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As you can see from the photo above of Smith-College, class of 1902 women’s basketball team, organized female sports has been successfully participated in for well over 100 years. With the beautiful and talented Elite Female Gymnasts of the world, the tradition of stellar, organized female sports continues into the future. Let’s meet some of them through our articles.


Olga Korbut gymnast olga-champ-4e28d151627-original-web

We will always cherish the memories of Olga Korbut, also known as the “Sparrow from Minsk”, a Belarusian former gymnast who won four gold medals and two silver medals at the Summer Olympic Games, in which she competed in 1972 and 1976 for the Soviet team.

Mary Lou Retton gymnast mary-lou

We also love Mary Lou Retton, who at the 1984 Summer Olympics won a gold medal in the individual all-around competition, as well as two silver medals and two bronze medals. Her performance made her one of the most popular athletes in the United States.

Rich and elegant history has been made and a new group of sensational gymnasts are now writing the magnificent stories to be deeply appreciated in the future.

Please enjoy their record breaking and timeless accomplishments that live through their articles. Simply click on the title.





1. Aly Raisman, Star Olympic Gymnast, Vaults Powerful Fantasies

aly www.astrowikia.com Aly Raisman natal horoscope predictions

2. Dipa Karmakar, First Female Indian Gymnast To Secure Olympic Berth

dipa dipakarmakar.in dipa-karmakar-awards

3. Simone Biles, Young Super Star Gymnast, Captures Global attention

simone gym-style.com simonebiles 0115-simone-biles-gymnast-medals_ywabaa

4. Mary Anne Monckton, Artistic Gymnast, Australia, Supreme Dedication

mary anne monckton gymtertainment.blogspot.com Mary+anne+Monckton+20th+Commonwealth+Games+fOfYAapDEEdl

5. Danielle Prince, Australian Rhythmic Gymnast, Eternally Bright

danielle zimbio.com 20th+Commonwealth+Games+Day+2+Rhythmic+Gymnastics+ZwmxhTi6RObl

6. Larisa Iordache, Star Romanian Gymnast, Ready For Rio Challenge

larisa wiki FEATURE Larisa2

7. Jonna Adlerteg, Elite Swedish Gymnast, Leaves Us Star Struck

jonna wiki Jonna_Adlerteg_VM_2011_i_fristående

jiulia tumblr_o4jommDMux1s2z0vlo5_1280

9. Claudia Fragapane, UK Gymnast, Passion, Invaluable Fire

claudia british-gymnastics.org Claudia_Fragapane_Glasgow2016

10. Ariella Kaeslin, Gorgeous Swiss Gymnast, All Dreams Possible

ariella www.pinterest.com 14d338a8c8c0d0c3188273fa694d18e4

11. Yana Kudryavtseva, Elite Gymnast, Sets Records, Then Breaks Them

yana www.longines.com ambassador-yana-kudryavtseva-800x500

12. Kristina Baskett, Elite Gymnast, Stunt Woman, Perfect Transition

kristina imbd original

13. Madison Kocian, USA Artistic Gymnast, Big D Impressive

madison www.eonline.com rs_1024x759-160711061512-634.Madison-Kocian-J1R-071116

14. Elisabeth Seitz, Gorgeous German Artistic Gymnast, Raises The Bar

elisabeth-seitz-514 elisabeth www.spox.com seitz

15. Rebecca Downie, Elite British Gymnast, Double The Strength

30th European Women's Artistic Gymnastics Team Championships, Juniors and Seniors

16. Sanne Wevers, Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Artistic Magic

2015_European_Artistic_Gymnastics_Championships_-_Balance_beam_-_Sanne_Wevers_03 wiki sanne

17. Nikki Childs, Breath Taking Gymnast, Georgia Bulldog Alum


18. Alexa Moreno, Gorgeous Elite Mexican Gymnast, Timeless Memory


19. Aliya Mustafina, Russian Gymnast, Golden Smooth Euro Driving …


20. Eythora Thorsdottir, Icelandic Princess, World Class Gymnast

21. Tabea Alt, Elite German Artistic Gymnast, So Much Fun To Watch

22. Rosie MacLennan, Canadian Olympic Gymnast, Lifting Us Higher And Higher

Toronto Life photo credit

23. Katelyn Ohashi, Artistic Gymnast, Brilliant UCLA Standout

24. Ellie Black, Magical Canadian Gymnast, All Things Are Possible

25. In An Enchanted Kingdom, UK Olympic Gymnast Amy Tinkler Is Outstanding

26. Mykayla Skinner, American Star Gymnast, Ultimate Team Player

Aren’t they sensational? We are excited about following their global accomplishments. Please keep checking back.