hold our haunches but we want to hear more about them.

Let’s electronically visit their home in Georgia.

At https://holdyourhaunches.com/ they smile, “The Idea for Hold Your Haunches™ Body Shapers It started back in 2010 when Jenny and Erin, the Head Haunchos, were taking their daily exercise stroll and discussing their dissatisfaction with body shaper clothing that just didn’t seem to keep everything in place and cussing about how uncomfortable body shapers can be! As mothers to three children each, their families kept them running, but maybe not enough in the exercise sense. They both made efforts to diet and exercise, but what they really wanted was a pant that instantly slimmed and tightened their behinds.

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Erin and Jenny began their quest to find a fashionable pant that had a layer of compression to help with their jiggly bits, but they couldn’t find a thing. So they put their heads together and designed a pant that perfectly blended both fashion and body-shaping compression resulting in – you guessed it – instant gratification.”

That is a great idea but certainly not a brand new one. The company Spanx who we’ve written about is one of the original industry leaders.

Sara Blakely, Billionaire, Owner Of Spanx, She’s Got Your Back……

Hold Your Haunches revenue has been growing at an incredible rate also. So what’s their secret?

They continue, “A layer of highly graded compression shapewear is sewn comfortably underneath these luxury fashion pants, thus creating the rear-lifting, silhouette-smoothing, premier go-to item that we love wearing.

Besides improving the view, Hold Your Haunches™ Shapewear eliminates the annoyance and discomfort of rolling, binding, and sagging. In a nutshell, our goal is to take the suffering out of shaping.

Our design and utility patent-pending shapewear pants have two layers of goodness. The outer layer is a fashion-forward black pant in legging, boot cut, or capri style, and the inner layer is a no-joke compression shell sewn in at the waist and extending all the way to the calf to keep your whole bottom half smooth and tight.

The best part is – these body shaper pants look just like any other stylish pant, so your secret to that rockin’ body is safe with us.”

Very enlightening.

Women seem to be falling in love with it around the country.

They acknowledge that and continue, “Hold Your Haunches™ body shaper pants were started for purely vanity reasons – we wanted to look good! But we have been amazed at the response we’ve had from our lovely customers saying that their back, legs, and veins feel better while wearing Hold Your Haunches™ Shapewear!

Women wear shapers to slim and smooth all our jiggly bits and erase the unwelcome lumps and bumps that along with wisdom, come with age!

Hold Your Haunches™ Shapewear revolutionizes the quest to keep our bodies looking their best! Our design features luxurious boot cut, straight and capri length leggings, lined with the finest body-shaping compression. The result is a comfy, modern, sleek silhouette…and because the liner extends from the waist to below the calf, the resulting magic is your little secret. Say adios to rolling, binding and telltale lines!

Our adjustable waistband adds yet another slimming feature to Hold Your Haunches™ Shapewear. The waistband can be worn over your tummy for fuller coverage, or you can fold it down over your hips for a low-rise look.”

Okay body shaping industry, there is another major player who is reshaping the industry and that is a great thing, especially if you love some great Southern cuisine.

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