The greatest compliments in life are not when you promote yourself but when others, without you knowing it, sing your praises to the world with sincerity.

Femcompetitor Magazine was speaking with industry super star Cheyenne Jewel after a session in San Francisco and she was ecstatic about her travels to Troisdorf, Germany, a suburb about 22 kilometers south of Cologne, where she wrestled for one of today’s elite female wrestling producers, Femwrestle Studios.

The group specializes in live events featuring some of the greatest talent in the world including many of the former DWW stars like Viktoria, Antscha, and the two Orsi girls.

We were all very sad to see the former Danube company close its doors but Femwrestle comes as close as we’ve seen to the high quality elite wrestling that we were used to seeing at DWW.

They have connections with Honey from London Wrestling studios and many of the United Kingdom beauties like Shay, Axa, Mystique, Xena, Kassidy, Thunder and others who have wrestled there.

The group also has strong ties with the Hungarian female wrestling community, which in Femcompetitor Magazine’s opinion have now replaced the Czech Republic, who once ruled with an iron female fist during the DWW days as having the best female submission wrestlers in the world.

So many of super star Tia’s associates like Kimbra, Mara and Jenna and many others have graced their mats with fierce competition as well.

Super Sexy Jenna article, photo article, press photo

Their catalog is extensive with, as of this writing, over 130 movies in their studio:

The most authentic way to express praise for a company is to purchase their products and support their bottom line. Here are some of the matches that we have purchased from this exceptional group and without giving away the ending, we will share our reviews with you.


Skylar Rene vs Mystique

Here is the company’s match description: “This is 100% the wildest and hardest match of the event. We had to stop the fight 5 minutes before regular ending, because of a very painful injury. We never thought that this wild fight will go like this. A big surprise for all that one of the girls get beaten so hard.” article, photo article, photo

We had a chance to sit down and speak with Skylar about this match and she indeed had suffered a strong neck injury yet was game enough to put up a fight in this brutal match even though at one point it appeared she was almost sick to the stomach.

Great wrestling aside, Mystique form the UK has truly emerged as one of the world’s top fighters and Skylar’s perfect abs and tan body make for a very sexy fight.

Skylar and Mystique always make for a great story.

Mystique LWS Wrestler, Already Great…… And Getting Better

Skylar Rene, Female Wrestler, The Total Package!

We travel back to the year 2014


Our article featuring the beautiful blonde Axa jay from England says it all.

Axa Jay, UK Wrestler Proves She’s For Real

You see, up to this point, early in her career, Axa has primarily wrestled at a British wrestling company that engaged in both competitive and semi-competitive matches. Our UK beauty had built up an impressive record stringing together over 20 victories without a defeat.

Beautiful though they are, the skill level at times was lacking.

It was a little like building up an undefeated record in Division II College football and then wanting to take on a 6-6 SEC team and think that you have a chance.

Did Axa stand a chance against the elite of the world found at Femwrestle?

She would now take on Ella, a Tia disciple at the Femwrestle event.

Match Tough Axa Jay

As the two girls walked out to battle, they looked stunning in their bikinis. Axa sported a light blue outfit and Ella with one similar to a rainbow.

Ella immediately flopped down on the mats, fantasy style. Was this humor aimed at Axa’s contemporaries that she easily dispatched of? In other words Axa was used to wrestling fantasy girls who are easily dominated?

The match between Ella and Axa is friendly and we do feel that Ella could have turned up the heat but all said and done, back in 2014 Axa proved that she was ready to take the next step.

If Axa’s match against Ella showed how far she has come, her match against the more skilled and less forgiving Hungarian star Mara, showed how far she needs to go.

The two beauties came to the center in skirts and began the competitive affair with primarily upper body holds. Mara would quickly take control of this match with superior arm locks and even when it appeared that Axa had the upper hand with a head lock, Mara used her legs to trap Axa in a brutal head scissors.

Today, in 2016, Axa has emerged as one of the top wrestlers in England. She now has her own site and has become adept at marketing herself. She is going to spread her wings and test her muscle by wrestling at industry leader Fight Pulse from the Czech Republic as well.

Good for her. She is now one of the great ones.

Didn’t we tell you so back in 2014?


If you love strong, thick, beautiful women with feminine muscle (who doesn’t) then you’ll fall madly in love with Xena from the former London Wrestling studios.

We certainly did and wrote about her. Xena, LWS, A Wrestler With A Bright Future

Here she is going to face another Hungarian heroine in Kimbra, a former DWW alum and that should tell you and Xena everything. article, photo article, photo

The producers warm you up for what’s coming. Here is the match description.

“An absolute must see match, Kimbra is unbelievable. Well known, very strong Xena from LWS can’t believe what happens in this fight. Smaller but taller Kimbra is a real fighter, and if you want her to submit you have to kill her.”

Thankfully Xena doesn’t kill her.

Doesn’t submit her either.

Kimbra is completely relaxed and using her legs and skills to stay in complete control of this match. Xena is in a black bikini that highlights her strong feminine thighs in struggle is maximum sex appeal.

She looks absolutely gorgeous.

Xena is controlled at every turn and watching the Hungarian girls, one can’t help but feel they truly have emerged as the best in the world.

An earlier Femcompetitor article speaks to that.

Kimbra DWW, HWW, The Next Generation Of The …


“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”.. Oprah Winfrey

We love Femwrestle events. article, photo article, photo

It’s like going to a Hollywood star studded gala and seeing familiar faces like Ariel, Leona, Sable, Cheyenne, Honey, Antscha, Mystique, Laken and others, wrestling, socializing, sitting in the background or watching the matches.

Have you purchased a Femwrestle product yet? You should. We love their high quality matches that are highly entertaining, competitive and extremely sexy.

Not only is that high praise indeed.

That’s high praise well deserved.

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