To compete at the highest level, you must defeat the best to be the best.

In our female grappling world, one such beautiful Fem Competitor is Daisy. article, photo

In our conversation with her at a coffee shop in San Jose she even expects the best out of her coffee.

We laughed over that one.

On the female grappling mats her opponents find her to be no laughing matter. According to FCI standards, she is a Division One Fighter. article, photo

In her match against another champion Isamar of San Jose, her desire to fight at the highest level was very evident.

Here is the match description at San Francisco Grappling Stars.

“A showdown in San Jose between an established star in Isamar and a clear rising star in Daisy. Two sexy women battle it out where the protege tries to out scissor the master. The champion in turn tries to use her muscular back to smother her out. Beautiful fully competitive women’s wrestling close up.”

It’s a great match which can be purchased at 

We love female sports because it’s certainly parallels real life. Especially real life for today’s woman.

Here is a question.

In the sports world, if we admire female athletes like Daisy who expect the best, in our everyday life shouldn’t we expect the best as well? article, pexels photo credit

We have a terrific guest female writer who has been featured on Fox News who has a positive admonition in that regard.

Please enjoy.

By Allyson Spellman

Ladies, Stop Settling For Less article, photo

Ladies, have you settled for a “just okay” life instead of an extraordinary life? Have you settled for what you think you can have instead of what you really want?

Many women keep trudging along in their jobs or the same relationship even though it is obvious they are not happy or fulfilled. Some women want to break out of mediocrity, but don’t know how to do it so they stay right where they are.  Ladies, you were not created to stop short of true happiness and settle for a “good enough” standard.  It is time to live from the inside out.

“Living with integrity means: Not settling for less than what you know you deserve in your relationships. Asking for what you want and need from others. Speaking your truth, even though it might create conflict or tension. Behaving in ways that are in harmony with your personal values. Making choices based on what you believe, and not what others believe.” – Barbara De Angelis.

How do we live with integrity and stop settling for less? We have to connect to our hearts and embrace our authentic self.

Our authentic self can be lost when we start to live on someone else’s terms. We have to know who we are and live from that centered place all the time. When we live from an inauthentic place, we mold to fit our partners, relationships, or circumstances. We make decisions based on fear, need, and scarcity rather than love, trust, and abundance.

Life rewards you when you are honest with your heart. Honest with your heart is living authentically. You are not living authentically when you have areas of settling. The important distinction is that you either are authentic or you are not. There is no grey line.

I am speaking from experience. I tried to walk the grey line in my own life for years. It is exhausting to hold back what you really want. Life drags when we come from a space of “have to’s.”  When you step into your heart drive you get to experience a flow to life like no other.

Sometimes we don’t even know that we are settling for less. Does it always feel like you are chasing something to fill an unquenchable void? We can tend to think once we have that “thing” that we will be fulfilled- be it a product, a relationship, money, status, or our dream weight. But once the excitement of that “thing” wears off, we are still hit with the reality of settling for less.   We can try to lie to ourselves and come up with excuses and rationalizations that we are fulfilled. But no matter how hard we try to cover it up or shake it off, the truth of what we really feel is always there.

Ladies, we have certain beliefs that are so ingrained in us that we aren’t even aware of them.  Even if you are not aware of them, you have been committed to these beliefs. Just take a look at your life right now. These beliefs have influenced your relationships, career, health, finances, and body.

Our life has to be about our dreams, passions, and talents- first. Many women can feel guilty when they focus on themselves first rather than their family or others. How is settling for less affecting your loved ones now? If you aren’t using your full potential, how is it affecting your family, career, clients, finances, health?   When someone settles for less it affects everyone and not just the person doing the settling. When we stop settling, we will naturally become even a better mother, wife, daughter, sister, girlfriend, and friend.

Authentic living requires us to honor our desires so completely that we never settle again.To experience this kind of life, we must breakthrough any limiting beliefs and expectations.  We need to find our true self again and get honest about the lies and illusions influencing our life.  We have to fall in love with ourselves and live from a place of love instead of lack. This is where we make a true heart connection instead of connecting with our fear or the “shoulds” of society and others.

Ladies, let’s experience true success by living and loving our authentic self first. You will be amazed at the difference you will see in all areas of your life!

Allyson Spellman is a success and goals coach and an expert on breakthroughs to success that motivate and inspire individuals worldwide. She is the Co-Founder of HeartCore BootCamp: Empowering Women to Stop Settling.

Allyson created HeartCore BootCamp along with clarity coach Shanda Sumpter. They are on a mission to change 2,000 women’s lives in the next 4 months to stop settling through this total mind and body makeover.

A documentary about HeartCore BootCamp is in pre-production. Every woman who signs up for the next tele-workshop will be entered in a drawing to be in the film in Laguna Beach, CA. Seven lucky ladies will have a five day live HeartCore experience, get a full body makeover by a fitness expert, hair and make-up done by celebrity stylist, and be a part of the film!

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