Ideas magical and inspirational bloom spectacular when we pause for a moment and look at the world through bright eyes.

It tends to have a wonderful effect upon us and more so on the people who enjoy viewing the finished product of our passion.

This was demonstrated beautifully in the film Big Eyes, a story that slowly builds as it progresses.

Big Eyes is a 2014 American biographical film directed by Tim Burton, written by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski and starring Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz.

The slowly engulfing film is about the life of American artist Margaret Keane, world famous for drawing portraits and paintings with big eyes, and follows the story of Margaret and her husband, Walter Keane, who took credit for Margaret’s phenomenally successful and popular paintings in the 1950s and 1960s, and the lawsuit (and trial) between Margaret and Walter, after Margaret reveals she is the real artist behind the big eyes paintings.

When viewing the blog and passion of the sensuous shapely model Gabi Gregg (GabiFresh), it made me think of Ms. Keane’s work due to the abundance of love and passion clearly present.

It’s evident that Gabi is looking at the world with a very special lense.

With brilliant fresh eyes. article, photo credit article, photo credit

Gabi has created a following that led to a career in fashion design. She’s collaborated with to create a line of chic swimwear for women sizes 12 and up.

Very cool. We love the look. article, photo credit article, photo credit

Don’t you?

Gabi is super sweet and very down to earth. Let’s listen to her bio and the reason behind her life pursuit.

At her fun and colorful site she smiles, “This little old blog that started as a hobby has since become my full time job. That means I’m lucky enough to make money from doing what I love!

I partner with brands that I like, and am paid to collaborate with them on projects which I blog about here.

Natori has been on my radar for a while now; I’ve been a longtime fan of their beautifully feminine lingerie designs and luxe fabrics (I own a few of their gorgeous robes, including the one pictured below). When I heard they were launching Natori +Support, a supportive collection of bras ranging from 30DD-44H, I couldn’t have been more excited.

I started this blog in September 2008 after graduating college with an interest in fashion journalism. Since I didn’t have experience and couldn’t land an entry level job or internship, I decided blogging would be a great platform to show my writing skills and love for fashion. I knew first-hand the lack of resources for younger, trendier women sizes 14 and up, so I decided to fill the void. Over time, it has transformed into a personal style blog, where I share my fashion advice (which mostly consists of “ignore fashion rules!”) and outfits that I hope inspire others to take risks and have fun with clothing regardless of their size. I pretty much disagree with most mainstream fashion ideas and reject the notion of “dressing for your body type.”

I have appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Rip the Runway, Just Keke, and the MTV VMA’s. I’ve been featured in Glamour, Teen Vogue, InStyle, The New York Times, Seventeen, Time Out New York and Cosmopolitan. I have contributed to, Refinery29, xoJane, and”

We admire it when a person has found something they love, takes risks to follow their dream and actually finds financial success with it. article, photo credit maurices-horizontal article, photo credit maurices-horizontal

If only we all could.

Gabi is by far having a positive effect on others. Let’s listen in.

The cool site praises, “Blogger GabiFresh, also known as Gabi Gregg, is not only responsible for giving plus-size girls a powerful voice within the fashion industry, but she also helped to popularize the term “fatkini,” encouraging women of every body type to embrace their curves. And now, the Detroit-native is taking things one step farther with the launch of her fourth collaboration with swimsuitsforall, GabiFresh for Swim Sexy, a collection that will have bikini babes of all sizes rocking a trendy two-piece this summer.” article, photo credit article, photo credit

Are they not entertained?

How about this one?

The site’s name says it all, They’re on the prowl for exciting new models who impress and their eyes get real big when they speak about Gabi. “Super model Robyn Lawley and blogger GabiFresh team up for Sexy at Every Curve, a new campaign by swimsuitsforall who has created the first-ever sexy curvy swimsuit calendar featuring these two gorgeous pioneers of plus size fashion. Joined by models Jada Sezer and Shareefa J., the Sexy at Every Curve calendar aims to defy fashion’s status quo by portraying curvy women confidently flaunting their figures and looking incredibly sexy doing so.”

Gabi, you sure are making a believer out of us.

Let me get some Visine.

We love Robyn Lawley like crazee. Even wrote an article about her.

Robyn Lawley, Beautiful Shapely Model, Second Chance Personified

More love pours in.

The trail blazing group loves purchasing and watching what Gabi loves.Gabi Gregg, founder of the eponymous plus size fashion blog, Gabifresh, totally understands us. The body confident blogger, model and creator of the insta-viral curvy girl remake of Beyonce’s “***Flawless” that we still can’t get enough of, wants women of all sizes to know that they too can be flawless on the beach.

How, you ask? The lookbook for her third swimsuit collection with SwimSexy have been released and can you say, June, hurry up? In an effort to help you unleash your inner tropical vixen, Gabi designed a mix of nine vibrant bikinis and one-pieces that feature tropical prints, neon colors, and a ton of added sex appeal that we can’t wait to get our hands on!” article, photo credit article, photo credit

They really sound excited to us. And for good reason.

Gabi’s world was sure fun to visit. Her passion, energy and creativity is very evident in her blog and clothing lines.

She is the perfect rendering of someone who paused for a moment to take a look and more importantly take the risk of bringing what she loves to the world………

With tantalizing fresh eyes.

With eyes wide open.

With bright eyes.

With Big Eyes. article, weinstein company photo credit article, weinstein company photo credit

~ ~ ~

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