In any theater is a grounder a good thing?

In baseball when you hit a grounder, it rolls along the ground and you are almost always out.

That’s why they say he hit a grounder to second base.

Fortunately they do not describe Grounds Keepers (a very honorable job) as grounders.

So leave it to Hollywood and their very rich children to redefine the term grounder. article, Photo credit – NBC Universal International Television Production, Matthias Vriens-McGrath/E! Entertainment.

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills is an American reality television series that premiered on E!, on January 19, 2014. The series focuses on the lives of a group of twenty-something millionaires and billionaires (by inheritance) showcasing their lives.

The show revolves around Dorothy Wang, Morgan Stewart, Brendan Fitzpatrick, Jonny Drubel, EJ (Earvin) Johnson, and Bianca Espada. Former cast members include Roxy Sowlaty and Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff.

There is one segment where Dorothy has a house warming party and to fill out her guest list, she invites a few “grounders”.

Oh, oh. That doesn’t sound too good.

So what is a grounder in their world?

Ready? Please hold on to your chair.

Our interpretation when listening in was, a bottom feeder who is willing to take the scraps off of their inheritance table. As one very sexy fit athletic girl shows up to the party, they snicker and label her the grounder.

In most of our worlds, she is a hot together chick.

In their world she is a grounder. A bottom feeder who hits the piñata with rage so she can get to the one dollar bills inside while they laugh quietly in the background.


We say all of this because as much as we love them but might find the behavior of these spoiled brats deplorable, we must admit it was one fun ride watching their lifestyles where a starter home is three million and where there is drama over a non-apology.

Oh well. They lasted four seasons but much to their dismay, there will not be a fifth.

On November 3, 2016, according to, the entertainment site that covers the famous, filthy rich but virtually never a bottom feeder, they report, “ET has learned the cast was told last month that the show would not be returning for a fifth season. The last episode aired in June.

According to a show insider, “The cast was upset because they wanted at least one more season to give closure to their storylines.”


Where is a hanky when you need one (make sure you purchased it a Barneys $60-$75).

We say all of this because one little rich kiddie really caught our attention.

Believe it or not, there is actually a theme to this article.

Meet Roxy Sowlaty. article. photo credit

In one episode, poor Roxy was told she was going to be cut off from her massive allowance and at 25 years old she has to finally grow up.

So how does she make the transition from an unlimited line of credit on her parent’s cards to living on a budget?

Give the girl great credit (Not a credit card). She started her own interior design firm.

Don’t get too excited. She still may view us as untouchable if our bank account is not in the ozone layer.

Still, we can at least listen to the droppings off of her media table at her nicely designed website,

She smiles dah ling, “Roxy Sowlaty is a Beverly Hills native that has been working in design since the age of 16 when she started a clothing line with her sister Tara called RoxTar.

Upon earning her undergraduate degree from USC’s Marshall School of Business, Roxy decided that she wanted to re-focus her design interests from fashion to interiors. She proceeded to enroll at Parsons New School of Design to obtain her Master degree in Interior Design.

During her time in New York, Roxy worked freelance on a number of residential projects in Manhattan as well as a home in Aspen – which certainly confirmed her love for interior design.

Now back in California, Roxy has opened her own interior design firm specializing in high end residential projects and is simultaneously launching an online do-it-yourself interior design website and home goods product line. It is Roxy’s passion to share beauty and bring beauty to everyone and everything she encounters. Whether its clothing or furniture, she has an eye to accessorize and push limits to create intriguing beauty.”

Look, when we read that bio, there is hope.

Or as they say, good news and bad news.

Which one do you want first?

Let’s go with the bad news first so we can feel a little better when this is all over.

The bad news is the phrasing high end residential projects typically means bottom feeders need not apply.

Typically but not necessarily.

The good news is that she wants to share her passion with everyone (including us bottom feeders) so she’s creating a do it yourself (like self-serve, no touching) website so we can be inspired to decorate our everyday hovels.

Oh boy, we’re getting inspired already.

Thus we have to give Roxy credit. When she was cut off, she didn’t turn to drugs, become an employee clock watcher for someone else or start hanging out with bottom feeders and grounders or aim low.

She set her goals high and we admire that.

In all sincerity there is a powerful life lesson in that. When you hit adversity, have to start over, still aim high.

Are you listening? AIM HIGH.

There is always a comparison to our very competitive female grappling industry.

As of this January 2017 writing, we have been told that one of our industry stars, Kymberly Jane has retired or at least reduced her wrestling activity.

Here are two of her rare matches found at 

VS SAMANTHA GRACE article, photo

“Samantha Grace vs Kymberly Jane, Canoga Park. Sunny Southern California is always a great place to shoot submission female wrestling matches and popular and gorgeous industry stars Samantha Grace verses Kymberly Jane fit the bill perfectly. Its an aggressive showdown inside the famous HTM ring. Lots of strong body scissors from two shapely, curvy, sexy girls in a fully competitive match.”


“Kymberly Jane vs Cadence Canoga Park GS43. Kymberly Jane is a stunning Southern California beauty with model looks. She has an extensive resume, probably over 40 matches but most of them in the loss column. Still, she does have the skills when wrestling a newbie like Cadence. The new girl is a street fighter, knowing how to apply chokes and the like so despite little grappling experience, Cadence fights unafraid. Two sexy girls battle in the squared circle in Canoga Park. Enjoy.”

So you can purchase some of Kymberly’s final matches if her retirement rumors are true.

And like Roxy, in retirement, we hope that Kymberly sets her sights high.

She has been a real blessing to our industry and deserves the best.

Okay, your turn.

Are you in transition? article, photo credit

As you create your new life, learn from Roxy.

Aim high.

For inspiration we now turn our attention to a female writer who encourages us to aim high.

Dream It! Aim High! Live It! article, photo credit

By Cynthia L Hatcher 

There is an approach to achieve your goals. There are certain principles successful people follow who take their life personally and professionally from level to level. They make sure every day, in some way they dream it, aim high and live it.

One of the first steps is to simply dream it. There must be something that you see with the eye of your heart, something that you are passionate about, something that you are willing to give your life toward attaining. I say giving your life because that is exactly what you are doing when you use your personal time and energy toward achieving anything. This ambition is something which will bring you joy, pleasure, prosperity and it quite often is beneficial for others around you.

The eye of your heart is the womb of where you dream is born and nurtured. It is the place where it can be safe to cultivate. Taking time to meditate about your dream everyday gives it a place where it can come out and play per se, expand and grow.

In your time of meditation, make sure you aim high. Don’t tame your dream. Allow it to be wild. Don’t tell it to calm down or behave in a certain way. Make sure you dream big. Be courageous during this time. When it seems as though you are aiming high, encourage your dream to go one step further. Also during this time, make sure you write down what you think, see or hear. Writing it down is important, you don’t want to leave you high aiming aspirations to your memory.

Let me make a side point here. Taking time to meditate on your dream is one of the most overlooked yet critical steps to achieving your goals. It is necessary to see this dream daily. To allow it to show you, if you will, how it wants to grow. Practiced, daily time of meditation will give you the time and space you need for that to happen.

Then it is time for action. It is time to live it. Make a plan. It is a common saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Your dream desires and deserves action. Your dream desires a strategy. If you do nothing to live your dream, it has a strange way of deeply yet quietly frustrating you. It may come up in a simple conversation with someone you meet in a grocery store. It may come during your night time sleep. You may hear or see someone else doing something close to what you wanted to do. However it can, it will come back to you again and again.

There should be a step you do every day to take you toward your dream. It may not be some mountaintop step. It could be a small baby step. Whatever you do, make sure that your actions are in line with your priorities and your goals. In doing this everyday it will not be long before you reach one goal at a time and you will soon see your dream being realized right before your eyes.

Cynthia L. Hatcher is an Inspirational Goal Strategist focusing on solo entrepreneurs, professional women and other service providers assisting them in achieving their personal and professional goals.


2012 Cynthia L. Hatcher All Rights Reserved

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