The “It” factor is the beauty and charisma that can separate the gorgeous and entrancing from the rest of the crowd.

The curvy model Genny Miliano offers an abundance of many things desirable that have set her apart from her modeling sorority.

Let’s meet her through the eyes of her team at article, photo article, photo

Speaking of Genny always brings a smile. “All our dreams come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”. It is a quote that Genny Miliano lives by. Born and raised in New York City, a showbiz capital in its own right, Genny knew from a very young age that in the bright city lights was where she wanted her name and her face to be seen. In grade school, Miliano was one of those kids that would involve herself with anything that had to do with entertainment, from Pageants to Musicals.

By her late teens, Genny started to notice the difference between herself and the other female models that she worked with. She was a size 12 and the other models were half that size, and she was also packing much more curves in the hips and waist than the other girls. Genny did not let the fact that she was a plus size model stop her stride. She embraced her curves and continued in the pursuit of her dreams. article, photo article, photo

Miliano has appeared several times in Seventeen magazine, Glamour magazine. She has also appeared in Mujeres De Hoy on Telemundo and on’s fashion web-series The Thread. She has also worked on Music Videos, Fashion Shows and in Hair and Skin care Print Ads.

Genny Miliano is on a mission to take the Fashion Universe by storm. She is a one of a kind lady, with a one of a kind personality and look. Miliano is not your average plus size model, in fact the word average could never be used when describing such a person as Genny.

She is an original, and when given the opportunity she can make magic happen in front of a Camera or on a Runway like no one else.”

She has captured the hearts and fascination of other industry giants as well. article, photo article, photo

At they proclaim, “This is the beautiful and curvy model Genny Miliano. We hope to see more of Genny working in all genre of modeling in the future just because this New Yorker has “it”!”

You see. We felt and knew that too. It sure feels good to be right.

When was shooting their special Spring/Summer 13 catalogue they understood why Jennie stands out so well. Why should Jennie be their model of choice?

Jenny replied, “People should vote for me because I am a fresh new face with a fresh new look for Curvy Kate. Curvy Kate has never had a woman with my style and personality, that is why I am confident that I will make an awesome addition to the team.”

We couldn’t agree more.

If you are a shapely female athlete, we sense that you feel great while participating in your sport of choice, but what about in everyday life? Do you always feel great there too?

You can.

Please enjoy this article by a female writer who has ideas on how you can both look and feel beautiful, not only on the sports battlefield, but in everyday life as well.

Plus Size Beautiful Women – Steps to Look and Feel Beautiful

By Stephanie Bagshaw 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. People have different tastes when it comes to defining beauty. What appears to be beautiful to one person may appear ugly to another. Individuals with weight problems should not be depressed because they too can look just like plus size beautiful women.

No one is born ugly and you should always remember that. Even if you’re all big and bulky, you can still look beautiful in your own way. If you feel good about yourself, then other people will feel the same way towards you. Do you know that some of the world’s beautiful women are plus sized?

That’s true and one very good example is Marilyn Monroe. Her dress is size 12 and yet, a lot of men fell in love with her beauty. Even after many years, Monroe remains to be some sort of sex symbol. Aside from Monroe, Jennifer Lopez is among the plus sized women. Critics find Lopez’s behind too big and so they said that she wouldn’t get far in terms of career. Lopez never took the criticisms negatively and instead, she flaunted her behind and became even more popular. Women all over the world are now undergoing butt implants.

Men like women with great curves. Even if you’re plus sized, you can enhance your beauty and sexiness by wearing the right clothes. You have to emphasize your body curves and especially, your big bottom.

Seriously speaking, do you envy women who are skinny? They’re like skeletons with skins, right? Primitive society loved plump women and the thin craze is just new. Take a close look at the paintings created centuries ago? For example, Mona Lisa, she is definitely a plus size, right?

You don’t have to be skinny in order to be considered beautiful. Other popular plus sized women have proven it already and you too can look and feel beautiful. So how can you achieve that pretty look?

That’s not hard to do. To start it off, use the right size undergarment. Once you’ve purchased right fitting bras and underwear, you can start shopping for clothes. Get rid of your old wardrobe, which is either too tight or too loose. You must choose clothes that perfectly fit your body. There are various designs and styles to choose from; you can also choose different colors, fabrics, and cuts. Just make sure that the clothes define your curves and emphasize your good features.

Being plus size is not a big problem nowadays. You just have to know your choices in clothes, undergarments, and accessories. Carry yourself well and maintain your poise. Groom yourself, exude confidence, and keep your body healthy, from head to toe. These things are enough to make you look beautiful. Besides, what’s more important is that you have inner beauty.

Let your knowledge about plus size beautiful women inspire you. Keep in mind that despite the big size of their clothes, a lot of men and women adored their beauty. Know your options and choices. Take advantage of the Internet and shop your clothes online. You will discover that there are many choices of clothes online as well as other resources that can help plus size women like you feel good about themselves. Maintain your health by eating the right kinds of food at the right amount and exercise regularly.

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