Affirmation that life is not only worth living but also to be completely immersed in, is when you see a beautiful woman doing virtually anything. article, photo credit

They say the best things in life are free but as many gorgeous women know, beauty often comes at a very high monetary price.

Rihanna is a mesmerizing talent and incredibly beautiful.

At times her beauty can be mystifying.

As shared at, “Rihanna went short and spunky at the MTV Video Music Awards and very long and lustrous only several months later for the Grammys.”

Out super star is not alone.

At the energetic site give us more Tinsel Town follicle fancy. “On the red carpet, celebrities like Selena Gomez and Beyoncé have shoulder-grazing lobs one day and long, luxurious strands by the time they hit the next carpet. These stars don’t have super genes; rather, they turn to extensions to switch up their length whenever they feel like changing their look.”

Nature has provided us with so many treats. For free.

Hair extensions are not one of them.

Before deciding on whether or not you should purchase hair extensions, it always helps to know exactly what results you can expect.

Try an experiment.

Fascination is only the entry level word when it comes to the before and after pictures of a woman without and with hair extensions.

Just look at the following. article,photo credit

Now we sometimes wonder when we see a striking woman at the mall, on the streets, at a coffee shop or other watering holes, how much of her mane is real or purchased.

So how much does all of this follicle magic cost?

As reported on at

“A partial head of hair extensions typically costs between $150 and $300, plus the cost of the hair. Total cost ranges from $400 to $800.

A full head of hair extensions (for fullness only) typically costs between $300 and $600, plus the cost of the hair. Total cost ranges from $1,300 to $1,600.

A full head of hair extensions for fullness and added length typically costs $600 to $1500 and up, plus the cost of the hair. Total cost ranges from $1,600 to $4,000.

High-quality human hair that is cut — not brushed — off usually costs from $250 to $500 for a partial head and $1,000 to $2,500 for a full head, depending on length and origin. Synthetic hair and low-quality human hair, which are not recommended, cost much less.”

Hmm, did not know that.

Time for confirmation.

At the enjoyable site they add:

“Hair Extension Costs In Salons *Averages* (Does not include cost of hair)

$ Clip Extensions Applied and Cut By Stylist:  $100-$200

$ Sewn In Hair $100-$400  

$$ Tape Extensions  $200-$800

$$$ Micro/Fusion Methods (Strand by Strand) $1000-$2500”

But then again, for you sexy ladies with beautiful locks, you already knew all of this. True?

The enlightening writer Amanda Libby at is very candid about her experience. “Something magical happened to me the month before my wedding, and it wasn’t just the idea that I was going to marry my soul mate. I discovered hair extensions, and for better or worse, they changed my life forever. (Apologies if that sounds melodramatic, but it’s true!)”

So, previously what have you thought about hair extensions?

In our global female submission grappling community, we can’t say enough how many times we have watched Fem Competitors in battle, someone gets submitted and once they unlock, there are puddles of loose hair everywhere, yet it most certainly was not a cat fight. article,

We get it. Their hair extension fell out.

Like any artificial complimentary product, you have to part the hair and shake it away your eyes, before you can see the forests for the trees.

The elegant site allows some philosophy. “Extensions often get a bad rap. They have a rep for being the province of D-list movie stars, over-the-top rappers and tacky side gals. In other words, cheesy and fake-looking. But nothing can be further from the truth. When done correctly, extensions are tasteful and quite natural-looking. They are a great way to change your look and a source for immediate gratification that allows you to experiment with different hairstyles without the commitment.”

Lovely. Good to know. We have now been educated.

But you know what?

You never stop learning, right?

We have a guest writer who has written numerous articles on the subject and links us to a dynamic hair extension website.

By Noviel Gregory  |   Submitted On March 10, 2016

Things to Remember When Buying Hair Extensions article, hair photo credit Salon Envy

When it comes to buying hair extensions, there are numerous factors you need to take into consideration from the type of hair extensions you want to buy to the amount of money you want to spend. Do you want natural or synthetic extensions? Are you going to wear them for a once off occasion or are you looking for a longer term solution? Questions you are going to want to ask yourself when it comes to choosing the right hair extensions that meet your unique needs and budget now and moving forward.

First look at what you want to achieve with the hair extensions. Are you looking to increase the volume of your natural hair? Do you want to improve the length of the hair? Are you looking to lengthen your hair for a particular event? Are you looking for a way to improve your hairs natural appearance while it grows out? There is a reason you have decided to buy hair extensions, having an idea on what you want to achieve will help you determine the right length and type of extensions to buy, ensuring you achieve the results you are hoping for and reducing the risk of disappointment moving forward.

Next consider the texture of your hair. Do you have fine hair? Is it coarse? Is it straight? Is it wavy? Identify your hair texture and type and then you can start looking at the hair extension options available to you. If you have very fine hair, then clip in extensions is not going to be the best option for you. You will find with fine hair, micro ring extensions will provide you with long term use and enjoyment and the risk of them falling out is limited, for example.

Always match the color of your natural hair to the hair extensions to ensure that whether you choose clip in, micro ring or weave, they will blend in with your natural tone seamlessly, leaving you with a natural finish. When you walk down the street, you don’t want it to be obvious that you have hair extensions in place, you want them to look completely natural and you want people to think your hair is naturally that thick or that long.

Choose the length of the extensions with care. It is possible to buy hair extensions which are too long, the benefit with this is that you can cut them to your chosen length. Remember the longer you choose, the heavier the hair is going to be, the same as longer hair will be heavier if it was your own natural hair. The difference is that if you are choosing weave or micro ring with longer hair, it is going to pull on your natural hair, where if you want long hair for a shorter period, consider clip ins which will cause less damage in the long run.

Only ever buy hair extensions from a reputable supplier who has an excellent reputation in the hair extension industry. The company should stock only the finest quality extensions, giving you a choice of one hundred percent natural hair or synthetic hair. This is down to personal choice and budget. If you are only going to use the extensions now and then, then synthetic may be the cheapest option, where for semi-permanent solutions and a more natural finish, you will want to choose natural human hair to blend in with your own hair and provide you with a that seamless finish.

Expert Hair Extensions is a leading hair extension specialist company based in the United Kingdom. This well-established company offers over eight years of industry knowledge and experience providing their customers with the highest level of service and support at all times. The company offers only the best quality products with affordable delivery and secure payment options. They also provide their customers with a money back guarantee to provide them with complete peace of mind when placing an order. They offer only the best customer service and value for money products, ensuring that they exceed their customer’s expectations each and every day. To find out more, visit

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