Two elite players, meeting from foreign countries who meet when the stakes are at its highest, can create strong rivalries.

In female sports, the tennis world has brought us some of the greatest intercontinental matches of all time.

In modern times, super star Serena Williams has dominated the scene so strongly that it’s hard to say that she has a true rival. article, photo found article, photo found

Some would say it’s Maria Sharapova but according to sports giant, “Serena Williams enjoys a lopsided 18-2 record against Maria Sharapova. Yet the matchup between these two stars remains the most compelling on the WTA Tour.”

The tennis star that seemed to push Serena the hardest is the retired Belgium great, Justine Henin, whose fierceness on the courts was relentless and unique. article, Getty images, photo found article, Getty images, photo found

Regarding that rivalry on September 5, 2015, writer Kamakshi Tando reporting for ESPN W shared, “Except that she is younger than current No. 1 Serena Williams, has a 6-8 record against her and defeated her at three Grand Slams in a row in 2007 — in the quarterfinals of the French Open, Wimbledon and US Open — before abruptly retiring at 25 years old in 2008. While Williams, who turns 34 later this month, is four US Open wins away from winning the Grand Slam, the 33-year-old Henin is busy coaching kids and working with her foundation.”

It seems Serena’s greatest rivals are now retired and as of this July 5, 2016 writing, she continues to chase Steffi Graf’s grand slam record. On Jun 4, 2016 the informative site related, “Serena Williams vowed to keep chasing down Steffi Graf’s record of 22 Grand Slam titles after it remained once again tantalizingly out of reach thanks to Garbine Muguruza’s French Open triumph on Saturday.

Williams’s titles count at the majors has stalled on 21 ever since she lifted a sixth Wimbledon crown last year by beating Muguruza in the final.

The American star then suffered a shocking semi-final loss to Italian journey woman Roberta Vinci at the US Open before defeat to Germany’s Angelique Kerber in the Australian Open title match in January.”

Serena vows to keep trying.

Watching great rivalries are what keep our sports blood boiling.

In the competitive female submission wrestling world there are some competitions on an international scope that this writer would love to see continued but due to a lack of industry funding may not see, but it’s fun to still dream about them.

They are a little off the beaten path but in another more prosperous female submission wrestling dimension, they would be fun to see blossom.

Mystique vs Maria Garcia

This is an international match to die for. We love both Mystique, currently one of the world’s most elite submission wrestlers, and Maria, and wrote about both of them.

Mystique LWS Wrestler, Already Great…… And Getting Better

Spain’s Maria Garcia, A Wrestler Now On The Radar! article, photo article, photo

The match description keeps you salivating. “Welcome return to the LWS mats to gorgeous Spanish bodybuilder Maria Garcia, with a tougher match than we gave her last time, against experienced wrestler Mystique. The girls have very different physiques but are the same weight, at 54 kg. We don’t think Maria realized what she was in for – an extremely competitive match against feisty Mystique. Lots of grunts and groans here as these two have a right old scrap! Scissors, smothers, headlocks, and arm locks all feature in this exciting match.” article, photo article, photo

The match can be purchased at:

Next we travel to the Czech Republic to witness a Romanian vs English showdown between Alessia (Sky Storm) and Amethyst. There was a lot of build up to this match and rightly so.

We love them both and have written about them.

Amethyst, UK Wrestler, Ancient Origins, Bright Future

Alessia Cutie, Wrestler, Gymnast, Roman Bloodlines, Soldier Girl   

Let’s listen in. “The wait is over! Because of the buzz that this encounter has caused and multiple requests from our customers we decided to make an unscheduled release. We present to you, dear Subscribers and Visitors, Amethyst Hammerfist vs Sky Storm! article, photo article, photo

This match is easily one of our most promoted encounters. If you are not following us at the forum or on social networks, you might have missed out on a lot. Here’s how you can catch up. While our subscribers have known for several months that the two ladies would visit Fight Pulse in May, the announcement of this match was made in the following blog post: Incoming – Amethyst Hammerfist and Sky Storm. article, photo article, photo

This was followed by a Twitter feud (!) between the two competitors which you can read here: Twitter – Ame vs Sky. And then there was the poll at the mixed wrestling forum, results of which irritated Amethyst, to say the least, as she revealed on her Twitter, as well as in the pre-shoot interview.

There’s not much left to say about this encounter. FW-37, as was expected, is an intense competitive match between two strong opponents. It is so intense, in fact, that we had to pause the match briefly on two occasions – once due to an accidental strike, and once due to things getting too heated.”

Let’s travel to Troisdorf, Germany where the Femwrestle Group produces some mind blowing events. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

This match flew in under the radar but was so erotic with two newer upstarts that we hope they meet again.

Welcome to Jenna vs Alkaia, the latter greatly admired and featured in one of our articles.

Alkaia, Czech Wrestler, Warrior Princess, Big Stage Ready

We have an over 1,000 word article sitting in our library about the stunning Hungarian Princess Jenna but the jury is still out on her wrestling. We want a little more time to pass so that we can analyze whether she has plateaued or is on the rise.

We are absolutely crazy about her in a fully competitive forum and purchased all of her matches at Femwrestle to build an opinion based upon extensive data.

For now, we loved her match against the gorgeous, blonde, shapely Czech maiden, Alkaia. article, photo article, photo

These are two girls, newer in both of their camps where the expectations are running high. They come to center stage, flexing their upper body muscles in elegant black bikinis.

Theirs is a closely competitive ground war where as soon as one slowly gains an advantage, the other seems to get right back on top. article, photo article, photo

Jenna is so elegant and feminine that it’s impossible not to salivate over her. Both Alkaia and Jenna possess just the perfect amount of feminine muscle and baby fat curved in all of the right places to make this match an erotic, methodical struggle.

You’ll love it.

Whether it’s in the tennis world or our competitive female grappling industry, we all love a great rivalry. As our industry grows with beautiful, perfectly fit and shapely women with a competitive attitude, we feel the best is yet to come.

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Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.