Female Session Providers travel the world in search of business and adventure. They work hard at their craft and are greatly admired for it.

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But you know what?

Sometimes you need a break. A spa retreat break.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, featheredpipe.com photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, featheredpipe.com photo

Heaven knows, at times we all need it.

“I’m obsessed with frozen yogurt because you don’t feel totally guilty eating it. It’s not as bad as ice cream, and during the hot summer months, it’s a great way to just refresh.”… Caroline Sunshine

Femcompetitor Magazine has been happy to write it. At least three times.

Fem Wrestlers: It’s Time For A San Francisco Area Spa Vacation

Feathered Pipe Retreat, Refresh Your Mind, Rest Your Soul

fciwomenswrestling.com article, featheredpipe.com photo

fciwomenswrestling.com article, featheredpipe.com photo

DWW Wrestler Viktoria M. Skilled, Beautiful, Spa Laid Back 

That’s right. Just ask the Hungarian girls. Budapest has some of the best spas in the world.

Don’t you wish that you could join Jenna for some R&R? Sure you do.

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fciwomenswrestling.com article, wb270 photo

So if you are a female athlete in need of a break, where might be a sensational place to go and recharge your batteries?

A guest speaker has some wonderful suggestions.

The Top Spa Treatments for 2016 – Get Ready to Rejuvenate!

By Regg Bickford,  Submitted On March 15, 2016

Spas offer the perfect opportunity for those with stressful lifestyles, which is everyone, a way to refresh and feel ready to take on the future. When one is feeling overloaded and not like themselves the answer is often booking at spas where they can indulge in massage, facials, manicure, pedicure and a variety of other popular treatments that will renew them head to toe.

Anyone who is planning on treating themselves to a spa day or vacation should consider one or more of the following most popular treatments this year.

Vitamin C Facials

A vitamin C based facial is great for tightening and hydrating the skin using pharmaceutical grade products that also exfoliate and soften skin. It works even on the most sensitive skins and renews the cells for brighter skin that’s firmer than ever and gives a youthful glow.

The process at many spas usually includes a thorough cleanse and rinse, application of a high-quality masque or two, and then complete moisturizing with a product that features Vitamin C.

Mineral Body Treatment

This treatment features a nice, long soak in a hot mineral bath. Many resort spas offer access to natural springs which is a great start. Next, the skin is exfoliated using a product that will leave skin silky and smooth to the touch. Finally, a warm cream massage containing more natural minerals is performed leaving the recipient feeling energetic and of course, pain-free.

Mineral treatments have been used for centuries to relieve joint and muscle pain. See what a mineral body treatment can do for a stressed body that is in need of extreme recovery.

Oil and Salt Scrub

This treatment uses both Dead Sea salts for a thorough scrub to remove dead skin cells, and the application of the ever-popular essential oils. In some cases, the spas carefully combine the salts with the oils, but either way it’s a treatment not to be missed.

As the oils penetrate to restore vitality and erase dryness, an added benefit that will be experienced is that of the stimulation of the lymphatic system through the careful massage that comes along with. Boost circulation and drainage of toxins from the body while softening the skin.


Slip into a bubbling bath infused with either essential oils or various anti-aging and antioxidant products depending on what one is looking for. Underwater jets have been proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite and relieve tired and sore muscles.

Water alone is one of the best ways to invigorate oneself after a long work week or stressful situation. Regular soaking is recommended and produces amazing results in the realm of not only skin care, but mental health as well.

Holistic Facials

Expect a facial assessment where the holistic therapist will determine a tailor-made experience that will best fit your skin type and needs. Steps usually include:

  • A hydrating cleanser
  • Refreshing toner
  • Exfoliation
  • A hydrating or firming mask
  • Facial massage
  • Eye cream application

Spas often combine this service with makeup application for a fun night out, but the natural beauty left behind after this treatment doesn’t even need makeup, truly. The choice is the clients as to whether they want to include that service or not. Regardless, having a facial that is built to one’s specific needs for their skin is a treat that shouldn’t be passed up.

Wrap Massage

As an ancient method, wrap massage has been around for centuries but is gaining in popularity as of late. It entails spas providing a heated wrap of some sort which is placed on any areas of tension or pain. The specialist then proceeds to massage through the wraps for the ultimate relief.

Circulation is increased for added health benefits, and the recipient feels nurtured and cared for like they deserve, giving them a refreshed feel. Various herbs and grains may be used in conjunction with the wraps.

Finding the best spas that offer these treatments and more will guarantee one feels much better facing each day.

With a rich history dating back to the times of the Cahuilla Indians and then rediscovered in 1914 by Cabot Yerxa, the main attraction is the hot mineral springs at Miracle Springs Resort & Spa. However, the resort has certainly made a name for itself and only the finest guests make reservations here to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The clear waters rise at an average 140°F from underground lakes, and is cooled to temperatures ranging from 90°F to 104°F then pumped into their eight pools and spas; perfect for swimming, soaking, and relaxing. Guests also enjoy the on-site spa, restaurant and bar. The resort is also perfect as a wedding venue.  For more information, visit http://www.miraclesprings.com.

Thanks Regg. Fantastic suggestions. Let’s meet Miracle Springs up close.

At their site, wrapped in a luxurious soft, white, fluffy towel, they greet us.

“Desert Hot Springs is the only place in the world with both hot and cold mineral spring aquifers.

Miracle Springs Resort is justly famous for its natural hot spring mineral waters with their therapeutic, healing properties.  Our crystal clear waters rise at an average 140°F from underground lakes, called aquifers, located about 300 feet down.  This water is then cooled to temperatures ranging from 90°F to 104°F and pumped at 200 gallons per minute into our eight pools and spas; perfect for swimming, soaking, and relaxing.

Unlike many natural hot springs, the water here has a pleasant scent and tastes great!  It is the finest mineral spring water to be found anywhere, and regularly wins 1st and 2nd “Best Tasting Water in the World” at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition.

Discovered hundreds of years ago by the Cahuilla Indians, it was “rediscovered” in 1914 when pioneer Cabot Yerxa unearthed the curative mineral waters on his land – a little over a mile from where our hotel stands today.  His first well produced crystal clear mineral water at 132°F and a second well produced cool fresh drinking water, so he named the area Miracle Hill.

Throughout his life, Australian geologist and chemist, Dr. Augustus Broue traveled the world analyzing hot spring mineral waters.  In 1938, he visited Desert Hot Springs: “From the analysis of these waters, I have not found the like of them in any country I have explored… It would appear to have qualities far superior to any waters known to me.”

Well, if you ever desired to pamper and rejuvenate yourself, it appears that you have come to the right place.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, pexels.com unsplash.com girl

fciwomenswrestling.com article, pexels.com unsplash.com

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