Gifts in life may come in many forms and often by surprise.

In one version of the French fairy tale classic by Les Dons entitled The Gifts, The Flower Fairy raised princes and princesses in her house and never sent them away grown without a gift.

Her favorite was the Princess Sylvia, but she was curious how some of the other princesses had prospered with their gifts.

In the 1982 smash hit TV series, actor David Hasselhoff plays Michael Knight, an undercover Las Vegas police detective who, while on a case, is shot in the face and nearly killed. Wilton Knight, founder of Knight Industries and creator of FLAG, directs his doctors to save Long’s life and reconstruct his face. With his new identity, “Michael Knight”, Long is provided with high tech crime-fighting equipment, most notably the car named KITT. article, photo article, press photo

His propelling of the major hit series Baywatch is legend.

Mr. Hasselhoff was considered one of the most handsome leading men of his time period, a gift to millions of women’s fantasies, so it was no surprise when it was time for him to have a child and send her out into the world………. Haley Hasselhoff became our gift. article, photo article, press photo

In today’s time period where freedom of choice is deeply being realized as a gift and not a right, there are many of us shouting with joy from the roof tops that the beautiful curvaceous models are having their day in the spotlight.

Haley Hasselhoff is one such light, shining bright.

Hayley Amber Hasselhoff is an American actress and model. Add Director as well.

She is known for her role as Amber in the ABC Family original series Huge.

She is the younger daughter of David Hasselhoff and Pamela Bach. Along with her father and her sister, Hasselhoff starred in the short-lived 2010 A&E reality series The Hasselhoffs.

Haley started acting in 1999 when she appeared in Baywatch.

Our beauty has also been modeling as a plus-size model since 2007 when she was 14.

Though most in her industry hate the term, she is considered a “plus-size model” as she is a size 14.

She has been signed with Wilhelmina Models and as of 2014, is signed with Ford Models.

She has walked the catwalk in shows such as the 2014 British Plus Size Fashion Week, and has modeled for Torrid. She has also been named the ambassador for Pulp Fashion Week in Paris.

Every rising star could use a publicity machine which are great for us fans because they put the “up” in giving us the low down.

A house organ for the art industry is who clearly loves Hayley and they provide us with her present and future ambitions.

They smile, “After establishing a rewarding career in modeling, Hayley decided to focus her attention on her true passion, acting. Hayley had her first series regular role on the beloved, TV series “Huge” on ABC Family. Since the show’s premiere, Hayley’s popularity sky rocketed, placing her in national teen magazine spreads like Seventeen and Teen Vogue; on talk shows such as “Good Morning America,” “The View,” and “The Wendy Williams Show,” and securing fashion endorsement deals.

During this time, Hayley became the face of UK’s curvy girl fashion line, and graced the pages of fashion and entertainment magazines globally.

Hayley went on to play the role of Sasha on Disney XD’s “Pair of Kings” and the role of Rebecca in the upcoming musical-comedy film Fearless.”

Is there more?

Of course there is.

They continue, “Now, Hayley is juggling a career on camera and continuing on her fashion journey, making her UK runway debut in the second annual British Plus Size Fashion Weekend on February 2014; which is the biggest plus size fashion event in UK history. In addition, Hayley has been selected as the ambassador to Paris’ Second Annual Pulp Fashion Weekend for May, 2014’s festivities.”

The girl continues to amaze.

Many of the beautiful curvy models that Femcompetitor Magazine has written about made their name through their modeling careers. Given Haley’s entertainment royalty couldn’t she use that power to help spread the message of the shapely model industry which truly is struggling to gain acceptance?

Hayley is trying to create a voice in fashion for herself and the millions of women who identify as a curvy size. Her goals are for mainstream fashion designers to embrace curvy women, promote a positive body image, and show that fashion is accessible to everyone.

Good to know especially since she has publicly admitted that despite her success, she has days when she internally struggles with body image issues.

Yes rich kids have issues to. Even when they are sweet and sensuous like Haley.

So, to understand their world a little better, this writer must admit that I have spent time watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and since Haley’s sister Taylor stars on E’s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, I watched that too.

First of all, it’s great to watch good looking people engage one another with a lot of time on their hands and money in their purses and wallets.

There are many words that they often utter but I’ve never heard a word used as much as “Drama”.

We don’t want any drama.

We want to avoid drama.

Let’s go to the Colorado cabin (insert Bahama’s, New York Fashion Show, Paris, Vegas Party etc.) but let’s keep the drama down.

You see, it’s a wonderful world when your greatest concern in life is to keep the drama down. But hey? Their fans (not me of course) love the drama.

I loved the scene where Haley comforted Taylor at a restaurant during a conversation about Taylor’s high school years when she was bullied.

Readers? Hayley is a fun girl and comes across as very mature.

She is truly an asset to the shapely modeling industry because I sense what she can do to help the industry gain more traction and acceptance is just beginning.

She embodies a lot of sensible qualities that adds to her beauty.

It the previously mentioned fairytale, the princess who received eloquence would not be quiet and wearied all her listeners in time; the princess who received the gift of pleasing was insincere and made all her lovers weary of her; the princess who received wit was always turning everything into an occasion for it and took nothing seriously (drama).

The favorite of the queen Flower Fairy was Sylvia. Why? Sylvia asked for herself a quiet spirit, which made her and everyone around her happy.

Sylvia sounds a lot like Haley.

~ ~ ~

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