Women competing on the sand under the sun is wonderfully under construction.

More events are being architecturally designed and created every day.

Beach Volleyball and Beach Wrestling have been around for years but now Beach Hand Ball is gaining in popularity.

Time for a closer look.


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Beach handball is a team sport where two teams pass and bounce or roll a ball, trying to throw it in the goal of the opposing team.

The game is similar to team handball, but it is played on sand instead of in a sports hall.

For those of us who have played handball inside on a court similar to the one in racquetball, we know that strategically using a wall to score can change the dynamics of the game dramatically.

Playing outside on a beach provides a combatant with the ability to dive for shots in a way that you could obviously never do indoors.

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Matches are played in two or three sets, depending on when a team wins their second set of the game. If teams are tied at the end of a regular set then the teams will play for a golden goal. The teams will try to win a jump ball and the first goal wins the set. If the teams are tied at the end of 2 sets then the teams will participate in a tie breaker.

The tie break involves a goalie throwing the ball to his/her own player while that player attempts to score one-on-one with the opposing goalie. During regular play, if the goalkeeper scores a goal this counts as two points, compared to a normal goal scored by an outfield player which counts as 1 point.

Creative or spectacular goals, such as 360 degree jumps and alley-oops, are awarded with two points, as well as inflights and 6 meter throws.

The official rules of Beach Handball were internationally made in 2002. The first European Championships was played in the year 2000.


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When viewing Beach Wrestling on a national level, usawevents.sportngin.com shares, “USA Wrestling understands the importance of developing all styles of wrestling, and is committed to the development and success of Beach wrestling.

Beach wrestling was introduced as an international style by UWW, the international governing body for wrestling, as another avenue for athletic competition. Beach Wrestling (or sand wrestling) has been a consistent style of wrestling internationally for centuries. Combining elements of all wrestling styles, including sumo, Beach events have drawn walk-up crowds when partnered with other sporting events, helping expand the reach of wrestling through non-traditional venues.”

It’s great to see that a widely respected United States organization is expanding Beach Wrestling’s appeal to a broader audience.

Currently there are a number of sanctioned events. Here is an example.

At teamusa.org they share, “Charleston Beach Wrestling is a USA Wrestling sanctioned event, so all competitors must have a valid USA Wrestling competitor’s card.  It’s hosted by the Mat Rats Wrestling Club of South Carolina.

Whether you’re an active wrestler or a former competitor, this is a unique opportunity to compete in a different way — on beautiful Folly Beach on the coast in Charleston, SC.

Wrestlers compete on sand, inside a 23’ diameter circle
from a standing position only – no ground wrestling. From there, the rules are simple:

– 1 period, maximum of 3 minutes

– 3 points wins the match (no fall)
1 point for a Takedown or Push-out.
2 points for a Takedown with Back Exposure

Tiebreaker criteria:
1st – Wrestler with 2 point move, 2nd – Last person to score. If no score after 3 minutes…match keeps going until someone scores.

That’s it. Matches go quickly so everyone has opportunities to wrestle multiple times. And it’s all done on the beach, so there’s sun, surf and good times ready for everyone.”

Sounds like great summer fun.

There is a greater acceptance and following globally as well.

The World Beach Wrestling Championships is the annual world championship organized by United World Wrestling for the sport of beach wrestling.

The first World Championships took place in 2006, alongside the resurrected FILA Sambo World Championships, in Antalya, Turkey.

Only the Senior division was featured until 2010, and each age division has separate men and women divisions.

Although not officially recognized by UWW as a World Championship, many nations recognize the beach wrestling competition of the World Wrestling Games to be the World Beach Wrestling Championship in 2007 (hosted in Antalya, Turkey) and 2008 (hosted in Durres, Albania).

The World Wrestling Games also featured championships in Grappling and Sambo, with the three styles being collectively known as the “developing styles” at the time.

Good to know.


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Women competing in professional Beach Volleyball has been around for years.

It has been so successful that it has been featured on television and has attracted a wide variety of corporate sponsors.

Beach volleyball was introduced at the Summer Olympic Games in the 1992 Games as a demonstration event, and has been an official Olympic sport since 1996. 

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Brazil has won a gold or a silver medal at every Olympic beach volleyball tournament, in either the men’s or women’s tournament competition, since its introduction in 1996. The United States has also won at least a bronze medal in every men’s or women’s tournament in the same period.

Winning the Olympics is considered to be the highest honor in international beach volleyball, followed by the World Championships, and the World Tour of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) for men and women.

The Association of Volleyball Professionals, or AVP, is the United States’ premier beach volleyball tour, headquartered in Newport Beach, California.

There are even tournaments in San Francisco on the pier.

At avp.com they smile, “One of four tournaments held in the state of California, the San Francisco event is unlike the other three. As opposed to the deep sands on the natural beaches in Southern California, this competition takes place on a pier with the scenic Bay Bridge looming overhead. Although last year’s event ended a six-year hiatus from San Francisco, the past three years have all been won by players who have competed in the Olympics. In this event, the cream of the crop always seem to rise.”

We are located here in Northern California so we will have to check that out.

It’s great to see that women have expanded their athletic prowess on the pristine sands all around the globe.

Previously when we thought of beautiful athletic girls and the beach it centered around sun bathing, sexy bikinis and swimming.

Now with the growing popularity of Beach Hand Ball which joins its sorority sisters in the long time established sports of Women’s Beach Wrestling and Volleyball, we can’t wait to see what they’ll creatively think of next.

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