Society can overlook murder, adultery or swindling; it never forgives preaching of a new gospel.

This statement was shared to the world by Mr. Edmund Burke who was an Irish statesman born in Dublin. He was also an author, orator, political theorist, and philosopher, who, after moving to England, served for many years in the House of Commons of Great Britain as a member of the Whig party.

Okay friends. Is this a new thought to you? It shouldn’t be. What time period are we speaking of?

Mr. Burke was born January 12, 1729.

What was the new message that he was preaching about?

Mainly, he is remembered for his support of the cause of the American Revolutionaries, and for his later opposition to the French Revolution.

Female Submission Wrestlers? Female competition International has been preaching and preaching to you that the new world of women’s submission wrestling will be driven by the Social Media; eroticism and violence will be reduced and your power will be in presenting yourself as an attractive, primarily college educated market to corporate advertisers.

Step one is that we write an article promoting you and your sessions. Step two is that we contact you and you post the article on your social media. Step three is that we take those numbers and present them to female friendly Corporate America and they pay for advertising.

Step two seems to be where the break down begins. Many of you are not posting our articles to your Social Media.

We have a question for you that make the decision to behave that way.

Do you want women’s wrestling to move into the new world or stay in the old one where the down loaded product is being stolen online?

We of course have to do our part for this new age preach teach to be effective. As of this writing we have contacted corporations, are in a third meeting with one and are developing our rate card. It’s a process but it’s happening right now.

In terms of our numbers, at the end of our first year of publishing in 2013, we had 4,500 readers of our posts. As of January 24, 2015, slightly over one year later we are at 47,500 readers.

In 2015 our very realistic projects will surpass 100,000 readers. We are not speaking of site visitors which consist of channel surfers and bouncers. That figure would be at least three times more. It sounds better but we are not here to falsely impress, just explain. Our powerful numbers reflect people who make the decision to read 1,000 word articles.

Yes for repetition, over 100,000 projected readers in 2015 and that is the low estimate.

Okay it’s time to get up on the pulpit again, with a smile.

When we ask you to send us fully clothed Jpegs, it’s not a moral issue but a marketing one. One day would you like to get paid to endorse corporate products? That can easily become a reality if your body of work is not overly erotic.

This now brings us to the power of Femvertising.

Have you heard of Femvertising? Do you know what it means?

Hey, guess what? Its new age preaching and Madison Avenue is listening and more important applying what they have learned.

At an Oct. 2 AdWeek 2014 panel dedicated to “femvertising” — defined by moderator Samantha Skey, Chief Revenue Officer of SheKnows, as pro-female messaging within advertising — experts discussed the rise of “femvertising” and how it has shaped brands’ approaches to female consumers.

Ads that celebrate women and girls rather than objectify them have become wildly popular.

In 2008, 97.5 million people tuned into Super Bowl XLII, and a little over 40% of those viewers were women. That is over 39 million women, yet the majority of the commercials shown during Super Bowl XLII were geared towards men. Most of the commercials were for sports-related products, beer or cars—things that advertising agencies are still considering to be only male products. Women enjoy sports, they drink beer, they even drive cars, and by marketing their products towards men only, these agencies missed out on reaching 39 million people.

According to, Women make over 80% of all household purchasing decisions, and they are taking more and more control of the household finances. If the companies that were marketing their products during Super Bowl XLII researched this information before making their final decision, they may not have excluded those 39 million people in control of household purchases.

The widely known and respected advertising publication adds, “A new SheKnows Fem-vertising Survey found that 52 percent of women admitted to buying a product because they liked how the marketer and its ads presented women, and 43 percent said it made them feel good about supporting the brand. Also, only a quarter of the 628 women polled said they’d keep using a product if they didn’t like how women were portrayed in its ads.”

Simply put if an ad primarily focuses on your sexuality, that is NOT femvertising. If an ad focuses on you as a purchasing decision maker and presents you in a positive and respectful light; that is Femvertising.

We realize that this is a massive cultural shift but we are asking that you slowly moderate your thinking.

There will always be a market for female wrestling pleasure products that focus on the female wrestler’s sexuality. We don’t feel that is a bad thing. We are just saying in the new world it’s not the only way to go fishing at Mixed Wrestling Lake and Session Sea.

By taking a mainstream approach, FCI hopes to open you female wrestlers up to a newer and more importantly, much larger mainstream fishing pond.

We realize this all takes time and it is a process but we feel in the long term a more lucrative one.

How do you think the public felt about Mr. Burke preaching about the American Revolution? Now we see him as a visionary.

At FCI, we feel that Femvertising is like Columbus sailing to the new world. It’s mostly unexplored, somewhat frightening and with no guarantees of anything.

By the same token, it’s exciting, speaks to re-invention, new beginnings and expansive opportunities with no limits. That describes today’s America.

That is the future that you want, right?

~ ~ ~

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