Shirts or skins? Its pickup basketball and what you choose depends upon if it’s a hot humid day or a cool one. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

Rock, scissors or paper? What you choose depends upon what you’ve lost on five times previous.

Top or bottom? Its women’s wrestling, so with that perspective in mind, be like Karina of Russia and always pick the top.

When she met Thunder from the UK in battle, it seems like Karina was mounting her like a seasoned bull rider. Was Thunder ever on top during that match? article, photo article, photo

“The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re in control of your life. If you don’t, life controls you.” …Tony Robbins

After watching Karina’s performance against Thunder, when the producers at Fight Pulse emailed us that Karina would meet Xena in a pins match, we had to purchase. article, photo article, photo

It was far better than advertised.

If you like watching Karina be in control and wrestle from the top, you are going to enjoy this one about half as much as Karina who clearly loved this match waaaaaaay too much.

Please listen in.

FW-48: Karina Gotika vs Xena – pindown until submission

“Our third installment of the very popular pin down until submission pits Xena against our guest from Russia, Karina Gotika.

If you haven’t watched any of our previous titles with this ruleset, here’s how it goes. Only pins are allowed, and points are scored only upon verbal submissions (“I submit!”) coming as a result of the pin. Submissions usually come from the pinnee not being able to breathe, full-weight neck straddling, from pubis-on-jaw pressure, face sitting or any other type of smothering during the pin, including belly-smothering. Our first title that featured this ruleset, FW-24, where Revana got completely destroyed by the heavier Laila’s weight on her jaw, was an instant best-seller. While there was a size discrepancy between the opponents in FW-24, FW-48 features opponents of similar size, both being middleweights.

Both Xena and Karina are confident in the pre-match interview, predicting themselves to be on top throughout the match. They talk about how much they love straddling and pinning their opponents and say that they are going to do lots of it in this match. Xena has a very slight size advantage and is sure of her victory. But she doesn’t know much about Karina. She is about to find out. article, photo article, photo

FW-48 is a slaughter. It is a complete mismatch. No matter how hard Xena tries, how fast she attacks, how desperately she attempts to defend, Karina Gotika gets on top with considerably ease, straddling Xena tightly. The instant Xena is in Karina’s guard, she gets swept as though she is a lightweight. Karina possesses incredibly strength, we know that from the way she overpowered an MMA guy in our recent release, MX-70. The fact that Xena weighs about 30 lb. more than Frank doesn’t faze Karina a bit, as the Russian force absolutely ragdolls her opponent. Each round it is only a matter of seconds until Karina positions herself atop Xena to gain a submission – via tight straddling, neck straddling, jaw straddling, smothering or face sitting. article, photo article, photo

It is an agonizing and humiliating experience for Xena. She did not expect being woman handled like never before. First, trying desperately to buck the firmly seated Karina, and then trying desperately to catch her breath, but eventually, again and again, uttering “I submit”, her voice full of suffering. article, photo article, photo

The incredible Russian amazon, Karina Gotika, ends the match straddling Xena’s neck and asking her what she thinks about her predictions to be on top now, capping it off by placing her foot on Xena’s chest and posing for the camera.

If you enjoy watching one female completely overpower, pin and force submissions out of another, in a competitive setting, this is a title for you.”

Female wrestlers? During practice if you can come up with a strategy to have you end up on top a larger percentage of the time during your match, more than not, you will win decisively.

Just ask Karina. 

On top is always best wouldn’t you agree?

We have a guest writer who is on top of it and is in complete agreement with us.

Different Ways To Ride an Opponent

By Nick Samuel

Many wrestlers don’t understand what the purpose or the reason for being on top is. One of the wrestlers that I coach thinks that the only reason that you want to be on top is to stall. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The reason that you want to be on top is to control your opponent and pin him.

The last thing that you want to do is stall when are on top. There are a few reasons for this but the biggest reason that you don’t want to stall when you are on the top is because you are running the risk of giving up points. There is no reason to give up points to your opponent because you aren’t doing anything.

That said it can be quite difficult to learn how to properly control and ride your opponent. In fact, there are two completely different styles to riding when you are on top. The first way to control your opponent and ride him is known as wrist riding. The other way is known as leg riding.

Generally, wrist riding is taught to younger kids because it is easier to learn, and doesn’t hurt you too much when you make a mistake. The idea behind wrist riding is to control your opponent by taking control of his arms and wrists. When you take control of his arms in this manner, then you are able to do quite a bit of different moves and pins. When you are riding wrists you will want to make sure that you keep constant pressure on your opponent.

Leg riding is a completely different beast. Leg riding when done correctly, can be very effective at controlling your opponent. It is also very frustrating to him because someone who can ride legs well is very difficult to escape against. You ride legs when you put your leg underneath and in-between your opponent’s legs and body.

When you have your leg in like that, you have a lot of control over your opponent. Not only are you able to control him with your hands and arms, you are also able to control him with your legs and hips. The problem with riding legs is that when it is not done correctly, you can put yourself in danger. That is why it is very important for you to practice riding legs as much as you can. With leg riding you want to be able to learn to feel how your opponent is moving and react in the correct manner.

Nick Samuel is quite the computer nerd. Not only is he interested in computers but he is knowledgeable in dogs, relationships, and working out. Check out his latest website on women’s leather jackets [] and on dog training advice []

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