As many new wrestlers that she has trained, as many seasoned wrestlers that she has defeated, Isamar Gutierrez appears to be the epitome of tireless energy. article, photo article, photo

Here for example she wrestled San Jose sexy girl Olivia D’Angelo, not once, but twice in the same day. article, photo article, photo

You can find both of their matches at

She can inspire many to find their energy source.

Another energy inspiration source and dynamo wrestler is found at Fight Pulse in the scenic Czech Republic.

Zoe is her name and high energy is her grappling game. article, wb270 photo article, wb270 photo

The producers at Fight Pulse are very energetic in their praise of her. “Zoe, formerly of FoxyCombat, appeared as an independent session wrestler on WB270 in October, 2015. We contacted her soon after that inviting her to join Fight Pulse, to which she agreed. Her first appearance at Fight Pulse was in our first lightweight championship, detailed in this blog post. She is a ferocious and very competitive wrestler, an expert in schoolgirl pins and scissor holds.”

All of her matches, like this one against Akela, are testaments in high energy. article, photo article, photo

How about you? Are you a female athlete? If so, where is your energy level at?

“Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning.”…Denis Waitley 

If it is not as high as you would like, there are many suggestions of what to take that can up your game.

We love all things natural and healthy and there is no better source to up your energy than Vitamin B, along with her other myriad of benefits.

We want more details about Vitamin B to make an informed decision. We have a visiting female writer who is very astute in her research.

Please learn and enjoy.

Vitamin B Complex – Importance, Deficiency Symptoms and Food Sources article, photo article, photo

By Basma Jalloul

B vitamins are a group of eight water-soluble vitamins that are essential for a variety of body functions such as growth, development and metabolism. They help regulate the enzymes activities and convert food into energy. Enzymes are the proteins that regulate chemical reactions in your body. B vitamins help increase the basal metabolic rate and promote cell growth and division. Numerous researches have revealed that they help strengthen your immune system and improve the nervous system’s function. B vitamins are found in animal and plant food sources.

The functions, deficiency symptoms and dietary sources of the eight vitamins in vitamin B complex are:

Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine):

Vitamin B-1 plays a vital role in carbohydrates digestion and energy production. Not only does it stabilize appetite, but also promotes the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, the nervous system and the muscles. The deficiency symptoms of thiamine include weakness, fatigue, irritability, depression, constipation, paralysis, muscle aches, edema, periods of irregular heartbeat, beriberi, Korsakoff’s syndrome, gastrointestinal problems and weight loss. Rich dietary sources of vitamin B-1 include whole grains, cereals, liver, potatoes, kidney beans and seafood.

Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin):

Vitamin B-2 helps generate red blood cells and enzymes. It also helps maintain healthy skin, nails, hair and vision. Moreover, it maintains cell respiration and promotes protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. The deficiency symptoms of riboflavin include mouth sores, lips cracks, tongue inflammation, dermatitis, oily skin, digestive disorders, edema of the oral mucosa, sore throat and retarded growth. Vitamin B-2 is found in dairy products, green leafy vegetables, enriched bread and liver.

Vitamin B-3 (Niacin or Niacinamide):

Niacin helps maintain normal cholesterol levels in the blood and increases energy production through proper utilization of food. Not only does it help metabolize sugar and protein, but it also improves the blood circulation and reduces high blood pressure. A deficiency of vitamin B-3 in your diet can lead to irritability, nervousness, concentration difficulties, fatigue, insomnia, aggression, dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia, pellagra, muscular weakness, bad breath, canker sores, indigestion and loss of appetite. The dietary sources of Niacin include chicken, fish, lean red meat, liver, whole grains, nuts and dried beans.

Vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic Acid):

This vitamin helps promote normal growth and development and boosts other vitamins utilization. It participates in releasing energy from protein, carbohydrates and fats and improves your body’s resistance to depression. Moreover, vitamin B-5 helps maintain your central nervous system health and adrenal glands. Another important function is that it helps improve your immunity by producing antibodies. The deficiency symptoms of the pantothenic acid include restlessness, acne, digestive disturbances, dizziness, vomiting, muscle cramps and retarded growth. Foods that contain high amounts of vitamin B-5 include dairy products, lean meats, legumes, pulses, beans and cereals.

Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine or Pyridoxamine):

Vitamin B-6 is necessary for amino acids and fats breaking. Not only does it enhance carbohydrate metabolism and the removal of excess fluids in premenstrual women, it also promotes a healthy central nervous system and a youthful skin. Moreover, it contributes in the formation of antibodies and reduces muscle spasms and leg cramps. Another important function of vitamin B-6 is that it helps maintain a balance of phosphorus and sodium in your body. A pyridoxine deficiency in your diet may lead to skin eruptions, mouth disorders, insomnia, anemia, dermatitis, slow learning ability, muscular weakness, leg cramps, water retention, high blood pressure, hair loss, and elevated homocysteine levels. Vitamin B-6 is found in dried beans, fish, liver, chicken, potatoes, bananas and wheat germ.

Vitamin B-7 (Biotin):

This B vitamin enhances the utilization of vitamin B-5, vitamin B-12 and protein. It helps in the breakdown of carbohydrates and produces hormones. Moreover, it promotes healthy hair, skin and nails. The deficiency symptoms of biotin include neurological disorders, extreme exhaustion, depression, impaired growth, drowsiness, muscle pain, grayish hair color and loss of appetite. Foods that are rich in vitamin B-7 include liver, egg yolk, mushrooms, peanuts, bananas, grapefruit and watermelon.

Vitamin B-9 (Folic Acid):

Vitamin B-9 is needed by your body to produce red blood cells. It helps synthesize DNA and RNA and enhances the amino acids’ metabolism. A deficiency of folic acid in your diet may lead to anemia, neurological disorders, pre-mature gray hair, birth defects, retarded growth and elevated levels of homocysteine. The rich dietary sources of vitamin B-9 include liver, green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, dried beans, nuts, peanuts and wheat bread.

Vitamin B-12 (Cobalamin):

This vitamin plays an important role in the body’s growth and development. It helps form red blood cells and the maintenance of a healthy nervous system. Furthermore, it is needed for calcium absorption and carbohydrate metabolism. The deficiency symptoms of cobalamin include tiredness, anemia, nervousness, depression, neuritis, brain damage, lack of appetite, lack of balance, the spinal cord’s degeneration, peripheral neuropathy and paralysis. Foods that contain high amounts of vitamin B-12 include meat, poultry, eggs, milk products and shellfish.

If you find it difficult to consume foods high in B vitamins due to your busy schedule or simply their unavailability due to seasons changes, then make sure you take a dietary supplement that supplies your body with B vitamins regularly. VITAMIN B-COMPLEX is a popular brand on the market that contains all the 8 B vitamins, 11 minerals and co-substrates. B vitamins promote a good overall health by enhancing carbohydrate and fat metabolism and carrying out protein synthesis. Minerals such as zinc and magnesium are involved in numerous physiological and metabolic functions. Co-substrates such as carotenoids, chlorophyll, RNA and DANN help improve performance and help building muscles.

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