If I don’t feel confident about my body, I’m not going to sit at home and feel sorry for myself and not do something about it. It’s all about taking action and not being lazy. So you do the work, whether it’s fitness or whatever. It’s about getting up, motivating yourself and just doing it…………….Kim Kardashian *


As the world of indoor female sports slowly unite through a progressive cultural shift, the encouragement from Fitness Models is healthy and motivating.

Femcompetitor Magazine looks forward to the day when alongside the MMA styled Submission Wrestlers, Dancers, Gymnast, Cheer Performers and Singers that all of these beautiful competitors entertain us at one venue.

Please enjoy our previous articles on these beautiful women who inspire, educate and entertain. To see photo credits and read the entertaining articles, please click on the title.


1. Athleta Makes You Look Great All Day, Any Day

athleta IMG_3758

2. Sue Lasmar, Super Star, New Architectural Beauty Design

sue lasmar 130040752

3. Fem Wrestlers: Is CrossFit Training For You?

crossfit alexandra-lachance-4-e1433818917834

4. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Sensuous Fittest Woman On Earth

camille 1mAKtNa

5. Andreia Brazier, Fitness Princess Who Spreads Stardust

andreia AB_LHGFX_2014MIA_08AG0261_edited-1_Perfect365


6. Draga, Fitness Trainer, Wrestler, Yellow Brick Road Guide

draga linkedin 0483a53

7. Lais DeLeon, Brazilian Fitness Star, Easy To Follow, Easy …

Lais facebook 10420357_400491260143703_4711439039565609329_n

8. Noora Kuusivuori, Nordic Fitness Princess, Survived And …

noora 11199513_1430865410548795_1297405770_n

9. Sarah Scott, Elevates Pole Dance Fitness Into The Mainstream sarah scott 705b5c_451675a25c6a4d1fb77b9f74a6b3f94a

10. Jamillette Gaxiola, Fitness Model, Where Fascination Begins

jamillette jamillette-gaxiola-7


11. Katie Hogan, CrossFit Princess, A Lesson In Destiny

katie Katie-Hogan

12. Bella Falconi, Fitness Star, Wears Beauty And Confidence ..

bella falconi 430639095 article, photo

14. Metisha Schaefer, Master’s Degree, German Fitness Princess

metisha Metisha-Schaefer-in-Leggings-Workout--03

15. Jenn Jones, CrossFit Princess, Going Anywhere She Wants

jenn jones yes 9uTppLU

16. Sophie Arvebrink, Sexy Fitness And Broad Shoulders …

sophie sophiearvebrink photos 12224563_133315733698455_635996462_n

17. Edith Labelle, Canadian Fitness Beauty, UFC Ring Girl …

edith f7dc8e_4254f4d40b4e44c99117daf402d31cad

18. Juliana Salimeni, Brazilian Fitness Princess, Promotional …

juliana 287full-juliana-salimeni

19. Kara Webb, Resilient Beauty, Fittest Woman In Australia

kara b9e645cafb5e4a1dd54a7dc462ed30e8 2

20. Ainsley Rodriguez, Miami Fitness Star, Perfect Virtual Reality

ainsley ainsleyrodriguez3


21. Stacie Tovar, Nebraska CrossFit Star, Tower Of Power

stacie tumblr_nsks2vnEjC1qdjo2ho1_500

22. Amanda Bisk, Fitness Beauty, Australian Beach, Perfect Fit

amanda 11245072_1606900772912504_298427539_n

23. Arianny Celeste, Fitness Model, UFC Ring Girl, No Limits

arianny 924649_878127598875780_1729885448_n

24. Carol Saraiva, Brazilian Fitness Goddess, Global Muse

carol CaFUlN7UYAAfgYk

25. Jennifer Rish, FBB Fitness Princess, Dancer, Muscles To ..

jennifer rish tumblr_mh0herPcL41rpfztqo1_1280


26. Jen Selter, Global Fitness Belfie Princess, Butt of Attention

jenn tumblr_n4i5g7EeIU1spo4w2o1_1280

27. Maggie Ann, Pole Fitness Star, East Coast Visionary

maggie 10410288_562317800548348_17086937206124775_n

28. Denae Brown, Fitness Star, Perception Into A Powerful Reality

denae website portrait1

29. Mary Helen Bowers, Fitness Star, Dancer, Major Inspiration

bowers FEATURE MH_Excercises113

30. Brooke Wells, CrossFit Athlete, Innovative Team Member

brooke wells 4452836f7f3912302fd404569a007643


31. Massy Arias, Fitness Super Star, Leads Us Into The Light

massy instagram 1_160

32. Sergia Louise Anderson, Fitness Beauty, Dynamic Global …

sergia sergia_02

33. Maya Nassar, Beautiful Fitness Model, Exotic, Transformative

maya fitnstyle.com594 × 657 140530080522819~MN - Copy

34. Lexy Panterra, Twerking Star, Makes The Common Magical

lexy llll-uai-720x324

35. Anna Nystrom, Swedish Fitness Super Star, Golden Touch

anna 320943242


36. Jamie Eason, Fitness Super Star, Immensity In Purpose

jamie b6a146728d7d28b977cc13470e355cf8

37. Alessandra Pichelli, Crossfit Iron Will, Competes Against …

alessandra pichelli feature 685b83b34db22e5d1e924d4d77a22ee6

38. Twerking, When Is It Fitness Or Something Else?

twerking twerk2-e1413168263946

39. Athleta, Workout Apparel, The Power of She, Bold New Campaign

athleta IMG_8141

40…….24 Hour Fitness, Female Friendly, New Innovative Programs

fitness fitness136


41. Anytime Fitness, 24 Hours, Female Friendly, Great Everytime

anytime crop

42. Claudia Alende, Megan Fox Look Alike, Imitation Is Profitable

claudia Claudia-Alende-9

43. Lucy Activewear, Female Athletes, Be Part Of The Girl Squad lucy C2x2_Image1

44. Eva Andressa, Fitness Star, Worthy Of Great Recognition

eva brazil 38770_original

45. Virag Kiss, Hungarian Fitness Beauty, Fragrant Flower

virag bb2625ad393a182b8a31ce83f0ff0c71


46. Gorgeous Irish Fitness Girls, Easy To Love

irish fcf7bc1d419a33c031ba184ec269a068

47. Fem Wrestlers: Treadmill Your Way To A Perfect Body

Exercising on a treadmill

48. Fem Wrestlers: Would Kick Boxing Enhance Your Workout?

kick kickboxing cardio-kickboxing-600x384.23570808_std

49. Sexy Korean Fitness Girls, Trendsetting Perfection

korea dad0b137f0d0b3d296a1c1d2d1542170

50. Female Athletes: Zumba Fitness Is New And Improved

zumba Zumba-fitness-clothing


51. Fem Wrestlers: Should Tire Flipping Be In Your Workout Routine?

tire kellie davis tireflip

52. Fem Athletes: Can Salsa For Fitness Make You Irresistible?

salsa onlinesalsa 3191882545_b653330720

53. Female Athletes: Choosing The Right Gym – 10 Great Tips

italy blondes_women_jeans_bikini_abs_muscular_scarf_fi

54. Cindy Landolt, Swiss Global Fitness Trainer, Elite Assistance

cindy Cindy Landolt red hot

55. Fem Athletes, Kate Hudson Loves To Jump Rope, Why You Should Too

rope Kate3


56. Six Pack Abs, Are Stomach Crunches The Best Way? Here’s Other …

artemis alphacatz photo Artemis_AlphaCatz_DSC01321_scale_1550_1028

57. Colleen Fotsch, CrossFit Sensation, Sports – Life Enthusiast

colleen Colleen Fotsch

58. Erin Pugliese, Sunny San Diego Life Coach, Fantastic Fitness Trainer

erin Erin-Pugliese22

59. Tone It Up Fitness Babes, Unique, Energetic, Double The Fun

karena-kat-tone-it-up-vix-bikinis tone


60. Lauren Fisher, Manteca CrossFit Super Star, Strong And Beautiful

lauren 1 SPRINT-CARRY-4

61. Karen Vi, Gorgeous Mexican Fitness Model, Embraces Life’s Risks


62. Julie Lohre, Platinum Personal Trainer, Premium Results


63. Pole Fitness, Netflix Blood, Sweat, Sequins, Captivating


64. Andrina Santoro, Stunning Swiss Fitness Coach, Healthy Inspiration



65. Kiana Tom, Award Winning TV Fitness Expert, Fabulous Fun


66. Anja Zeidler, Super Sexy Swiss Fitness Trainer, Truth Teller


67. Fem Athletes, Bodyblade Fitness, Toned Body, Effective, Innovative


68. Fem Athletes: The Training Mask May Be Perfect For Your Workout


69. Heidi Powell, Elite Fitness, Determined To Transform Lives



70. Japanese Fitness Girls In An Aging Country, Precious Gems


71. Jessi Kneeland, Fitness Super Star, Bright Lights Get Brighter


72. Bokwa Fitness, Fun, Fantastic, Fabulous, Easy As ABC


73. Session Girls, Create And Shape Gorgeous Buns With Kettle Bells


74. Nora Tobin, Elite Blonde Fitness Model, Perfect Packaging



75. Simone De La Rue, Fitness Super Star To The A list Mega Stars

76. Mindi Smith, Mid-West Fitness Beauty, Helps You Find Your Stride

77.  Simone De La Rue, Fitness Super Star To The A list Mega Stars

78. Female Athletes, It’s Easy To Be Fit With The Simply Fit Board

79. Lauren Drain, Tampa Fitness Star, Inspires Us To Be Better


80.  Kathryn Budig, Yoga Fitness Trainer, A Bright Flower Stands Out

81. Nia Shanks, Elite Fitness Coach, She Knows What We’re Thinking

82. Alexandra Bring, Gorgeous Swedish Fitness Model, Sensuous And Inspiring

83. Tatiana Girardi, Instagram fitness celebrity, Focus Of Endless Wishes

84. Alicia Marie, Sexy Fitness Super Star, Life Super Heroine

85. Nikki Sharp, Wellness Expert, Health Coach, Sexy Fitness Luminary

86. Paige Hathaway, Star Fitness Innovator, Pride Of Minnesota

87. Katarina Konow, Gorgeous Swedish Fitness Model, Squatting Her Way To Fame

88. Fitness, Nutrition, Climate Change, Here Is The Connection article, Alice Matos

89. Kerri Verna, Superb Yoga Instructor, Life At The Beach

90. Johanna Modin, Captivating Swedish Fitness Star


91. Elizabeth Zaks, Instagram Fitness Super Star, Loves Her Pancakes

92. Sumeet Sahni, Fitness Princess, Cinderella Transformation Fairy Tale

93. Caragh Flannery, Irish Fitness Star, Delicious Look, Tasty Diet Plan

94. Kino MacGregor, Superb Yoga Teacher, Soothing Pathway To The Light

95. Ashlie Molstad, Inspiring Fitness Model, It’s Okay To Be A Foodie Girl

96. Alyssa Loughran, Fit Pennsylvania Princess, Compelling Story

97. Payal Kadakia Pujji, ClassPass Founder, Dancer, Fitness Extraordinaire 

98. Three Week Yoga Retreat, Simple, Star Driven, Effective

99. Nochtli Peralta Alvarez, Fitness Star, Hard Work, Huge Dreams