Persistence, determination, perseverance, doggedness and strength of purpose all neatly packaged and wrapped in a beautiful Czech ribbon describes the wrestling of Fight Pulse star Giselle.

Giselle (right) article, photo article, photo

Have you ever watched any of her matches?

Stubborn is a positive trait when it comes to her wrestling.

We suppose if we were to summarize her greatest quality is that Giselle is tenacious on the mats.

That’s a very good thing.

If you were to sit back in your easy chair with a Pilsner from neighboring Germany and watch any exciting professional sport, the greatest of the champions perform with tenacity.

The producers at Fight Pulse would like to introduce you to Giselle. Tenacity is her middle name.

“Giselle is a very promising newcomer, who joined Fight Pulse in February, 2016. She is fast and powerful, and is learning to utilize these qualities on the wrestling mats. Giselle is one of our most aggressive wrestlers – every match for her is a fight. She doesn’t take losing lightly, and in order to win she will sometimes go for illegal moves, such as standing up for leverage and hair pulling.”

Okay, that’s tenacity personified.

Here are three of Giselle’s matches that speak to fierce intensity.

FW-43: Akela vs Giselle article, photo article, photo

“In this competitive female wrestling match, Giselle, Fight Pulse’s #4 lightweight, with a record of 2 wins and 1 losses, is pitted against our #2 lightweight wrestler, Akela.

As some of you already know, Giselle has a very aggressive style of fighting. Every match is a fight for her. She has been known to hair-pull and pinch during matches. But in FW-43 she meets an equally aggressive wrestler in Akela. The stare down in the beginning is intense and real. What ensues is a fierce combat between well-matched opponents. Can Giselle continue her journey to the top of the division through Akela? Or is Akela too good for her?

There is a decisive winner in FW-43, but she has to grind her way to victory.”

FW-34: Revana vs Giselle article, photo article, photo

In her second match at Fight Pulse Giselle is pitted against Revana.

“This is a grueling encounter for both wrestlers, however one of them is outclassed. The dominant wrestler is very aggressive towards her opponent during the entire match. So much that two of the submissions were literally shouted by one competitor. Look out for an incredibly hard-fought round 5 ending with a beautiful schoolgirl pin.

Except one submission, all others in FW-34 are verbal – in order to stop the match one has to say “I submit” loudly and clearly. This is our second match (after the very popular FW-24) with verbal submission rules.

It is worth noting that the post-match interview included in FW-34 is very interesting.”

FW-33: Katniss vs Giselle article, photo article, photo

“For those of you waiting for Giselle’s first wrestling match since her introduction to public in February – you should wait no longer! In her highly-anticipated (65%) Fight Pulse debut, Giselle  is pitted against a more experienced lightweight, Katniss!

Giselle is very fast and strong. There is no doubt she is a promising wrestler. However, her lack of proper technique does not let her capitalize on her athleticism as much as she would like to. Giselle is a newcomer after all. But she is learning fast. You can actually see within this video the progression of her skills. She learns with each round. In the post-match interview Giselle says that while she started slow, but she learned from her opponent as they were wrestling and was able to use the same movements and holds on her. This is a quality of a future star. FW-33 no doubt features a spectacular debut by the newcomer.

But will that attitude, backed by her athletic abilities, be enough for Giselle to defeat a more experienced opponent in Katniss? We will not disclose that. However, we will tell you that this was a very close match.

FW-33 is an intense fast-paced encounter between two females who are willing to do everything they can to win. Giselle, who is by nature a very competitive person, wants to win her debut match and get a chance to wrestle higher-ranked lightweight wrestlers, while Katniss hates the idea of losing to a newcomer, and wants to prove that we made a wrong choice and underestimated her by choosing her as a newcomer’s first opponent.”

That was wonderful.

If you are a female wrestling fan, you’ve gotta luv it!

As a female athlete would you like to find more intensity in your game and in life?

We have a guest female writer with some very precise, easy to understand suggestions.

The Importance of Tenacity

By Susan Leigh 

Keeping on going is the key to success in many areas of life. It is about developing the resolve, belief and focus to continue working towards our goals and dreams, in spite of setbacks. There may be times when we have to modify our plans, learn from what has happened and move on in a slightly amended way but working towards something that we truly believe in deserves all our effort and determination.

– Illness. Someone I know has a child who was unwell. She kept taking him to the doctor because she knew something was wrong. She was repeatedly told that the child was fine, but she knew different. In the end she raised the money for him to have private tests, where they discovered that he was seriously ill. Her tenacity saved her child’s life.

– Relationships. There is a saying that faint heart never won a fair maiden and some women love to be pursued and chased until they are won over. Demonstrating commitment and determination to winning her heart is a very seductive message to many women. They may play the game and be coy, but it is often very attractive to be chased by a man they like. And the woman will often reciprocate and let him know that she is interested by her body language, by flirting, smiling and allowing him to be encouraged by her behavior.

– Conflict in relationships can sometimes become so bad that it has to be walked away from. But a good relationship that has hit a rough patch can be worth the effort of trying to retrieve it. Having to forgive or forget hurtful words and experiences may well be part of the process. Sometimes there is a need to put the past behind if there is a desire to move forward and save the relationship. It can be a tough process. Understanding what went wrong and learning to communicate better in the future can be two positive steps to take from the experience.

– Studying can be a difficult time. Often young people, at university and away from home possibly for the first time, can spend their first term or even year or two playing and wasting their time. Appreciating the value of the opportunity they have can sometimes only occur to them a little late in the day. Then they have to be tenacious, put their head down and commit to study to recover their lost ground if they want to pass their exams and be a success. It can be a character building experience.

– Physical challenges often require us to dig deep into our core strength to keep going. Many people talk of hitting a wall when they are running a marathon, but they find the resolve to continue. Training for many sports and physical endeavors requires determination and focus which is why people often feel so satisfied with their achievement afterwards. They have pushed themselves above and beyond their previous levels of fitness and its only tenacity that has kept them from walking away.

– Many successful business people have made and lost fortunes, sometimes several times in their lives. They understand the meaning of tenacious; they often live by it their entire lives. Picking themselves up after they have lost everything and starting again from scratch requires huge self-belief, determination and will power. But they learn from their mistakes, start again and repeat what works. This kind of tenacity is what makes successful people a success.

– Marketing Campaigns. How often have we been driven to distraction by junk mail, spam and unwanted calls and yet on one occasion when we are contacted we decide to make a purchase of their particular product. The contact has occurred at just the right time. It may not happen often, but that one time justifies their perseverance and tenacity.

Tenacity is what gives us the edge, the willpower and determination to keep going. It is often what makes the difference between success and failure. That commitment is the importance of tenacity.


Susan Leigh is a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist who works with
– stressed individuals to promote confidence and self-belief,
– couples in crisis to help improve communications and understanding
– with business clients to help support the health and motivation levels of individuals and teams
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