New and exciting, modern and innovative, describes the female submission wrestling and MMA styled cat fight group called Freshfite out of Ohio.

Fresh faced sexy girls. article, photo article, photo

Fresh competition with many newer girls.

Fresh approach to our female grappling game.

In their online interviews they share that they take a holistic approach to wrestling which is characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical. article, photo article, photo

They certainly seem to live up to their name.

What we love the most when viewing their product online is that they have attracted some of the best branded lady pro wrestlers to cross over and try real grappling. It’s sexy and engaging.

Santana Garrett is one of them. article, photo article, photo

Santana Garrett is an American model, professional wrestler and valet. She currently holds various championships, including the Wonder of Stardom Championship. She is also a former NWA World Women’s Champion. She has also worked for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) under the ring name Brittany. In November 2015, Santana was ranked 4 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated‘s Female 50 in 2015.

On October 16, 2015, Ms. Garrett made her debut for Japanese promotion World Wonder Ring Stardom, during their first American tour in Covina, California.

We have followed Santana’s career for quite some time and featured her with love.

Santana Garrett, Indie Wrestler, Mega Star Still Rising

So when we heard that she had wrestled at Freshfite, two matches in real competition, we couldn’t wait to sneak a peek.

First she met fresh faced Shanna. Here is the match description.

“FFV206 Freshfite Indoctrination Santana Garrett vs Shanna. Wow. They may be “friends” in the pro wrestling business, but there’s a deep seated rivalry between these two that came storming out in this match. Five painful submissions. Score tied 2-2 before a final definitive ending that left one fighter angry and fighting back tears. article, photo article, photo

Santana fights like her fans have never seen her before; she’s not the nice girl here. Shanna is a tough little badass. Who ends up with “bragging rights?” And they want to come back for a rematch at Freshfite Female Fighting. Both cannot wait to inflict more pain.”

Wow, sounds erotic and exciting. There’s more.

Next it’s Santana vs one of the top fighters at Freshfite in Sammie. Let’s sit down at ringside. article, photo article, photo

“FFV207 Freshfite Indoctrination Sammie vs Santana Garrett. All real kickass fighting from these two amazing fighters. These two have one intense struggle. And yes that is “good girl” Santana pulling on Sammie’s hair! These two fought for keeps, with pride and the Event Title on the line as it turned out. A lot of body to body muscle to muscle struggling. Is Santana from TNA more than Sammie can handle? These two want more of each other.”

What’s very impressive about Sammie is that she has fought in over 84 matches. That is truly incredible. She has also wrestled at Naga as well as demonstrating that she can compete and have success at many different venues.

When it comes to Freshfite, the news gets even better. We find another beautiful girl who has wrestled with them and lived to tell about it.

Meet Raven Eve Swift. She would like to introduce herself to you in case you would like to session with her. article, photo article, photo

“I have a fun personality, very intelligent and quick witted. When you session with me I will make you work while you’re laughing. However, I am very competitive. I don’t like to lose. I like kicking ass but no reason not to have fun while you’re doing it. If you message me about a session I need two references of other girls you have done sessions with and their emails.”

Raven’s email is

Then we saw another Mid-Western beauty that we featured with joy.

Remember Mary Kay Dobson? article, photo article, photo

Crazy Mary Dobson, Indie Wrestler, Krazee Like A Fox

Here is her match description at Freshfite.

“FFV160 Internationally Famous Professional Wrestler Crazy Mary Dobson vs Sammie the Bull. This has been building since Sammie called Crazy Mary out at a recent 1CW pro wrestling event at the Freshfite ring. They exchanged words, could have come to blows, but instead the challenge was issued by Sammie for an Extreme Freshfite Rules Catfight. Crazy Mary gladly accepted, and what followed was 32 minutes of EXTREME REAL fighting. No love lost between these two, as Sammie is out to prove a Freshfiter can defeat a bigger, stronger pro wrestler, while Mary is determined to put Sammie in her place. The battle rages for 3 falls, with the last one taking 25 minutes to finally settle the match. Face slaps, hair pulling, painful holds, and incredible wrestling as the pro wrestler adapts to Freshfite and Sammie gives her the surprise of her life for 32 minutes. This video is a collector’s item. Oh – did we say they both demanded a rematch? This did not settle anything…it’s far from over – both promised the next fight will be even more intense and rougher, if that’s possible!”

Freshfite has many of its events in Cheviot, Ohio.

The city of Cheviot is home to much of the same German-American and other ethnic cultures that inhabit the surrounding Cincinnati area. article, photo article, photo

The city is well known locally and around the surrounding areas for its annual Harvest Home Fair. Since about 1855, the fair has been held each year on the weekend after Labor Day.

The city incorporated the West Fest Street Festival in 2002, which has steadily grown in popularity. The annual event features local food, various booths/activities, children’s rides, and live music. Cheviot is often recognized by locals as “The Heart of The West Side” of Cincinnati because of its urban yet small-town, friendly culture.

The more we see Freshfite, the more we like what we see.

They really do seem to take an innovative approach to our industry. We hope they continue to have a long successful future. So much about them sounds desirable.

Sounds nice.

Sounds holistic.

It sounds very fresh.

~ ~ ~

Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.