Creating the sweet ambience that exudes uniqueness, sprays a magical hidden mist throughout the room and turns the ordinary experience into special memories that last a lifetime; that is hard to achieve alone.

It’s wonderful to receive artistic wisdom.

If you watch the famous Kardashian family dine throughout Southern California at their numerous high priced eateries and restaurants, ambience is everything. article, Photo credit Defamer – Gawker

“Eating is one of the great beauties in life. One of my favorite recreations… eating with friends, the service, the ambience.”… LeRoy Neiman

So ask yourself?

Does the restaurant that you own or visit beg for elegant tasteful enhancements?

Will your home become heavenly with the right décor?

Can your office improve in impressing your clients with the right makeover?

If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, we suggest you check out Garcia Art Glass in San Antonio, Texas. article, photo credit

They provide us with a grand Texas style welcome at their site, “Garcia Art Glass, Inc. opened in 1998 as the first hot glass studio in downtown San Antonio, TX.

Specializing in the functional to the whimsical, these one-of-a-kind hand blown art creations always enrich their environment while evoking wonder and amazement.”

Please take a look at those unbelievable glass creations. article, photo credit

We want to see and hear more.

“Founder and Creative Director, Gini Garcia, has works all over the world with a unique flair that has garnered her many awards and accolades. Garcia uses her ever evolving creative spirit to transform spaces into both magical and meaningful masterpieces.

Over the years, Garcia Art Glass has evolved into a family business with Gini’s mother, Dora E.Garcia, her sister DoraElia Esparza, and niece, Claudia Esparza, all playing a crucial role in day-to-day operations. Through the support of a strong team, Garcia Art Glass has successfully created hundreds of commissioned works.”

The Kardashians would be proud.

Other fans love them so much, they follow their every movements.

At they share, “After receiving her B.F.A. in industrial and environmental design, Gini eventually opened a hot glass design and fabrication center that specializes in the creation of one-of-a-kind blown glass lighting and sculpture, including tablescapes and art for the wall. These creations, made to client specifications, range from the functional to the whimsical for homes, corporate offices, restaurants, and hospitals. Recently, she traveled to Murano, Italy and studied the “Chandelier for the New Millennium.”

Success attracts success.

Here are some of their clients.

Drum roll please (lightly, so the glass doesn’t move).

They included AT&T, Wells Fargo, United Way, Volvo and Warner Brothers among others.

When you look at these amazing glass designs, wouldn’t you love to be a client too? article, photo credit

Here are three reviews from satisfied customers who are not wearing glasses:

“Our family visited San Antonio this weekend, and stopped in to see some glass art being created. The demonstration was fascinating and the art work they created was simply beautiful. The staff was very friendly and helpful, especially Claudia who was friendly and answered all our questions on how the glass was created. The studio is a quaint little shop that holds quite a few unique and interesting art works. If you have never seen glass being hand blown, or created, or if you are wanting somewhere to visit/shop, then Garcia Art Glass is a must to see/visit. You’ll walk out with a new appreciation for art.”


“The craft and skills that the people poses at Garcia Glass are stuff of legend and I was so thrilled to be able to finally go to their studio. Talk about an awesome experience hosted by some incredible folks!”

Along with…

“They are the best! My husband and I loved their glass blowing demonstrations! It was the best I’ve ever seen!! They are all so nice and friendly! This was the highlight of our trip to San Antonio! We will never stop buying glass art from here. It is STUNNING!! Definitely go here and check it out!! You won’t be disappointed!!”

Enjoying the Garcia family’s glass decorations has really transported us into an ambience mind set.

It’s like going house hunting and being wowed by the special makeovers of the designers. article, photo credit

Let’s turn our attention to a female writer who has the right mind set since so many women, including the Garcia family and the Kardashians love ambience.

Our guest even speaks about the importance of the right lighting.

Tips In Creating A Warm Ambience article, photo credit

By Nancy Dewitt

Did you notice how long it sometimes takes for a person to adjust once he has moved to a new home? This means transitioning from your previous comfort zone to a totally different site and the process could either be smooth or unpleasant depending on a few factors. If you want to learn some tips in creating a warm ambience for you and your guests then find time to follow these tips –

Define Comfort

There are many useful and beautiful furniture pieces in the market these days. Just driving to the office each day makes you go gaga over some furniture showrooms and the elegant pieces that they carry. But having a cozy home is not based entirely on looks. If you know your way around furniture and how they should be arranged, then you would also know how to enhance the feeling of familiarity in your new abode.

As you test a new chair or couch for your new place, try imagining yourself watching your favorite TV show as you are seated in it. Can you picture yourself eating away a tub of popcorn as you laugh with the rest of your family? If the couch does not evoke any such feelings, then quite simply, it will not bring warm feelings to your new place.

Texture Is Magic

One of the most basic tricks in having a welcoming home is to add some texture in your interior design. Install textured wallpapers, smooth furniture and the fluffiest carpets that you can find. The less stiff your surroundings look, the more that you have succeeded in creating a warm ambience.

Variety in Furniture Choice

Purchasing a set of huge furniture should be the easiest way to fill up any room. You wouldn’t want any room in your home to look like a showroom, though, so be careful in choosing furniture.

No one said that white tables must go with equally white chairs so go ahead and stir things up a little. If you want a vivid interior, then you have to set up a home that is visually appealing. If you find that all the elements in your design are already harmonizing, then probably your guests will, too.

Use Warm Hues

It is no rocket science that colors affect the way people perceive things. If you want to evoke feelings of comfort and warmth, then you should be particularly interested in painting your place with warm colors such as brown, red, peach, or orange.

Pay Attention to Minute Details

Even the smallest things such as a set of books or some candles can provide a feeling of calmness in a home. Just make sure that you do your assignment, though. You could spend hours cleaning up your home but with the wrong accessories, you could end up creating a stark environment rather than a welcoming one.

You can also surround yourself with your personal collections. Have several vinyl records or paintings hung on a section in your home. Some lovely hats which you collected during your travels can also add a little pizzazz to your place.

Various Lighting Fixtures

Light, next to colors, can also evoke different moods in people. Find the right lighting fixtures in the right place and you can make the room taller, longer, even cozier. A home that holds multiple gatherings each month should have ceiling light while homeowners who want to have a more intimate atmosphere should use many table lamps.

To add to the warm, fuzzy feeling, you can also play some jazz music on the background as the dimmers do their job. Choose cushions that allow your visitors to lounge about in softness. To complete the look, have the fireplace all aglow (preferably started with a bundle of pine cones, eucalyptus and cinnamon sticks) and your place is no less than a haven of contentment and relaxation. Creating a warm ambience has never been this easy, hasn’t it?

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