Can a city turn you into a star?

It seems that it can or at least come close.

Look what San Francisco did for super star actor Michael Douglas early in his career where he starred alongside Carl Malden in the police series, Streets of San Francisco. article, Paramount Domestic Television photo credit

Would it have had the same effect if it were streets of Omaha? Luv Omaha, Just asking.

Would the long running series Sex and The City have had the same effect it were shot in say, Peoria?

Having said all of that, in the fitness world where stars are born on Instagram constantly, the gorgeous Brazilian monster of a mega city, Sao Paulo introduces us to another pretty girl who is gaining attention as a Fitness Model. article, photo found

The informative site  shares, “Rafaela Ravena, 23, from Sao Paulo is a fitness model with only 10% body fat. To achieve this she lost 33 lbs. (15 kg) and it took her only one year to do this. She did it after bullies called her “chubby.” However, now she has another kind of “bullies,” those who say that she could achieve this sculpted look only thanks to steroids and drugs. So, to prove them wrong, Rafaela took a test for steroids and published it online. And now she urges her fitness rivals to do the same.”

Her fame is starting to spread worldwide. The global news and information source publicizes, “Rafaela Ravena, 23, from São Paulo, shed 33lbs in just one year after cruel bullies called her ‘chubby’ and now boasts just ten per cent body fat.

However, since getting fit, the often scantily-clad model says she’s faced a new kind of insult, people suggesting that she looks so good she must be using drugs to achieve her sculpted look.”

Rafaela is so sexy we are happy to take her word for it.

Attention. Another Sao Paul Princess is ready to make her move.

We recently had an opportunity to watch another Sao Paulo beauty make her impact Sex and The City style.

Her screen name is Alice and we love the HBO series shot in all engulfing Sao Paulo. article, HBO photo credit

Have you seen it? Absolutely worth a look.

Alice is an original series created for the Brazilian branch of the HBO Latin America. The series was produced by HBO’s local partner, Gullane Filmes, and directed by Karim Aïnouz and Sérgio Machado. The series debuted in Latin America on September 21, 2008, with a season consisting of thirteen episodes, ending on December 14, 2008.

The series is starred by Andreia Horta who plays Alice, a young woman who leaves her small town to live in São Paulo, where she meets several people who help her to better understand herself. The series is characterized by a multitude of characters, the arguments of introspection in the protagonist’s inner journey and its realistic portrayal of the city and its inhabitants, showing examples of different lifestyles of many people in the metropolis.

We loved it. Best watched at night with no lights on showcased on a big screen television. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported there. article, photo found Tourist Destinations Brazil

We think you will love one of the songs that captivated during the series.

Check it out.

“(Just Like We) Breakdown”

“Come around and around just like we breakdown
With a fist and a fall we meet with the floor
On the ropes in the oak of making once more
All in the name of what we’re not sure

Lay down in our beds, it’s caught in our heads
There’s a room full of notes that build to a dread
Is there room to ignore what we are here for
Turn on the lights and open the door.

Ring on your finger, a block on your heart
Hold on my friend, the end is a start

Come around and around just like we breakdown
With a fist and a fall we meet with the floor
On the ropes in the oak of making once more
All in the name of what we’re not sure

Ring on your finger, a block on your heart
Hold on my friend, the end is a start.”

And while it lasts.

Many in high rises loved to watch. After all, it takes in Sao Paulo, a beauty that has never met a high rise that it didn’t approve of or fall in love with.

At they smile with a view, “This series is much like Sex and the City. However, the culture, the music and the general life of São Paulo is very different than life in New York City. So there’s a lot left to be discovered with Alice. When looking at São Paulo, you’ll quickly realize you’re taking in a totally different landscape than that of Rio. It gives you a glimpse at the immensity of Brazil’s capital and the multiculturalism of its residents. OK, but for languages, it gives you exposure to a totally different accent, perhaps even the one you should be studying.”

We want to study.

We love to study.

We want more.

To fly us in a helicopter over the city landing on one heliport after another, we have a guest speaker who entices us with a tour of the South American majestic concrete super star, Sao Paulo.

Sao Paulo – A Guide To Exploring This South American Gem article, wikimedia connons photo credit

By J. Ben Pate 

Big cities have a quality or series of qualities that just attract people. Some love the parties that never end, while others like just being around a lot of people and soaking in the atmosphere. It’s these qualities that attracts visitors every year to the busiest cities in the world. This brings to mind cities like New York or London, but there are some different cities that don’t get recognized as often, though they should be. Cities like Sao Paulo are culturally colorful, very diverse in population and tradition, and super trendy. Sao Paulo is the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere, and it provides an incredible city experience. Before you go on your trip, you will have to fill out a passport application first.

If you need to get a passport or renew or anything else, consider capitalizing on online passport services. Online passport services make the passport acquisition process so much easier. These sites specialize in something called expedited passport delivery, which means that you get to pick when your passport gets delivered, and you can be sure it reaches you by that date. There are also many other services available, like how to replace a damaged passport.

There is no shortage of things to do and see while in Sao Paulo. Picking what to do can be tough, but rely on your personal taste. One thing that is highly recommended in Sao Paulo is the nightlife, so be sure to spend a night out on the town. One of the reasons it’s so highly recommended is that there is something for everyone: dance clubs of all types, jazz clubs, comedy clubs, and a whole lot more.

One of the places the locals absolutely love is Ibirapuera Park. While this park is definitely a beautiful spot to just stop and relax, it offers a lot more than your standard park does. There are tons of bike paths, paths for running and walking, a beautiful glittering lake, a forested area, all sorts of sports sections, as well as a couple art galleries. Definitely try some of what the vendors sell, and explore the area surrounding the park as well.

If you want to experience a little bit of the surrounding natural environment around Sao Paulo, head to Serra da Cantareira. This local mountain range is home to a very important State Park and historic center. Here, in the genuine tropical rainforest, you will find the largest howler monkey colony in all of Brazil. One of the main reasons this spot is so valued in Brazil is the natural geological formations: springs, streams, and reservoirs all provide water which is stored in stunning natural rock caverns called cantaros.

Definitely try to do as much as you can during your stay in Sao Paulo simply because there is so much to do. Just don’t forget to fill out a passport application to get started. Remember that you can download an application online and sign up for expedited shipping service, and you can browse through other services like too, like ones that can help you figure out how to solve a damaged passport issue.

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