Life can never be done over again, but if you could, wouldn’t it be relaxing, soothing, de-stressing and refreshing to do more yoga retreats? article, lotus photo article, lotus photo

Hey, how about just one yoga retreat?

Especially if you work for a progressive company that will pay for it.

There are many that do.

Just researching yoga retreats creates a yearning to run away, participate, have enlightening conversations with interesting people, be open to new ideas and expand my life landscape.

Let’s visit one shall we? article, lotus photo article, lotus photo

Canada is such a wonderful neighbor to America, we hope to be best buds for life. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

After spending time at Sun Lotus Yoga Retreat near the world class city of Vancouver, we’re sure that friendship will be nourished even more.

The management would like to warmly welcome you. Here is what they softly express at:

Established in 2003, and situated on beautifully picturesque land in the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island. Dedicated to bringing yoga to our community and the world, we welcome volunteers throughout the summer to help build a garden-sanctuary; a testament to selfless-service & cooperation that promotes peace, harmony and environmental awareness.

We strive to maintain sustainability and awareness through various yogic practices, primarily meditation, asana, chant, selfless-service and vegetarianism. And with the use of recycled, re-used, found and fabricated materials Sun Lotus provides a living example of how creativity can curb consumption and waste and the negative effects it has on the environment and individuals. article, lotus photo article, lotus photo

What is Yoga?

Yoga is both a Science of Life, and the Art of Living

The word yoga has several interconnected meanings, it can refer to the sense of union one awakens towards all of humanity, the globe, the universe and spirit. It also refers to the oldest known collection of spiritual practices codified by ancient Vedic sages. In the west it often refers to one of several common yogic practices, usually to postures, but sometimes to meditation, chanting or dance; however, the most essential yoga practice is ultimately meditation.

The whole value of yoga cannot be explained, it has to be experienced to be appreciated; even then, it is a continuously blooming ‘thousand-petalled-lotus’ ever-opening to increasing awareness, and ever-more layers of consciousness. The positive effects of which can be felt through every avenue & aspect of your life endeavors. This increased understanding leads to relaxation, health, well-being, contentment, inner-peace and a psychological opening to abundance on every level. With steady practice you will gain a sense of control over the perceptions of the mind, the reality you create, and indeed the world you inhabit.

Yoga is a bridge between science and spirituality, ultimately giving us experiential-understanding of the quantum world in which we experience our spiritual-conscious-selves; and a psychological-understanding that on the quantum level we are all manifestation of one life force. Understanding this molecular entanglement, we can modify our environment by our conscious thoughts and deeds; and in fact come to fully recognize that what happens to one, on some level happens to us all.

Yoga is a bridge between cultures & religions. Recognizing our yogic (united) relationship with our surroundings and each other despite cultural difference is paramount to our sense of happiness and security, and allows us to release judgment, resistance, & attachment. Every religion is a mere reflection of an equal-effort to transmit ancient understandings of individual spiritual experiences from different cultures; however, with the passing of generations, the messages superficially appear quite different, but are in fact, all predicated on first-hand primordial knowledge of the ‘Source’ that is still accessible through this and many other paths.

Yoga is a psychological science of self-inquiry and discover; a science of self-control & discipline, which frees oneself from the entrapment of the conditioned-egoic mind and teaches one to be a co-creator of the reality of one’s own existence. Mastery over your own mind and destiny frees you to further serve your wider community, promoting and sharing in the abundance that is inherit for each and every human, but which seems out of reach in the current day.

Thank you to the management. At Femcompetitor Magazine we love it.

There is more.

  • 2 indoor showers in modest country bathrooms, 1 heated outdoor shower, 1 indoor toilet and 2 outdoor flush toilets
  • Large tented flat-grass space 35’X65′ (lots of buffet tables and chairs)
  • Dance-Temple Studio space 15’X35 (holds 10 yoga mats for an active class, more for Yin, 20+ for seated participants)
  • Many sunny decks with mountain/pond-views, chairs and tables
  • Beautiful, clean and warm swimming pond & large trampoline & super-swing in forest
  • Serene ornamental meditation garden, and lush forests
  • Extensive food gardens
  • Yoga mats, pillows, blankets and other accessories
  • Incredible Feng Shui and many sacred blessings on the land
  • Meals are very healthy, mostly obtained from our NOO (“not officially organic”) garden and are vegetarian or vegan

Now for some reviews from the masterful travel site

  1. My mother and I attended my nieces wedding there. The grounds were just beautiful. We did not stay at the property just attended the wedding. They served a beautiful breakfast to all the people that had camped on-site. My niece and her new husband spent the night in a Teepee.
  2. We often go to Sun Lotus to enjoy their lovely gatherings including dancing, meditating and chanting. For fun in the sun we paddle around in their small lake and go tubing down the Cowichan River. A place of loving compassion in a relaxed atmosphere that is fun for children too! Go see for yourself it will be worth it!
  3. I stayed at sun lotus for 3 weeks on a work/stay program and had a fantastic time. Anita and Paul are great hosts, they welcomed us into their home, providing a truly relaxing environment, fascinating conversations and some of the best food I have tasted! I came as a beginner to yoga, and left totally hooked!

Isn’t it always far more powerful when others have magnificent things to say about you without you prompting them to say so? article, phot article, phot

Here is what the relaxing site had to say with a mellow smile, “Think of Sun Lotus, a 7-acre spiritual sanctuary in the Cowichan Valley, as a magic garden of yoga where you can meditate under a giant maple tree, practice asana in the breeze, munch on sustainable Guatemalan chocolate, and wrap it all up with a free-spirited chanting dance party that puts you in touch with your chakras. This weekend retreat is co-lead by Sun Lotus owner Anita Rafidi, a self-proclaimed yoga activist and teacher. Her approach to the retreat is to “connect like-minded seekers.” You’ll also meet Joanna Pardhy-Casey, the retreat’s shamanic healer who will teach you all about plant medicine at the property’s organic farm. When you’re done with on-site activities, tubing on the nearby Cowichan River is just another way to go with the flow.”

To all of the above, thank you so much for sharing.

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