No matter the century nor uniqueness of the issues that churn the decade involved, according to one of the greatest story tellers that has ever lived, William Shakespeare; every man and woman will always go through the same stages of life resulting in the inevitable outcome.


This led him to coin the often quoted phrase, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages.”

The eternal popularity of Mr. Shakespeare is understandable. We all love a great story. Every industry has it’s players and storytellers.

In the women’s submission wrestling industry, no one tells a better story than the widely respected Female Wrestling Channel. article, FWC photo article, FWC photo

At first glance the wrestling company seems like a mixture of two other industry leaders; Sleeperkid and Fem Wrestling Rooms. With those two, the girls are beautiful, the opening or entire match is scripted and you can guess the storyline’s eventual outcome.

This is where the Female Wrestling Channel (FWC) differs.

Yes the girls are beautiful and the opening act scripted but then it can take an unexpected and often very enjoyable turn afterwards.

At its best, life is completely unpredictable”.…….Christopher Walken

In speaking with Female Competition International (FCI), the Indiana company’s owner, Mr. Johnny Ringo explains this unique entertaining concept. “The purpose of the Female Wrestling Channel is to combine two interests.

The first is to cater to fans who think that females should be showcased over males.  The second is to cater to those who crave REAL wrestling action. What makes us unique at the FWC is that we have an ongoing story, with characters, but we never know where the story will go, nor do the fans, since the outcomes of the matches are not scripted or predetermined in any way.”

Sounds good.

Every story has a star and in viewing the profiles of the sexy wrestlers who compete on cue, one that stands out in the crowd is the sultry Monroe Jamison. She stars in many of their matches and unlike most of the girls who wrestle only within the company village, Monroe is willing to take risks and dip her toes outside of the pond. article, FWC photo article, FWC photo

One of her adventures was taking on a female wrestling titan in Cheyenne Jewel. The fiercely contested match can be purchased and viewed at

It’s easy to get excited about Mid-Western female wrestling companies where the region has a rich history that includes the memorable girl next door company called Modelfight which blew in like a tornado in the early 2000 decade. The fun and sensuous girls included Caroline, Roxy, Alissa, Lisa, Heather, Becca, Brandi and my personal favorite the trash talking slender beauty name Alexis who took risks and wrestled in Florida with Flamingo, TPC in England and other regions in Europe.

Our current mid-western glamour girls whose matches can be purchased at FWC are Haley Davidson vs London Rain, Charlee Angel vs Electra Jamison (original Episode 24), Kalista Daring vs Foxy Rain (Kalista quit 2 hours before), Electra Jamison vs Foxy Rain (twice), Ashley Wildcat vs Buffy Ellington, Monroe Jamison vs Carmella Ringo and Ivy Hiss vs Scarlett Squeeze to name a few.

One of the reasons why Ms. Jamison has great appeal is because she exemplifies what FCI has been preaching since our inception. If the every-day woman is willing to not be influenced by the negative female wrestling images of the past nor the sometimes harsh judgments of family and friends who may see all aspects of women’s wrestling as inappropriate, something wonderful tends to happen.

They try wrestling and absolutely love it.

When the girls of the Danube with Luzia, Hana, Dagmar, Sandra, Petra, Daniela and others dominated the women’s wrestling scene in the late 1990’s, to watch them you would think that they were professionals.

Not so.

Research indicated that they did exactly what Monroe did. They were every day girls like Equestrian Riders, Ice Skaters, Nurses, Farmers and more, who kept an open mind, were introduced to an event by a female friend, tried wrestling and never looked back.

Monroe speaks to that as well at “I just got started in February of 2012. Never thought I would wrestle before like this in my life. If you would have told me I would be doing this in 2010 or 2011 I would have told you that you are crazy.

But, I love it!

I’m a real female competitive mat wrestler for the Female Wrestling Channel. Who would have ever thought?   And, I’m pretty good at it too!”

We agree.

As is our custom, FCI not only wants to promote the female wrestlers and our great industry, we also try and entertain and educate our readers about this fascinating world that we live in. We’ve taken you to Poland, The Czech Republic, England, France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Australia, Japan, China, Canada and all across the United States.

We haven’t taken you to Indiana. As their native sons, The Jackson Five, so eloquently sang, words to the effect, it’s time to go back to Indiana. Lafayette specifically. article, Wikimedia photo article, Wikimedia photo

At, the mayor, Mr. Tony Roswarski speaks to us with open arms, “A warm welcome from the City of Lafayette, known as the place of choice for singles, families and retirees. Our community values long-time residents, welcomes newcomers and enjoys visitors.

A high-energy community, the Greater Lafayette area is a thriving business and industry hub focused on progress, investment and job creation. We offer great sports and recreation, fine cultural activities, year round festivals and affordable housing. And we’re known for our blue-ribbon schools, regional healthcare services and historic downtown loaded with shopping, dining and night life.”

FARMER’S MARKET article, Wikimedia photo article, Wikimedia photo

As always, the sound information source Wikipedia provides us with a strong foundation. “Lafayette is a city in and the county seat of Tippecanoe County, Indiana, 63 miles northwest of Indianapolis and 105 miles southeast of Chicago.

West Lafayette, on the other side of the Wabash River, is home to Purdue University, which contributes significantly to both communities. Together, Lafayette and West Lafayette form the core of the Lafayette, Indiana Metropolitan Statistical Area. According to the 2010 United States Census, the population of Lafayette was 67,140, roughly a 19% increase from 56,397 in 2000.” article, Wikimedia photo article, Wikimedia photo

Purdue. Hey that’s where NFL super star quarterback Drew Brees lit up the green. Miami Dolphins Legend Bob Griese also.

In viewing FWC’s website, they sure can light up the screen as well with a good yarn.

William Shakespeare reminded us that, try as we may, we cannot avoid the predictable stages of life: Infancy filled with helplessness, our school years where we leave our protected environment, the lover where we fawn, the soldier where we’re find our passion, justice where we hoped to have acquired wisdom, old age, incapacity and the unavoidable outcome of perishing.

Now while I wouldn’t compare Johnny Ringo and FWC competitive female wrestling matches with storylines to Shakespeare, however I would say they seem to be on to something. Their stories certainly have their stages and all involved play their part, but the refreshing ascension of it all is that unlike our foreordained lives…….

Their ending is refreshingly unpredictable.

~ ~ ~

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