The day of the Alpha Female has been here for some time, so to those who think men and women are far apart in our actions, thoughts and the ways of seeing things, maybe we are inching a little closer than you think.

The major distinction was printed back in 1992.

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus (1992) is a book written by American author and relationship counselor John Gray. article, photo credit

The book has sold more than 50 million copies and, according to CNN, it was the “highest ranked work of non-fiction” of the 1990s, spending 121 weeks on the bestseller list.

The book states that most common relationship problems between men and women are a result of fundamental psychological differences between the sexes, which the author exemplifies by means of its eponymous metaphor.

In the time that has passed in between, it seems we are getting closer in our thinking.

Here is another example of how.

Millions of Americans are crazy about their college football and basketball. Game Day is the day where fans have a license to go absolutely crazy with painted faces and clothing that reflects the teams they love. article, photo credit

Previously, say in 1992, if you looked up in the stands, it would be virtually all males in these colorful mind blowing get ups and attire.

An enjoyable site speaks to this, “As sad as it sounds, we still live in a society that labels sports as an interest only for dudes. We all know that ladies play just as hard and cheer just as loud as guys, but they often aren’t given that opportunity or even feel like they can show their team spirit. That’s where Gameday Couture, one of the upcoming products to be shown during the Dec. 5 episode of Shark Tank, steps in.

Gameday Couture is a women’s clothing brand that puts the fashion in fan apparel. The company takes your regular old sweatshirt supporting your college team and takes it to a chicer level. The clothing is pretty, and I could totally see female sports fans wearing its stuff.”

We can see that day coming too. In fact, maybe it’s already here.

Increasingly the females are wanting a part of the fun and action and now there is a great company scaling large to make that happen.

Okay ladies, if you want to dress up and have fun on Game Day, we have a company that would love to meet your needs.

You just heard about them so please meet Gameday Couture. article, photo credit

Based in the south they offer us some refreshing information at “Gameday Couture is a fashion brand for style conscious, sophisticated sports enthusiast who designs and develops fashion forward collegiate apparel. We work closely with each university to ensure their image and brands are reflected in each piece.

In 2014, we appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank and formed our partnership with Mark Cuban. We now have additional staff to keep up with our success, however we maintain a tight knit group of designers and sales team so that we can continue to work directly with our retailers.

Gameday Couture’s brand has become widely known for developing unique, fashion forward, but also wearable, game day apparel and accessories. article, photo credit

Our products can best be described as classic and traditional women’s fashion with a contemporary twist. From casual to dressy and everything in-between, there is something in the Gameday Couture collection for every style, every body type, and every personality out there. Utilizing trendy cuts, high quality fabrics, and a wide variety of embellishment techniques, the products take on a life of their own and definitely stand out in a crowd.

We are continually on top of forecasts and trends to offer our customers the latest in style, fit and materials to look and feel great in there collegiate apparel.

At Gameday Couture, we make products that allow you to express your personality and your style while representing your team colors. We focus on creating products that are inspired, designed and handcrafted to fit your life.” article, photo credit

That is wonderful news. Ladies? Your sports day has come.

For verification of its importance, we have a visiting female writer putting on her game face.

5 Reasons Why Game Day Excitement Never Gets Old article, photo credit

By Dawn Redd

Game days are the culmination of lots of work…over days, weeks, months, and even years. Game days are also amazingly fun. So here with post four of “I Love Coaching” month, let’s talk about the five things that are awesome about game day.

Preparation. I love watching video and figuring out the puzzle that the opposing teams represent. I enjoy putting together the practice plans to get ready for competition. The other puzzle that’s fun to figure out is my team. What should I say to them to make sure they’ve got the right mindset for the game? Is there a story or anecdote that I can tell to fire them up/calm them down/show them I believe in them/keep them focused…whatever the situation calls for?

Suiting up. Okay, I don’t actually wear suits to coach in, but I love that show How I Met Your Mother and Barney says that all the time. As coaches, we don’t have to put on a uniform (except for baseball, for whatever reason), so our game day attire is the way we can signal to our brains that it’s time to bring it. Quirk alert: I wear brand new tops for each of our conference games…I will not wear an old one. Those tops are judged harshly as winners or losers based on the team’s performance. Winners are worn in a non-conference competition at a later date…losers never see the light of competition again. This confession leads us quite nicely into the next topic.

Superstitions. Obviously, my tops (while super cute) have no bearing on whether my team loses or wins a game…that little nugget of truth doesn’t stop me from doing it year after year though! My assistant does fist bumps with some of the girls before every match. I have no idea how he chooses which players to connect with in that manner, but if he forgets, they yell at him to come and perform the superstitious act. To add to the insanity, certain players only wanted to do the fist bump when we were on certain sides of the court. It doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to be consistent.

Getting nervous. I still get butterflies in my stomach on game day. I’m not talking about crazy, like when I coached my very first game, nerves. But the healthy, this isn’t a normal day (but game day!) nerves. I fret over things I can’t control (like whether or not my team is properly prepared) as well as things that are completely within my control (like whether I should have the same lunch I had when we won the last game). Everything calms down for me though, at…

…the first whistle. It’s magical, let me tell you! After the warmup music is turned off, lineups are announced, and the teams tell each other good luck…it’s time to see if it all worked. If the preparation was adequate, if my outfit is a winner or loser, if we can respond to the moves being made by our opponent. I love watching my team execute the game plan, and seeing their faces when things goes well, and their fortitude when they don’t.

I’d love for you all to email me with what you love about game day…I’m sure it’s interesting. Then I can put together a post compiling everyone’s thoughts. Just let me know in your email if you mind me using your name.

Dawn Redd is the Head Volleyball Coach at Beloit College. Come visit Coach Dawn’s community of coaching nerds and team leaders over at her blog,, where she teaches how to become an excellent coach, motivate individuals, and build successful teams.

Her book, Coach Dawn’s Guide To Motivating Female Athletes, is available for purchase on her website.

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